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  • CPU
    Intel i5-4690k
  • Motherboard
    Asus H87-Plus
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9-290
  • Case
    Sharkoon BD28
  • Storage
    1TB HDD 2*256GB Samsung EVO SSD
  • PSU
    Bequiet Powerzone 80+
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VG248QE
  • Cooling
    Alpenfön Sella
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K65
  • Mouse
    Cougar 700M
  • Sound
    Turtle Beach px22
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  1. Brezzels

    $50 AM4 CPU Cooler

    bequiet shadowrock 2 there is no better one in my opinion, if size does not matter. Elsewise this thing can handle high temparatures very well and here is the Physical phenomeom behind it. How penguins stay warm
  2. Brezzels

    Recommendations for gaming mouse under Rs. 4500 (65 USD)

    Well i got the Razer basilisk and it served me well since a year. Its almoust anytime on sale for like 40$-50$.
  3. Brezzels

    headphone recommendation (wireless)

    Hello im using the Koss porta pro's currently i have been a fan of them for a long time. I had them pretty much for the past 10 years. Now i currently am getting a bit annoyed that the jack gets pulled out a lot of my phone because of gaps bewteen seats and so on. Sounwise i would prefer something similar to them and their functionallity. You can put them in nearly any Jacket pocket and they are really light weight, also they have a open backcover. Now i saw there is a Bluetooth version now of them though i dont know how good they are because they are hard to gind in Europe since the store decidet to sell them exclusively. Is there any good alternative? Bose sounds btw. unatural to me
  4. Brezzels

    PC game physical copies

    Last time i did that was when Fallout 4 launched and back then the most frustrating thing was that it was one disk inside of it and i still had to download most of it. I mean its not that worse like GTA V where you had 12 Dvd still not all data and it took way longer than downloading on 6mb/s
  5. i see what op means. 70 € for a swap seems still to much if the producer could design the phone like earlier to have a acessable batterie where you would only pay 20€. Also this is still prohibited in EU under the law to save on electronic waste. Paying fines is cheaper though, than designing. The last one i knew which had it was the LG 5, the modular Phone.
  6. Brezzels

    New GPU-European Tech market

    It's a Bequiet one i think their Powerzone. No,for instance those scores only apply to 1080p Userbench estimatet FPS ingame, while it would be possible to play heavy titles on 144hz not even completely. Thats why im not interested in 4k in general, since i also play games like overwatch, a game that relys on high refreshrates. Well this is my conclucion so far, its to early for 4k at 144hz, its the time where 1080p is fully adopted right now. A rx580 is not an upgrade at all from the r9. Just see it as 1070ti vs. 1080 vs. 2070 (predicted), 1080ti . Thats just hard but after all the that i think i will really consider the 1070ti rog from asus which is priced at 480€, inluding Destiny 2 and Black Ops 4, seems like a good deal somewhat.
  7. Brezzels

    Can i get a keyboard reccomendation

    IBM Model m this one does the least look gamery i think, can relate that it has always been a good and annoying option to play with in my youth. A more serious recomendation is this one at 78 pounds, :Logitech g413
  8. Brezzels

    New GPU-European Tech market

    AMD is not an option though, since my experience from the R9 and even their FX-CPU's was really mediocre. Although i gotta say it is propably the well aged card ever, it always had stability issues, thermal trotteling trough bad implementatinon in drivers and games (especially Battlefield 4, a amd r9 optimized title was really made poorly optimized). And in general all the really annoying workarounds for any lack of especially Developers mostly fault. Don't get me wrong but that always was tirering me, a lot of games where or are just really bad optimized for AMD stuff, best example is Overwatch. It took amd about 2 years after launch to finally adressed the instability issues and lag issues, blizzard did not help though. Also is there CPU lineup and always was spec- wise better than most of the intel stuff, but again poor optimization lead to lag, FPS drops and so on, so definly a no-go. I'm not a fanboy though i gotta say if you want to have less issues and a easy experience, go with intel and geforce. Anyways the budget is only restricted on the gpu, i was planning on getting one and in two to three mounths upgrading the rest including the monitor, mabey a secondary 4k screen for singleplayer games. thank you anyways, its still heplful mabey atleast reusing the r9 for a freesync monitor, to save some bucks.
  9. Brezzels

    New GPU-European Tech market

    1080p @ 144hz and g-synch its the asus he248qe. germany and budget isaround 600€ ish.
  10. Brezzels

    New GPU-European Tech market

    Hello, after looking trough tons of reviews and posts, i find myself in a weird spot. Just for comparison on Pricing in especially germany i will list some cards for you to mabey help me. all these will be partnercards such as evga from trrustworthy sources, on stock and including shipping. The prices compasred to used only change for the 1080 about 50€, so thats out. 1070- Starts at 410€ MSI(truely not an option compared to the ti version) 1070ti- Starts at 460€ new (MSI) 1080- Starts at 520 (Gigabyte WF) 2070- approximatly 600€ 1080ti 780€ Yes sure my Rig( following underneath) won't be ideal for 1080 overclocked and it could potentional cause some bottleneck. Im looking for something which handles some of the upcoming games like Battlefield 5 or even later Cyberpunk without any Problems. I am also considering a full upgrade, like a new MB and a i5 8600k sooner after the GPU, if ram prices go down a little more. Please help me, even with all the infos i got it's not making it any better. Current rig I5 4690k @4.3ghz MB : asus h87 plus R9 290 Sapphire Vapor X 16gb ram 16000mhz PSU 750w 3 SSD's a regular HDD The Case is a FD meshify c
  11. Brezzels

    I am considering the Razer Electra V2

    yup no problem the hs70 comes with an usb adapter. The entry versions eighter with two 3.5mm jacks or just usb. well i tryed both, the voids are on ear phones the hs series is over ears. Sound wise i can only say after having the hs for a mounth now that im happy for gaming but elsewise i use others. Gaming headsets in general dont sound that well when it come to music.
  12. Brezzels

    I am considering the Razer Electra V2

    i got the corsair hs70 and even the more budget version of it is basically the best i had so far comfort wise. The senheiser onces for around 80€ are even better. Razer is unfortunally not good for headsets ,especially if your head is larger.
  13. Brezzels

    Gtx 1070 Vs 1070Ti

    I dont think thats needet tbh. I have the i 5 4690k @4,2 ghz and its a quad core cpu with no threading.It's fine for gaming would also hold up better on 4k, but i play at 1080 max because i dont have nor do i plan to go 4k because of the prices. However the cpu could benefit for later upgrades like the 2070 which would be bottlenecked i think. Anyways a 2600x will still hold up to five years, while you would get not that much more performance gaming wise of a 2700x paired with a 1070/ti.
  14. Brezzels

    Gtx 1070 Vs 1070Ti

    i would suggest the same go for the ti,im in the same Situation, while i propably want to see the 2070 performance first since for me there is not much of a diffrence between those eigther . A 1070 ti or not is 450 €ish a 1080 is 550€ and the 2070 is going to be 550ish . Though a 2070 would requir me to upgrade my cpu as well propably.
  15. Brezzels

    RTX 2080 Ti & 2080 Benchmarks :D

    I'm happy with the power of the rtx 2080. I only do not understand is their pricing. Sure in general it's a lot ant its not way better than the 1080ti, which is OK since they went a ne path. I only don't get why in Germany the reference card which is quality and asthetic wise is cheaper. I mean i take IT