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    Intel Xeon E3-1240 (3.3-3.7 GHz Sandy Bridge)
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    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2V-B3
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    2x4GB DDR3-1333
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    CM Hyper 212 EVO (don't get one, it's bad value)
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    Rosewill Apollo 9100 with Cherry Reds <3
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    EVGA TORQ X3 - best mouse under $30

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  1. That's an awesome finishing job! Personally, I would have only used the sandpaper for the last couple passes to get the finish you want. You can remove the paint much quicker with a power tool like a dremel if you have one, and a flap wheel like this one. Grab a decently large one like 2x1". EDIT: further reading reveals you did use a sanding wheel. Well I guess I'm late to the party!
  2. This record to me begs a couple interesting questions. Would it be faster to somehow extend the fuel tank to occupy most of the trunk space while being able to be filled from a single refill. Small details like these can become huge when making this kind of trip - even more excruciating than the 24h LeMans. Also, does this send the right message? They are clearly breaking the law and are treated as heroes for it. I for one enjoy it, but I'm not sure it has an impact on impressionable and inexperienced teenage drivers.
  3. Well you know, spares for when you lose one / the cat finds it and turns it into kitty entertainment. But I get the whole standard bit
  4. My opinion is, it's strange that PSU modular cables aren't the same on the PSU side for different models. I guess they make it so you have to buy their cables, instead of borrowing them from your last modular PSU.
  5. Good news is, on the hardware side (GPU or Motherboard) pinouts are standard. So make 100% sure the cables have the same pinout on the PSU side (honestly, they should, and OEMs that change that are doing weird things since it's the simplest solution). If they are, go right ahead
  6. This channel is seriously worth watching

  7. I take it your death stare is because I appended it with jpeg instead of gif. Well you can bite me, the jpg format supports animated images!
  8. Hey, a member of the Hot Pink Comic Sans cult, what a rare appearance!
  9. Hi! I realize you're new to the forums so you might now know this. Here at LTT we have a function called Status Update - it allows you to do personal tidbits of information like a Social Network would. Generally speaking, these kinds of posts are best put there. If you put good content in there you may even get a good following. For now I have locked this thread since we keep General Discussion for general tech topics like talking about products or interesting community queries ('what did you buy for black friday' type topics exist and this thread would be perfect as a response to that kind of topic). I hope I was clear, cheers!
  10. I'll agree that a lot of jobs ramp their requirements up to 11 and think that's a good enough filter. In my experience, the real qualifications for a good employee are seen a bit on the interview, and a lot once they're already hired. That's why I think the things to look for out of an employee are subtle, and recommendations from people who have a good eye for talented / hard working people are so powerful. Hell, I'd hire you off the back of correctly nesting parentheses
  11. I'm stealing your DeathStareCollage.jpeg