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  1. I got an Asus Vivobook Pro N580VD last month. It's good as far as performance is concerned but it sucks at battery. I could pull 3-4 hours at max. It isn't an ultrabook but I don't seem to find the Intel Dynamic Framework under power options. I tried installing one from DELL but the settings donot show up in advanced power settings. Any suggestions or ideas?
  2. The official developer website states 3GB as minimum requirement. But 4GB should be good to go. In your case 8GB is more than enough. Emulator runs on vanilla android. Unless you develop games, 2GB is more than enough for the emulator.
  3. My sister's laptop has Windows 8.1 32-bit installed on a Core i5 64-bit. I need to install Windows 10 Creators Update 64-bit onto it. It seems that this laptop has MBR Partition style and I need to change it to GPT. (I want a clean install of Windows 10) I need to change it without data loss and I don't have an external HDD. Is gptget safe to use to convert MBR to GPT? Has anyone used it?
  4. 960 isn't a bad graphics card. I recommend you to upgrade to a better processor and to pretty much my recommendation go for AMD Ryzen processors to get the bang for your buck.
  5. It is an antivirus program and it downloads new definitions. I once took a 1 year subscription of Trend Micro. everything was good until 11 months passed and my 300GB boot drive is almost full and a red bar was found. The antivirus or some sort of shield you are trying to use might be too old, hence taking up more and more space for virus and malware definitions.
  6. I have an old Lumia 520 lying around and found an XDA forum about rooting it. I will do it but, what advantages can I get if I root it? Any apps base or such? Let me know the advantages about it if anyone has already done it.
  7. Gotcha. I've reset my modem a week ago and I forgot to change the DNS from Auto to Google.
  8. Elaboration would be truly appreciable.
  9. I am facing a deep problem now. All my mobiles at my Home, even my Laptop and PC show me annoying ads on random clicks. Whenever I use Google app to see news or hit links in Facebook, I find myself in a seriously disturbing vibration and PC or Laptop websites land me on Facebook or some other shitty website stating I have won something even shitty. Anybody had this problem or facing it right now? Please help me. I installed Malwarebytes on all Phones, PC and Laptop. No malware. But still this fuckin shit.
  10. Wireless repeating, Port Forwarding, etc. Although most ISP's give it but the thing I use is BSNL and most ISP's once they sell you a Router or Modem give you some kind of warranty but once it gets into issues they just show some random Term and say that it cannot be covered in Warranty. This happened to me. PS:- Mostly the Quality sucks.
  11. I don't know where you live but in India our ISP's give us Shit Modems and Routers. I think it's better off to get one for yourself only if you know what you are doing...
  12. Sampath

    Router Issue

    I've done that but the my factory preset password doesn't change
  13. Sampath

    Router Issue

    I am currently using a NETGEAR WNR612v3 at my home. For the past one week I am facing some problems with my router. At first it refused to change from WPA to WPA2 which kept it in a 54mbps mode. Later I made a factory reset and now the password doesn't change. Please help me sort this out. Is it an issue with the router? PS: My Lil brother broke the Antenna casing, nothing really broke but the case removes off easily.
  14. How about a Note 7 in their hands and when they lick it... BOOM!!!