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    Birdwatcher and PSU enthusiast
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    Intel Xeon E3-1240 (3.3-3.7 GHz Sandy Bridge)
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    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2V-B3
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    2x4GB Corsair Valueselect DDR3-1333
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    MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8GB
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    Cooler Master Elite 360
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    120GB TR150, 1TB WDRE+
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    Corsair CX450M
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    AOC G2260VWQ6
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    CM Hyper 212 EVO (don't get one, it's bad value)
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    Rosewill Apollo 9100 with Cherry Reds <3
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    EVGA TORQ X3 - best mouse under $30

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  1. Like, if the M12II is a 8/10, the G3 is a 10/10, in rough terms. If you have the budget for the G3, at $60 it's a steal imo
  2. For one, Seasonic's group regulated PSUs are still the best out there. And for two, at these low power ratings group regulation is not an issue. The M12II is good not off its topology, but off its actual real world performance.
  3. The M12II 520W has been a tried and true choice for a long time now. It'll do you well. Got all black cables too.
  4. Sleeve bearing fans last a bit less. I'm not a huge fan of them but as long as the PSU warranty is 5 years+, it's fine.
  5. For that build you can get away with a 450W: But if you want a bit more power on a still small casing: (still has all-black cables)
  6. Congratulations to Team Liquid for winning 10.6 million dollars!


    Wait, they won it for some video game? That can't be true, videogames can't be sports!

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    2. Energycore
    3. deXxterlab97


      yes, esports is a thing. france olympics will have one 

    4. RGProductions


      dang. Apparently NA lol is much better than NA cS

  7. There's no futureproof CPU for your usage right now so just grab a 7700K. The 1700 is also a strong choice.
  8. at 500W on an AIO you can finally cool that vega GPU that you couldn't before!
  9. gone again? :(

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    2. JDE


      just like how @quan289 is also gone

    3. Energycore


      I'm here just took a break :)

    4. deXxterlab97


      summer break huh?

      i wish i could do it

  10. Not really. If you put the paper clip on the wrong pins you could short it, but good PSUs have SCP
  11. I'd give her the 680. It's a good card, a bit power hungry but it will play games for a while. I believe you can undervolt 600-series Kepler cards
  12. gigabyte

    Oh that's not good. Probably the PSU honestly. Bad PSUs can kill computers
  13. gigabyte

    Sounds like you'll need a new one yeah. It might be a problem with the display output - the VGA connection. But there's no way to test that.
  14. gigabyte

    Well it's from a brand I've never heard of and it probably was really really cheap; it will do its job powering a cyber cafe computer but I wouldn't trust it with gaming hardware. I doubt it can do full 500W.
  15. And putting it inside a Ford Focus To play a game called Focus Fire On the focus point of a parabola Using gnootropics to increase your focus Have I destroyed the joke enough?