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  1. Plattsburgh, N.Y to take legislative against crypto mining.

    Not sure what country you're in, but what you're saying is absolutely false. Here in the US, they certainly can't enter any property without consent, a warrant, or in the case of exigent circumstances such as in the prevention of injury or death.
  2. I don't understand how folks are not profitable even with the current market. BTC is very low, which is what is impacting all of the alt coins. With that said, today is at its worst and I'm still making over double, almost 3x my cost for electricity. BTC would have to dip into the $5k range before I'd consider shutting down temporarily until prices are back up. Until then, I'm taking full advantage of the weak hands and continue buying up BTC in the middle of all of these panic sells. BTW, I switched from mining alts to using NiceHash weeks ago. I usually stay away from NiceHash, but it's been consistently making money (BTC) for me throughout this dip/crash. I manually set my algorithms and do not let it pick for me.
  3. LTT Forums CPU Overclocking Database!

    Congrats on the new build. Where do you sit in relationship to that screen?
  4. Plattsburgh, N.Y to take legislative against crypto mining.

    Absolutely correct. Well sort of. The IRS requires that you report anything in excess of $20,000 worth of annual transactions. When trading, you actually only pay taxes on the gain. Not the actual sum of all of your transactions. You do not have to pay taxes on "transfers". For income derived from mining, you'd owe a percentage of the total income from that source. Not sure if you meant that in a sarcastic way or not, but I for one have never dodged the IRS. There's enough profits in the crypto that they can have their cut of mine. It's not like I did much sweating to get it. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I wish the IRS viewed crypto as an "illusion" or "fake" so they didn't get a cut of it, but unfortunately they know it's all to real and very profitable for many. Here's a link to understanding Form 1099-K should anyone receive one from Coinbase (GDAX's parent company). https://www.irs.gov/businesses/understanding-your-1099-k Here's the link to the IRS's Notice on cryptocurrency. https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-drop/n-14-21.pdf
  5. replacing palit 1060 6gb card heatsink

    Definitely undervolt the GPU in order to reduce power and heat. Most of the algorithms aren't too demanding and you can run quite a bit less voltage than a stock config defaults to. If you wan't to do it the easy way, just set your power limits lower and fans higher. If you want to manually plot your voltage curve, use MSI Afterburner and Ctrl + F to brink up the manual curve within Afterburner.
  6. Plattsburgh, N.Y to take legislative against crypto mining.

    Nice try bud. You completely changed context in order to somehow make your final statement valid on its own. Within the context of the conversation at hand, there is nothing false about what I said. Quite simply, you stated that if you can't buy a soda with it, it must be an illusion, to which I replied that the same can be said about any precious metal. You can't simply walk into any grocery store, Walmart, or gas station with either crypto, gold or silver and "buy something as basic as a soda". Hence my "By your logic" reply to your original "It is if I can't buy something as basic as a soda with it." comment is completely appropriate. The problem is, you tried to oversimplify it a bit too much in an attempt to make crypto look worthless at the most basic of levels. If you would have said, crypto is less convenient to use as a currency, I would have been all on board with that, but you didn't. Funny how things lose meaning when you fail to quote the entire context of the conversation. It allows people to make bold statements without accountability for them. To clarify more of your context changing, if you go back to my original comment, you'll see that I said retailers. Those are the guys/gals you buy sodas (your original example) and goods from. Sure, more institutions "transfer" precious metals, but what does that have to do with BUYING A SODA?? Are you implying that I can buy soda with copper now? These institutions that you are talking about are trading the precious metal / commodities. Has nothing to do with our conversation about your over simplified example of crypto being an illusion because you couldn't buy a soda with it. Anyways, here are some lists of RETAILERS that accept crypto as a form of payment for goods. I anxiously await your reply with the list of retailers that accept gold, silver, or copper (your example) as forms of payment for goods. https://99bitcoins.com/who-accepts-bitcoins-payment-companies-stores-take-bitcoins/ https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@steemitguide/2017-top-list-of-big-companies-that-accept-bitcoin-and-cryptocurrencies http://www.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-price-8-surprising-places-where-you-can-use-2017-10#zynga-7 When you actually realize what determines the value of ANY precious metal or commodity, you'll realize how silly this comment is. Funny enough, my bank doesn't except illusions or fads for deposit. My bank does however gladly except transfers from my GDAX account. The GDAX account that allows me to exchange my illusions and fads for United States Dollars.
  7. For the most part, it's safe to assume that most of us here aren't mining BTC. With that said, when BTC is down, alts dip as well, which is what almost everyone mines with GPUs. When BTC is pumping (rising sharply), everyone dumps their alts to buy more BTC. When BTC is up, but stagnant, alts do very well. Currently, BTC is down, but slowly showing strength. As soon as its done pumping back up and levels off, you'll start to see the GPU mining of alt coins pick back up substantially. Most miners here in the states are not really selling off their GPUs because they know profits will be good again soon.
  8. It's good to see that other people see it.
  9. Plattsburgh, N.Y to take legislative against crypto mining.

    Absolutely agree, but not exactly what I was talking about. My comment was in response to a comment about crypto being an illusion because you couldn't walk into a store and buy a beverage with it. We can't conveniently or consistently buy items at a grocery store or Walmart here in the US with gold nuggets OR crypto, but I wouldn't call either an illusion because of it. Maybe that's different in most of the world, but I doubt it. Pawn shops and retail jewelers here in the US also buy gold, but that's not where I pick up my groceries or sodas. I agree that precious metals and many things for that matter are easier to sell than crypto. I'm simply saying that crypto or any other commodity require just a tad bit of leg work in order to use it on a daily level. I mine, buy, and sell crypto every single day. From that, I deposit United States Dollars to my bank account (no illusion, it's real). Then I use my widely accepted credit card (primarily for the reward/cash back points ) to buy all the soda I want from any retailer that accepts that form of payment. Seems to be a great deal more of them than any accepting crypto or gold.
  10. Liquid Metal in a Laptop

    A joke as far as disassembly. Everything from the lower panel to the heat pipes, hot plates and fans are very easy to remove and reinstall. TIM or LM swap takes 30 to 45 minutes without ever having opened it for the first time. Oh, and I added another M.2 while I was in there. Despite being very easy to take apart, the laptop is very solid when assembled. Cooling is fantastic.

    On a serious note.  If you have any friends into Bitcoin and they live in a high rise apartment with windows, ask them to hang out at your place for the next few days.  




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      I hope it goes to $6900 so I can back the truck up to load up!

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      So many people treat bitcoin like stock. Google removes it from searches people freak out lol

    4. done12many2


      @LeapFrogMasterRace  Yeah, weak hands are always looking for a reason to sell.  I'm always looking for an opportunity to buy.  

  12. replacing palit 1060 6gb card heatsink

    What are you mining and have you undervolted it?
  13. When the state ain't paying you enough, what are some options?





    An investigation further indicated that the utility bill of the department had surged by over 40 percent from October 2017 to January 2018, as cryptocurrency mining requires significant amounts of electricity due to its high processing demands.


    The FDLE said McDermott had also purchased 24 graphic processing units on the office's account at a cost of around $22,000, according to the report. GPUs are commonly used for cryptocurrency mining given their ability to crunch numbers much faster than standard computer chips.




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      @done12many2 Really hope I do, I miss using my pc lol and I really don't want a founder's card

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      Well, you can get a reference card ;)

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      If BTC shoots back up I may have no choice lol

  14. Hey, before you go crazy in BIOS, how about going into the Power Options menu in Windows and setting your Power Option to High performance. If you don't have one, go to "create a power plan" and make one for High Performance. Something tells me that if you don't know this part, you shouldn't be messing around in BIOS.
  15. Liquid Metal in a Laptop

    Would agree. I've applied liquid metal to my last two laptops. One was a great deal of work, while my newest one (Clevo based) was an absolute joke as far as disassembly was concerned. @Ill_Float_Ur_Plane Liquid metal did help a few degrees for both CPU (7700HQ) and GPU (1070), but it's not nearly as much of an improvement as it would be for delidding a desktop CPU or something like that. In my case, a few degrees was worth the work, but just make sure that you factor that in before tearing things down.