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  1. Personally I would switch out the i5 6600k in favor or an i7 on air.
  2. That's a solid build but I would consider getting a rx 480 and If budget allows a ssd.
  3. It doesn't exactly make sense to pair an fx cpu with water cooling. An i5 on air would be preferable.
  4. They obviously don't know what there talking about.
  5. Who is "they" who said an i5 6500 is "very bad". For gaming especially an i5 6500 is fine.
  6. In my opinion an i5 6500/i5 6600k would be a better choice. Or even an i7 in the budget allowed it. Also for 20$ more you could get an rx 480.
  7. Interesting projector. I wander how much input lag it has.
  8. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/9m7nnn This build does not include peripherals or a monitor>