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About Energycore

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    Birdwatcher and PSU enthusiast
  • Birthday 1870-01-28

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    Not Telling
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    BTC likely 6k then bounce
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  • CPU
    Intel Xeon E3-1240 (3.3-3.7 GHz Sandy Bridge)
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2V-B3
  • RAM
    2x4GB Corsair Valueselect DDR3-1333
  • GPU
    MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8GB
  • Case
    Cooler Master Elite 360
  • Storage
    120GB TR150, 1TB WDRE+
  • PSU
    Corsair CX450M
  • Display(s)
    AOC G2260VWQ6
  • Cooling
    CM Hyper 212 EVO (don't get one, it's bad value)
  • Keyboard
    Rosewill Apollo 9100 with Cherry Reds <3
  • Mouse
    EVGA TORQ X3 - best mouse under $30

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  1. Y u leave me?!?!?!?! Oh wait, I think I left first.

  2. We miss ya :( 

  3. Being a dick is a-dick-tive


    no but seriosly, I post this to let y'all know that I'm gonna be low activity for the next couple days. Got some things to shore up and could use a time where I'm not distracted my your guys' magnificently funny content.


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ashiella
    3. Mr.Meerkat


      I will if you fix your grammar/punctuation (i.e. should be "funny"'s... :P). Disclaimer, I probably won't so even if you do, I may not change my reaction. 

    4. Cinnabar Sonar
  4. Energycore

    PSU Tier List Updated

    That can't be a coincidence
  5. image.png.50a4c1c111a619d297d5773a1d28c9a5.png


    That was 2 days worth of inactivity

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PCGuy_5960


      Only 76? Damn, I should post more status updates.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      did somebody call me?

    4. 8uhbbhu8


      Newb! That's nothing! Been 18 hours since i last was on an had 98!

  6. Energycore

    SpaceX eyeing International Travel within the decade

    Holy shit, fresh fish from Japan at my table in the US? That's something I'd try once if I had the disposable income.
  7. Energycore

    SpaceX eyeing International Travel within the decade

    Fair enough, I think there's a market for that though, and if SpaceX's claim that passenger flights could cost the same as business class in the future, I bet shipping costs through rocket wouldn't be that bad. There are things that you'd pay $100 to get from China in 2 hours. Medical equipment for instance.
  8. Energycore

    SpaceX eyeing International Travel within the decade

    Oh yeah, freight seems amazing. Imagine buying something from China and getting it delivered to your door in just 2 hours.
  9. Basically the only thing that happens in the discord.


  10. Energycore

    SpaceX eyeing International Travel within the decade

    I mean yeah, it's pretty clear that at least at first there's going to be a screening process. In fact I'd rather they used rocket-powered aircraft that took off like a rocket and landed like a plane, since airports already exist everywhere in the world. You can still get those fast travel times on an aircraft if you travel through space. Perhaps there's also a way to make the craft take off like a plane. This is useful because otherwise passengers will need the special training you alluded to (though to be fair a week in space is much easier on the body than 30 minutes). An ambitious goal, for sure, but we've come to expect that from Elon Musk.
  11. https://www.coindesk.com/anti-asic-revolt-just-far-will-cryptos-hardware-war-go/


    Couple thoughts on the issue of mining and ASIC miners:


    1) It's a fitting end to the story of "miners taking GPUs away from everyone else", that now these cards are basically useless and miners got burned. Sweet, sweet justice.

    2) As Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted, the weeks after the launch of these ASICs is a dangerous period because someone could very well buy most of the ASICs and perform a 51% attack.

    3) Inb4 Nvidia starts seeing these ASICs as competition and not only designs their own ASIC, but also starts using anti-competitive tactics against Antminer, the creator of the current ASIC miners for BTC, LTC and now ETH.

    1. 8uhbbhu8


      Hmmm it would be very interesting to see Nvidia get in on this

    2. 8uhbbhu8


      Reminded me I need to mine ethereum for when Asics take it all :P

  12. Energycore

    SpaceX isn't at fault for loss of Zuma Satellite

    Wouldn't it be funny if they faked its loss tricking people (more importantly, Russia and the Middle East) into believing that they don't have a 3.5bn satellite watching over them
    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      Well of course he is.


      He had a close call where his contact lens nearly fell out, revealing his lizard eye.

    2. PCGuy_5960


      He does this to hide the fact that he is a lizard.

    3. captain_to_fire


      I have to commend the person who puts Zuck's makeup as it's the right blend of concealer and foundation. xD

  13. Energycore

    Moderators on the forum

    You can actually do that but with weed stocks once legalization starts in the US. Canadian weed companies already saw their stock run hard when legalization came. But yeah, I suppose drug dealing is an income source *shrug*
  14. Energycore

    Moderators on the forum

    OI, I have other income sources like playing in a street corner rip