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  1. You can actually buy a Linus Rackmount PC Case but its ermmm quite expensive: http://www.protocase.com/about/spotlight/linustech/
  2. Most of the Optiplex cases are BTX motherboard size instead of ATX, so you will struggle to find a case that can be modified. As people have mentioned just hot glue the logo somewhere, it will save time and money.
  3. Buy it, if you don't like it or its littered with dead pixels then just pay the return shipping, otherwise keep it.
  4. The temperatures you have said are perfectly fine, start worrying about 80 C unless its made by AMD, then worry at about 100 C.
  5. My understanding was that the issue is that they asked you to add their affiliate link to your bookmarks, not that the the link wasn't to a specified product. Although I think that Linus has probably been able to resolve the Issue with amazon as he has taken down his twitter posts about the issue.
  6. Just a quick thought, Does the SD Card have a lock switch on the side? Is the SD Card locked?
  7. The only problems that come to mind are: Security: If the cooler appears to have been tampered with they may get worried but if its like it was when It came out the box it should be fine. I would make it accessible i.e. so when you open the case its the first thing that you take out. This means that security can see that you are definitely not trying to hide something, and they wont have to mess up all your neatly folded clothes in order to have a look at the cooler. Pressurized cargo holds: If the hold is not pressurized then potentially the cooler may leak due to the increased pressure difference. However I wouldn't worry because most modern airlines have pressurized cargo holds. Hope this helps
  8. This may seem low tech, but a brown paper bag will be the safest option. its not plastic and resists static build up. Don't use a standard plastic bag.
  9. I would choose your favorite pair of headphones the fit your needs within your budget and then attach this: http://www.modmic.com/ I use Mod Mic on my AKG702's, but you can change the earphones to your preferences. Read reviews, shop around and choose what fits your needs. There are two styles to choose from that you need to take into account, Open backs or closed backs. Open back earphones have a larger sound stage but leak sound both ways, Closed backs have a smaller sound stage but give you better noise cancellation (passive). My personal opinion is that any software based "7.1" Surround is pretty much useless and a good set of headphones with a large sound stage will give you pin point noise tracking in game without having to use some half baked software solution that will always be limited by the headphones themselves. To give an example my AKG 702's while not the best still gave me enough noise tracking to be called out for hacking countless times in CSGO because I could hear perfectly the location of noises from around the map.
  10. No problem, Im not sure but if the other side of the magnet is clear/flat, you can sand down the old logo side, then spray paint a base coat of primer to cover up all of the rough scratches and things, then spray paint a base colour of your choice. Then turn the magnet around so the flat side with no marks faces outwards. Then you can use this guide to give you some tips about using vinly, Its not a perfect guide because they use a machine for the cutting but if you get the logo as simple and as big as you can then free handing it shouldn't be too bad. Whats good about vinly is if you mess up it doesn't mean you have to sand down the surface and re-paint it.
  11. I would bring the "Tech" down a line so your image is like this: Shadow Tech Then it will fit the case badge size better In terms of making the badge itself, well you can take the existing magnet, sand off the thermal take logo and then either use vinyl or spray paint stencils to produce the desired logo.
  12. You could cable tie the important cables away and then make a couple of extra cables that are more accessible and sacrifice them to the cat, although as someone mentioned the raceways are probably the safest, easiest and neatest option. Knowing how sharp cats teeth are I wouldn't think any protective cable wrap would work, unless its like Kevlar reinforced with carbon fibers. Potentially some steel wire armored cat5e would work but its usually quite expensive per meter and not 100% certainly going to stop the cat.
  13. You will probably need to use a HDMI Audio extractor, Its an active converter that picks up the audio signal in a HDMI cable and breaks it off so you can connect some speakers. The converter will have a pass through so you can then plug a cable into the monitor. Hope this helps!
  14. My conclusion... bad idea unless you have a shock mounted flight case.