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  1. I'm a bit torn. I want to see some new mechanics but still want it to feel like the familiar AoE game play
  2. xpost from This ought to be fun could be a channelsuperfun vid http://www.otamatone.com/category/otamatone/
  3. This ought to be fun could be a channelsuperfun vid http://www.otamatone.com/category/otamatone/
  4. do u have any epoxy suggestions, should i head over to ze hardware store and shop around
  5. if only i have that tool =(... but i don't think its gona work anyways because the screw is in a deep countersink, and its a tiny screw.
  6. i tried this method, didn't really work
  7. keep your hands clean? haha but yea try washing your hands with soap before using if bothers you a lot. Personally ive been just cleaning mine with 2 pieces of good papertowel, one soaked in worm water and one to dry off after cleaning.
  8. Hi guys n gals, I was trying to open up my older 4ish year old laptop to clean the heatsink and reapply thermalpaste, Ran in to a lil problem and accidentally stripped a screw that holds the chassis and keyboard, which probably needs to be removed if i want to open up the laptop. So, any tips/tricks or advice that can help me remove this. laptop info: samsung r580, the stripped screw is located beside the cd tray screw labeled KBD. many thanks in advance.
  9. depends on several things...but if i do want to upgrade right now, it would be definitely less than 1300 after tax.
  10. Im happy that card manufactures are gearing towards efficiency along with performance.
  11. I dig the orange color scheme and also need a phone upgrade really badly =(
  12. a lot of similarity between this and the older lenovo y400/500s. i like the fact that the 850m is overclockable, but id probably just leave it at stock speeds.