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  • CPU
    2X Xeon E5 2650 v4
  • Motherboard
    asus z10pe d16 WS
  • RAM
    32gb Trident z 3000mhz
  • GPU
    2 x Asus 980 Ti Strix
  • Case
    Thermaltake v51
  • Storage
    2 128gb ssd raid 0, 240 hyper x savage, 500 plextor pcie m.2
  • PSU
    Corsair RM1000x 1000 watt
  • Display(s)
    3 x 23 Apple Cinema Displays
  • Cooling
    exotic custom watercooling with dry ice
  • Keyboard
    cmstorm quickfire
  • Mouse
    mad katz R.A.T 9
  • Sound
    corsair surround
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  1. its not terrible, if you can maybe go down to 32gb, that is what i use, 3000mhz 32gb kit 8x4gb, and for gaming and heavy cad and adobe creative cloud, 32 has treated me well, and well i spose for another 100$ you can get 64 over 32, and if your already spending 310ish why not spend 400ish and get double, by spending another quarter, so makes sense, there is this kit if you are prime youll save a little, and i like to support kingston because they are literally best in the game, i love their product, and have ever and i mean never had a any kingston product go bad, and is the same as you were looking for just a little cheaper and better brand in my eyes. and NO WORRY NO SCAM, its sold and shipped by amazon, so its like the best name in memory, and its sold and shipped by the greatest onlin retailer, cant go wrong (and if you can wait 5 days )https://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Technology-HyperX-HX430C15PB3K4-64/dp/B01GCWQ72O/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1492067912&sr=8-2&keywords=64GB+DDR4+3000
  2. The funny thing is when you get above $1000, even if you change up the pc you will tend to come out with the same amount, yes that 2690 is a great build and it is a great processor, However the dual 2670's would put that to its test, and the 2670 build you parted out is almost the same price, so why not go with dual's, too much horsepower is never a bad thing, you never know what the future will bring and you may end up utilizing it. Although, i think you should go with the dual system, but both system would be great, so i think you've narrowed it down to those two, id choose the dual's, but your choice among those two, both would be great builds.
  3. oh and watch this too, inform yourself before you speak.
  4. watch that video in the conclusion he states number 1 "always get a z170 z97 or x99 capable board, watch that, and get educated on why shitty chipsets suck.
  5. thanks for the idea on a youtube video though, something like "budget pc build guide, and how to future proof correctly" appreciate it mate, and budget pc videos tend to get alot of views so i appreciate the idea and all the youtube $$ for it, thanks alot, ive been brainstorming for a good video to make.
  6. that wasnt even his original build.. and i can do this all night
  7. because you know as well as i do, that all computer lovers always want to upgrade and uprade and upgrade, so why not make it easy on your self and get the great parts from the get.
  8. HAHA what happens if he decides to go k series and wants to overclock, what should he do then pull out his motherboard and cpu, great choice, oh and how are is sata 6gb and his chipset gonna handle anything with that cheap ass h110, think man think, and its only 60 dollars less than mine, want future proof for 60 dollars more or no.
  9. hey there magician sorry for ruining your post someone decided to get smart and had to show him up, but go look at that build i built i think it would suit you now and in the future, or the prebuilt you picked would be great too and to upgrade to a gpu after christmas, but i think you will end up selling it or parting it out when you decide to upgrade down the road as to why i picked everything.
  10. all my build run dual xeons (one is being upgraded soon) with dual 980 ti's and a 980, so i got the bigger balls here, so i think i know what the correct form of future proofing is..
  11. dude dont be a f*&^king smart a$$ im trying to help, so ok tell him to buy a b150 board and an i3, and in a year damn i want to upgrade then he has to rip the processor out and the motherboard, use your head, id like to see the pc your using, and the setup you have. use your head, dont have to be a lippy smart a$$ f*&k, listen to what you said those things are way overkill, and thats not future proofing dumba$$ future proofing is getting ready for that type of shit.
  12. plus the power phases are built to par, offers raid, better bios support, more setting and tweaking options, offers more sata 6gb ports, more usb 3.0 there is such a big difference from using a shit b150 or h170 board compared to a good z97 or z170 or x99 chipset, i dont understand how people dont know these things,
  13. read my reply, no one ever thinks of future proofing, what about in 6 months to a year if he decides to get a better cpu and wants overclock and he has the money for it, then he would have to get a whole another board, dumb, nobody ever thinks about future proofing when building a pc..
  14. http://fr.pcpartpicker.com/list/8LFdFd check out that pc part picker, great build and way better parts than what youd get with a prebuilt but youd just have to buy a case, the motherboard is really what is better, because you will be able to upgrade in the future to maybe a higher end skylake or the new kaby lake coming real soon, also it is overclocking ready so when or if you get a overclocking cpu you are good to go and dont have to get another board, that build i built is completely future proof. and 60 fps for both games isnt terrible but cs go players like to play around 110-130 because it is a fast paced game and higher frame rates help you out alot, as far as minecraft you would be ok, then upgrade after christmas like you said.