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  1. Sorry maybe I wasn't being clear, the internet sharing works just fine when it is going MacOS to Windows but not when it is going Windows to Windows, and I already have an rj-45 to thunderbolt adapter but I would rather not buy a ethernet switch to split the one port in my room into two for each computer I have.
  2. Hello all, I have a Gigabyte AERO 15-XA Classic and a 13" Macbook Pro from 2014. I would like to have them both share the Ethernet connection from my Gigabyte AERO since it has a physical RJ-45 jack and the Macbook Pro does not. I have a thunderbolt 2 cable and a thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter so I have successfully shared the internet connection between the two over thunderbolt while the Macbook is booted into MacOS Mojave and the AERO is running Windows 10 1903. However, when I am booted into Windows 10 via Bootcamp on the Macbook, the two laptops refuse to even recognize that their thunderbolt ports are connected to anything. Is there something I can configure in Windows on the Macbook to make this work?
  3. The image looked really good even on utube and I would love to connect it to my raspberry pi to play retro games in HD.
  4. I want keyboard because I am using wireless apple keyboard and it sucks.