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  1. ordered the fractel s36 blacked out edition more grizzly thermals some cable ties 3 way pwm spiltters for my other fans
  2. did think that, however my noctua doesnt fit in my case either so if i did get an aio can finally put glass back on my case
  3. cheers so far seem fractel have the best of what i require. i want to be able to adjust fans/pump via PWM not via crap software. seems ASUS EVGA require software for fans...
  4. @For Science! as much i would love AIO with full coverblock i dont think im going to find one. Any thoughts on which AIO you would go for? or prefer for exp?
  5. sorry meant https://noctua.at/en/nh-u14s-tr4-sp3
  6. Currently have 2950X & Asusa zenith Extreme. i have a Noctua DH D14-TR4 everything is fine with 64C 100% load at 4Gz all core boost. however i need to use all my PCI-E slots so need something that will not cover up the top slot as its very close to the CPU socket what would suggest with full cover bottom for tr?
  7. Hey guys need help finding a good large case that can support an asus Zenith Extrene (Extended ATX Form Factor 12 inch x 10.9 inch ( 30.5 cm x 27.7 cm ) Currently have an Lian Li 011 Dynamic - however due to moving away from AIO back to noctua the side panel no longer fits (its like 3MM off) have thought amount trimming it down but means removing ends of the heatpipes.. requirements * good cooling (needs to support 2950x,1080tI) * quiet * minmal looking first thought was fractel design R7 XL, but had quite few fractel design so lookking for other ideas budget £<500
  8. smogsy

    Slick Relation?

    Been watching these guys for a while but The guy on the left always reminds me of Slick.... anyone else feel the same? his arm movements, the way he goes up and down with the voice & way he delivers just says slick to me...
  9. yeh i have all the 600 variant review show many annoyances and issues
  10. very true, but vs the 400Q the whole size is pretty big (for intake)
  11. yeh their silent, but many reviews show so many annoyance and flaws in the smaller versions & they have terrible temps worse than the Define C
  12. yeh i got the Define R2 XL at the moment. (EATX case) but building a Silent ThreadRipper!