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  1. Sorry my bad, it's been a while since I used my paste!
  2. Briefing: I've had my EVGA GTX 1070 Black edition now for 2 years, I noticed out of the box it always ran loud, hot and under performed. So recently I decided to do a quick thermal paste swap on it. I forgot to take pictures of the disassembly and how bad the stock thermal paste is. My findings of the stock thermal paste is that it was super thick and excessive. It took me about 20 minutes cleaning up all the stock thermal paste prepping it for my Arctic Cooling MX4 but it was worth it in the end after the results. Testing: I have the screenshots of the stock thermal paste and the MX4 using Hardware Monitor after doing a 10 minute loop of Heaven Benchmark 4.0. I also have a small overclock on the GPU and was kept the same throughout the loops Power Limit: 112% Thermal Limit: 92*C GPU core: +50MHz Memory clock: +600MHz Fan Speed: Auto Nvidia Driver: 416.34 WHQL Here are the specs of my PC if anyone was wondering: CPU: i5 6600K @ 4.2GHz Motherboard: Asus Z170-E Case: Fractal Design Define R4 PSU: EVGA Supernova G1+ 750W SSD: ADATA SX8000 512GB Stock Thermal Paste: MX4 Thermal Paste Notes: GPU Thermals: -12*C GPU Core Clock: +3% (P.S. The clock was way more stable and rock solid vs. the fluctuating clock on the stock) Fan Speed: -38% lower (SOOOO much quieter!) Conclusion: Worth the hassle of taking apart the GPU and replacing that disgusting stock thermal paste. As you can see here I drop 10 degrees on the GPU and the fan speed significantly lower making for a much quieter experience. I don't see much in GPU clock speed increase but I will take a much quieter and cooler card any day.
  3. I was looking through cases and I came upon the Cooler Master Box 5. I saw different coloured variation then I came across the Canadian Edition. I looked up it's specification and I don't see any difference based on my limited research. I was just wondering if anyone knows the actual difference between a Regular Master Box 5 vs. Canadian Edition? The website product is this link here: http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX64480
  4. Kay I have never ever done any benchmark before with multiple cards to test. I just want to know how the reviewers and also LMG keep switching graphics card on the fly for benchmarks. I have 4 cards I just want to test for fun on a standardize system. 3 of the cards are Nvidia and the other is AMD, for testing all of them would you just install both drivers on one machine or install the appropriate one for the benchmarks then switch over to other drivers for the other card. I just want to know if there was an efficient method to quickly swap cards and get the benchmark going without having to deal with constantly installing and uninstalling drivers.
  5. Hello, I just noticed this weird black bar on the side of the YouTube video player whenever I maximize the video (not full screen). It's really bugging me and I have updated everything to Adobe Flash and Chrome. I don't know what's causing it to have that black bar. Here is the picture so show what I am explaining to you. Also I am not sure if a topic like this was already started because I don't know how to search in the forum, I tried using the search feature on the top right but it just led me straight to Google. Thanks for the help!
  6. Lol love to win but gotta buy some Mobos and RAM do go with that bad boy!
  7. Awesome! Love to see Antec in a giveaway, haven't heard from them in a while!
  8. Awesome! Thanks Zotac for the giveaway! I really like the faux carbon print on the Amp Extreme, doesn't look too flashy for me because its a more darker color!
  9. Hello LTT forums! I need help on how to clean my Logitech G240 cloth mouse pad. I have had this mouse pad for just over 2 months and its summer here so my palms sweat a lot when my computer is running a game and outside its blistering warm. Now the bottom section of my mouse pad is dirty. Is there any safe way to clean this gunk off my mouse pad. I believe I hear Linus with his steelseries QCK just chucks it in the watching machine and its good to go. But would it be fine for my Logitech G240 or will hand cleaning with on my own be better? Just anything suggestion because I don't want to wreck my mouse pad, this is the first one I really love! Thanks any help would be appreciated,
  10. I personally think the Z2 is really well rounded phone based on Linus' review and what makes it stand out is that awesome custom skin haha
  11. Just like you said Linus the Notebook is down to earth and the specs are really good for what the price is. I love also what you said that the battery can hold up it's own so at least it doesn't need to be plugged in all the time!
  12. I know I saw a GTX 780 Strix version of this and instead of the usual 3GB of video memory it had 6GB of memory for the GTX 780. So that makes sense to me for the 780
  13. That IBM Model M though!!! Lol kind of funny how he went for the Define R4 which is meant for silent computing while the IBM Model M is probably one of the loudest keyboard! But great build by the way!
  14. What motherboard are you using?, if you are using ASUS then the ASUS Ai Suite should have an accurate sensor if not then I would try Hardware Monitor (HWMonitor) to see if that would work. Last one I can think of is one of AMD's own software AMD overdrive should show the temperatures correctly but I used this with an FX-6300 not sure if it will work with APU's. Hope this helps in anyway
  15. I have the 560 ti with 448 cores and so far its been really good to me. Plays most games at good detail and acceptable frame-rates. I only have one PhysX title which is Batman Arkham City and even with PhysX on at the highest preset I still get above 60 FPS.