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    AOC G2260VWQ6
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    CM Hyper 212 EVO (don't get one, it's bad value)
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  1. Ouch, 196W on a 480 without a really high voltage is ow. I had to run mine at 1450MHz / 1.35V in order to hit 200W
  2. Builder doesn't list the motherboard model, suspicious. They could be selling you a computer that has a 6700K and a H110 motherboard
  3. The black cables with red PCI-E connectors suggest a low-ish end Rosewill or Silverstone PSU, if the photos are to be believed. Anyway, pretty sure that system could be put together with $900
  4. ~ Moved to Hot Deals
  5. One has to keep in mind how little gains are enough for Intel to call them a "new gen". From Broadwell to Kaby Lake, only once has IPC gone up, and only twice from Haswell to Kaby. Ever since Kaby brought no per-clock performance increase and only a little clockspeed, it's not entirely accurate to look at a new gen as a new step in performance.
  6. Aw dammit

    My ASIC is 66.8%

    It's higher than 7.8% of all RX 480s



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ryan_Vickers


      xD wow, that is some next level bad...


      My Fury is 70.7%, which is better than 96% of Furies.  I thought this was good until I heard Furies overclock better with worse ASIC, which seemed to be confirmed by the numbers another person was able to get.

    3. Ryan_Vickers


      So we're in the same boat I guess :P 


    4. Energycore




      Funny, I can still hit 1450MHz if I push voltage up to 1350mV. This is why I say RX 480 overclocks better, it responds to voltage (and temps, the overclock is stable at 73C but not at 78!), and if you really want you can hit 1450 no matter what you have (need a golden chip for more than 1450 though)


      And power consumption is still only 200W at 1450MHz/1350mV

  7. They had generally weak VRMs but that's coupled with the FX CPUs pulling a ton of power. These Zen chips have really low TDP - the same VRM on an AM4 motherboard will be better for OC than on a AM3+ motherboard.
  8. Or Eve online, which is what we all should be playing
  9. Hey I used to play AW back when there were players at all outside of prime time. Yeah Obsidian had done a few really nice things for the game and my is just a publisher, so in the end I do regret giving my money to that game
  10. At least it's significantly cheaper like it should be
  11. Ah it's a kind of layout, thanks
  12. If I may, what does ISO stand for?
  13. I get you but OP's problem is the lack of a Dvorak version of the UK keyboard. I might actually buy one of those actually Well I'm not the savviest keyboard enthusiast, but you could use the numpad as a macro pad. That's what I do That'll increase the number of keyboards available to you. Alternatively buy a separate macro pad. Also if you do find a native Dvorak Keyboard with just about any mechanical switches, please let me know I would love you for that. That's funny, my Rosewill Apollo has different height keycaps so swapping them results in the jankiest feeling in the world
  14. The units we've been talking about are all haswell-compatible. Even with those that are not, you just gotta go into the BIOS and disable the C6 and C7 states to run a Haswell system with an older PSU
  15. As an 8GB user, it's enough, just gotta use any browser other than chrome Like, playing SC2 with a bunch of Firefox tabs my RAM reads around 6GB (yes I keep it on my OSD at all times)