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  1. Pref no heavier than 1.5kg, general internet stuff, microsoft office work and some LoL, pref under 900$ which translated to Icelandic money would be ~130.000 kr. No not only these, i thought i had included in the post that if you have any other suuggestions that you think are better then please do share them. Sorry im late
  2. Yes i get where you´re coming from. But i´ll be doing some pretty light office work. But i also intend on using it for general internet browsing and media consumption
  3. Here´s the deal, i need a laptop for school and after a few days of research i´ve come to these conclusions. What would be the best choice? I´m looking for the best keyboard, screen and looks. Battery life shouldn´t be much of a concern but i´d rather have it as quiet as possible under slight to mid load. Name: Model i´d be buying: Asus zenbook UX430UA - i5 8250U, 8gb 2133mhz, 256gb sata3 m.2 ssd Asus vivobook S410UN - i5 8250U, 8gb 2133mhz 256gb ssd, nvidia geforce MX150 Acer swift 5 - i5 8250U, 8gb 2133mhz, 256gb NVMe HP nootebook 14 - i5 8250U, 8gb 2400mhz, 256gb NVMe . The Asus vivobook S510UA - i7 8550U, 8gb ram, 512 gb ssd and the HP spectre are sligthly out of budget but could be a possibility if they´re alot better than the others that are listed. The Dell xps 13 9370/9360 - i5´s 8gb, 128gb and the Huawei matebook X pro - i5 8250U, 8gb, 256gb are also possibilities but would require the hassel of ordering off of amazon which comes with added risk. Please do share with me your thoughts and reccommendations thank you.
  4. I just got myself a new monitor for cristmas and was hoping to be able to use my old one aswell. The new BenQ xl2411 (i know not the newest or greatest monitor out there, but neither am i, i just recently got my pc). The older one i don´t really know where it came from but it´s an older 24" Dell monitor. I hooked my new BenQ up to the dvi-d port on my GPU (1070) but the old one only supports dvi-d and VGA ports. So i connected it to my CPU dvi-d port but it doesn´t show up in the nvidia control panel or the windows one, so if anyone knows how i can get the pc to recognize the older monitor or if you know that i did something wrong please tell me. Now, the new BenQ monitor´s colors are a mess and i have no idea how to calibrate it. And last but not least, if this is a stupid question then do forgive me but since im a complete and utter noob at this stuff i would greatly appreciate your help
  5. Are the people in arma toxic or anything like that?
  6. So this is just a quick question: I'm looking for a realistic fps and Arma 3 and Squad look like the strongest competitors which one would you guys recommend?
  7. Welp, fuk now i have to spend more money on a PSU AND a GPU
  8. So the 1070 uses a lot less power right? Seeing as i don't have the most stable PSU don't you think i should get that?
  9. Don't really wanna get into that mess... since im 14 and my dad would probably kill me if something blew up since he paid for the thing
  10. After market cooler card, never heard of those for the newer gpu's
  11. i had it made in a shop, but i do belive it's a corsair cx 600, i know i know it's not the best but i has worked fine
  12. So if i go with the 980 ti would a 600w PSU be enough?
  13. Pretty high? its like 120$ cheaper than what it costs here in Iceland