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  1. I end up buying the Xiaomi A2 Lite, seems that the first ones didnt have jack 3.5, now they have.
  2. Hi everyone, well as the title says im looking for a phone that is usefull for dermatology. I need to buy a phone for my mom and the previous phone was awful. She bought a Sony Xperia M2 8 years ago and the camera sucks. Also i dont have a lot of money so im looking for a mid phone with decent camera. She doesnt need something like 40 mpx but a decent sensor that capture "real" colors. Example i searched Xiaomi brand and A1 looked like a nice phone but the camera seems to capture the skin yellowish and makes you "pretty", you cant see wrinkles etc, as if it has an automatic filter or something like that. The A2 lite has a good camera but doesnt have jack 3.5 and she also wants that ? The problem here is that its really hard to search the image quality taking into account the colors, i only get info about mpx etc that 12 or 13 would be more than enough for her.(i found about Xiaomi A1 problem by accident, if it werent for that now my mom would have a phone she cant for her patients) Also i looked at samsung j7 prime, huawei Y6 (2018 model) that seems to be a good option but i cant get any image to compare if it has a "real color perception" Maybe someone here can guide me how to search that, knows why this difference in colors between cameras or knows about this stuff and can recommend me X phone. Someone also told me Motorola have good cameras and even accesories to attach, maybe that could be an option? She would use the phone for everyhing else, like a normal phone not only to take photos Thanks in advance.
  3. He needs a new one, he doenst know a thing about computers, not even installing windows and im not with him to see the laptop when he goes to buy it. Thats the whole problem I'll keep searching, thx anyways.
  4. LOL i did it the other way round, links fixed XD Ill search that asus, thx
  5. Hi everyone, well as the title says i need some help trying to buy a laptop for a friend. He asked me for help but i told him i dont know sh... about laptops. Im a desktop guy, and even with that i asked for helped here before (shoutout to ComputerGuy and SupaKomputa really nice ppl), so im here again to ask for your wisdom if possible. He is in Spain cause he got a studentship of some kind (nvm the story) and he needs a laptop to do lab work etc (he studies Biology), he doesnt play games. I read somewhere that there are CPUs that use less energy at the expense of performance but i dont how it works or if its worth. Budget from 300 to 400 euros Basically the preference here is something with good batery life (around 7hrs i dont know if thats a lot or not) low weight as he will carry that thing in his backpack almost all day I dont know about RAM, maybe 8 if not 4 gbs maybe thats enough (im used to have 16gb or more in my desktop xD) storage is the same for him as he doesnt use much, ssd with 128 or 256 would be good but again, maybe too expensive for his budget, then a hdd with 500(i dont know if there are laptops with less storage than this nowadays). I know its hard to look with euros but maybe you can give me some examples or guide me with what specs should i look for. I saw one that seems to be good enough Lenovo Ideapad 320 15ISK but i dont know about the batery life, 4 hours would be really low and it has only 4gbs, seems like really low end (again maybe its ok for daily use, i dont have laptops XD) Link Also Lenovo Ideapad 320 14AST link Thanks in advance.
  6. At the ryzen master software it says 1067 thats why im asking if you did it from bios or ryzen master.
  7. Okay then ill shoo shoo easytunes and try with Ryzen Master though it looks a little bit harder to understand. Did you touched ram freq from bios cause i see there 1067 mhz. Also thx for all the replies. EDIT: ill update BIOS too, thx
  8. Hi guys, sorry to bother with this issue, but im trying as the title says to OC my CPU,or my RAM frequency to be more precise. I'v seen guides and all that as i'v never done this but couldnt find anything that answer my questions. I dont want to OC my CPU speed clock but rather just the RAM as its only working at 2100 for some reason even though the motherboard gigabyte x470 ultra gaming says it goes up to 2900 without OC (as you can see i dont know much about this). For what i'v read until now ryzen 2600 greatly benefits from higher ram speeds so i wanted to get it to 3000 or 3200(LINK), i have 2x8gb corsair of 3600 so it should be fine i think. The thing is that i downloaded Aorus EasyTune that let me put high frequency for the RAM just fine, but what i dont know if i "OC" the ram do i have to OC the CPU or i can just do the ram thing? Also for some reason my CPU is at 3900 even though i didnt OC it so i supose it works like that alone. So the questions would be: Can i thouch the ram without touching the CPU? Why is it a 3900mhz if i didnt OC it, the base lock should be 3.4 (LINK), and can i get 3200 mhz ram if the CPU says Max System Memory Speed 2933MHz? Will i feel a great difference with ryzen between 2100 mhz and 3200 mhz ram for games? - i tend to open a lot of things while im gaming but nothing similar like editing programs etc. Why is my RAM only at 2100 if my motherboards' baseline gets to 2900 without OC? Also for some reason CPU-Z shoes 3900mhz in cpu while Aorus EasyTune shoes almost 3400. CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: Asus strix 1070ti Motherboard: Gygabite x470 aorus ultra gaming RAM: 2x8gb Corsair 3600mhz I know the ideas of the post are not well organized but english is not my first language and its 2am here (sorry about that, hope you can understand my doubts)
  9. Dont want to revive this topic, im just here to say thx to everyone already bought all the parts and ended up with: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: Asus strix 1070ti Motherboard: Gygabite x470 aorus ultra gaming RAM: x2 Corsair 3600mhz (got them as cheap as a 3200) Storage: upgraded to a samsung 970 evo m.2 250g (got it as cheap as a 850 evo 250gb) Case: Corsair Carbide r100 (nothing fancy but does the trick ) Though i think ill have to oc for a faster ram even though im not fan of OC Well thats my update, again thx everyone here
  10. Ok, ill take your word. I dont want to get higher cause i dont think ill OC. i know its not that hard but i've never done it before.
  11. Okay ill try get a good deal with a x470 and get memory with high clock speed. Though im not a OC guy so i think ill go with 2667 mhz then or 2933 if i can get something thats not so expensive. Thanks for the insane fast response.
  12. Hi guys, its been a long time since the last time i built a pc so im kinda rusty with all the hardware updates. I'v done my homework and this is what i end up thinking (no strict budget just a pc that its not really expensive and at the same time i can use it for a long time like my last pc, i dont care playing in ultra. Also the idea is to buy VR headset in a not far far away galaxy i mean time) CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: Asus strix 1070ti (went for this instead of 1080 as i read its a near performance but cheaper) Motherboard: Gygabite ax370 gaming 3 RAM: 2x8gb of the best deal i get Storage: 850 evo 250gb + 2T WD Black (already have from my current pc) PSU: 650w cant remember the brand (same from current pc but maybe i have to replace it as it has 6 years or so) Case: Corsair Carbide (i dont need a fancy case, just a cheap one that works well with the hardware) My question here is not about price but the hardware itself. Maybe the cpu is too low compared with the gpu or maybe someone recommends me another motherboard for X reason. Thanks in advance I play things like GW2, Hots, POE, WoW Bfa(in august), Fallout 4, overwatch, some VR in the future. I dont play games that ask for a top notch PC.
  13. So basically is, dont update and be happy for potato pc like mine
  14. Thx for all the help from you and the others, i hope you have happy holidays too. Then ill buy the zotac for now and when i can ill buy the cpu recommended by cuda_cores. =)
  15. Ok, sorry late response, im taking care of my grandpa since thursday, he has 90 XD. I looked for an asus like you said and they are near the price of the gigabyte one, so i think im going for that. I also looked for a cheap 4gb rx470 and 6gb 1060 compared to the usual price. But i dont think ill be able to buy one of them. Maybe ill w8 some time and try to buy one of those and the cpu alphaproject said so i can have a "full" upgrade As the 1060 regards, is zotac good, this one is the only cheap one i found. Forget about price etc, im asking for the brand. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-695573552-placa-de-video-gtx-1060-6gb-zotac-_JM Thx for the help guys. One more question if posible. My power supply is 550w, do i also have to get one of 650w or something like that if i change the graphic card?