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  1. I have a build that I am simply upgrading from an i3-8100 with one of the super cheap H310M motherboards to an MSI B450M Gaming Plus and a Ryzen 5 3600. I have an EVGA 1060 6GB GPU, 16GB of RAM, an 80+ Bronze 450w PSU, and a typical samsung 850 500GB SSD. Like I said, I am just moving these parts from one motherboard to another and upgrading the CPU. Where I currently stand, the motherboard has been flashed to the latest version of its MS-7B87 BIOS with a newly formatted FAT32 16GB thumb drive with the file being renamed to MSI.ROM as stated in the manual. When I press the power button, the CPU fan, the two case fans, and the GPU fan turns on and stays on - except that the GPU fan turns off and on. The problem is that I cannot get the monitor to receive signal. When I plug in things such as my mouse, they power up. The EZ Debug light begins on the CPU and then quickly turns off before it switches to the VGA for a few moments longer in length. After that, it settles on the BOOT LED and stays on. What recommendations do you have? EDIT: I powered it off and on again and this time the LEDs cycled through the CPU, VGA, BOOT options three or four times before turning off entirely. However, the problem still persists. No signal to my monitor, which I have tested on another machine and have verified that the monitor and its cords are working normally.
  2. Yeah, I am aware that the MAX variant is coming. However, I am competing in a $1500 tournament at the end of August and I cannot wait an unknown amount of time to get a motherboard that simply has a nice looking GUI. Given that you are with many others I've read - being that its only a few that are having Bios flashing issues, I'll go ahead and get the tomahawk then.
  3. Considered...However, I don't quite have that budget. Went and got a Ducky One 2 keyboard.
  4. That's a good point. I forgot that it was an MSI feature to be able to flash the BIOS updates without an older ryzen chip.
  5. I purchased the Ryzen 5 3600 chip to replace my i3-8100, which should be a phenomenal upgrade in performance. However, I have not yet ordered my motherboard. I was looking at the MSI B450's for their price point and the fact that they are supposed to be compatible. However, I am seeing all over the MSI forums that the MSI B450s are having a very difficult time posting. From what I've gathered, the 16mb of storage for the BIOS is not enough for the new Zen 2 BIOS updates AND the GUI so they are stripping that down to make room. My question is whether it is just the MSI motherboards that are the issue or if others such as ASUS are functioning fine. If they are, should I go with them now or stick it out with MSI until they get this issue resolved since MSI seems to have the best B450 MBs on the market. Thanks,
  6. Alright, sounds good. I was just asking about the motherboard i should snag. Thank you!
  7. What would be a good motherboard to pair with that. I don't care for RGB and I don't really have anything that NEEDS stuff like thunderbolt 3 (especially since that is an intel product and won't be in AMD things quite yet).
  8. I would probably sell the friend the motherboard for the same $50. Just save him shipping. At that point I would be willing to pour in a little extra. I could do like $300-330 I'd say. If something is really worth a few more dollars from there I'd consider.
  9. I am also able to sell the motherboard to a friend and upgrade if I so desire. He is building a budget cpu and could use the savings wherever possible. Same guy I am selling the cpu chip to.
  10. I got a dirt cheap one for budget reasons. → https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CMFZ51Z/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I already have a tower with an i3-8100, 16GB of memory, and 1060 6GB. The GPU is working great. The problem is my CPU cannot keep up with my workload. I am attempting to play games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Fortnite, Halo Reach, BLOPs 4, etc.., stream, and have applications such as spotify and simple word documents up. My old laptop had the 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, and an i7-6700HQ and that handled my workload well. Is there something comparable or better that I can invest in? I am selling my 8100 for about 80 to a friend, which I think is fair. What is a cpu chip that I should strongly consider. I've got about $250 dollars budgeted for it.
  12. I purchased a MSI GS63VR during Amazon Prime day this summer and it's been great until about two weeks ago. Long story short, I have noticed that the laptop randomly "disconnects" from the adapter when the adapter is still completely plugged in. This started as rather infrequent in occurrence, but that quickly changed. Fast forward to the last 3 days, the computer has been a nightmare to deal with. I now have to situate the cord in such a way so that the laptop recognizes it and charges. Any bump at all and that connection is lost. I have tried to find different methods for a temp fix, such as propping the cord or having some simple tape hold it in place. However, even that no longer works. I few things I have noticed are:* The port seems loose. When I plug it in, I can move it up and down - when I lift the adapter up the connection is recognized and when I lower it down the connection is lost* The adapter and the charging port get VERY hot - which makes me believe that there is a bad connection some how between the two, which is causing an increase in the resistance in the connection and that creates more heat. * No visible damage is present on either the port or the cord throughout - again, it's only a semester old and I take good care of my devices.This leads me to believe that the problem does not lie in the cord but in the motherboard D/C female port. This has somehow become loose and no longer charges properly. The port looks something like the following: http://www.dcincable.com/msi-ms1757-ge702oc20c-ge702od20d-ge702oe20e-series-power-jack-connector-charging-plug-port-dc-in-cable-input-harness-wire-p-6389.html I am asking if this hypothesis is correct and what I can have done about it. It is still under warranty, so I will very likely have them do it, but they say that it will take upwards of a month before I get my computer back. As a college student, this is worrisome with classes resuming in 3-ish weeks. Also, would it be possible to request them fix multiple other minor issues when I send it in (the plastic clips holding the laptop back exhaust plate are nearly completely broken off and it can fall off with a simple lift with the finger.) Thanks,
  13. All I am trying to do is find something like this switch in the image but have it so that the input is coming from 1 source and the output is going to three different sources at the same time. This switch is the other way around and only one of the three is outputting to the linked device. That is all.
  14. The stereo the dvd player and the subwoofer all have inputs and the dvd player and the stereo have outputs but I am struggling to get them to output sound when I am also inputting sound to the same machine which was why I was asking if there was something available that could take the output of a device such as my laptop and then split it into three separate RCA AV inputs at the same time without having three long cords from different locations running into a crappy 3.5mm audio jack 3-way splitter. I found a "switch" that took the inputs of three different RCA AV devices and output it to one other device such as a tv or a laptop, but that would only output one device at a time, which is the complete opposite of what I am striving for. Hope that makes sense.