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  1. As far as the CPU goes... with a noctua u14s for example you'll have a really hard time finding a water cooled solution that makes less noise, as the noctua really makes none at all. Water beats air when you're also cooling the GPU. Air is silent when the system is idle, water can be silent even when the system is under max load. Blower style air coolers stand no chance here... and even 3-slot coolers on the Asus matrix cards can be heard when under load.
  2. Blower in that scenario You generally don't want anything else in a small case.
  3. If it's heat and it only takes 5 seconds the cooler must have come off or something, shouldn't die in only 5 seconds otherwise. More like faulty vRAM, if it's the video card that's causing the problem. It sure sounds like it would be the card as that's the most recently added component, but you never know. First thing would really be to try with a different video card before troubleshooting anything else.
  4. As a rule of thumb you need 128bit per gig when running game-type applications. So a 3 GB card should have a 384 bit bus. This is why 4 GB cards with 256bit bus have got a hard time using much more than their normal 2 GB in games. It's also why the 6 GB Titan won't make use of 6 GB in games, it will hover around 3 GB. Question is if BF4 will make use of 3 GB of memory at 1920x1080. I've got no idea. Most games don't, but they did put 3 GB in the recommended specs. Usually 3 GB and the 384bit bus starts to shine in resolutions above 1080p.... or in heavily texture modded games.
  5. Using the front audio jacks? If so try plugging directly into the soundcard instead. Check so you don't have any other cables or other devices nearby that might cause interference. I recently experienced static coming from my logitech speakers used with my docked macbook pro. Turned out that an AC adapter had ended up too too close to the speaker cables, probably while cleaning. Moving the cables a few inches solved that problem. I've experienced similar issues in the past a few times.
  6. If you want to fix any problems with the pagefile (it can get corrupted) simply turn the pagefile off in Windows > reboot the machine > turn the pagefile back on > reboot the machine again.
  7. When waiting use the in-game wait feature.... get the simple mod "no boring wait/sleep menu" or whatever the exact name is, makes it a bit easier to wait for more than 24 in-game hours.
  8. Problem is that it can be so many different things. All from corrupted save file to various issues with mods.... or even a bugged quest. If it's mod related infinite loading screens are usually caused by graphical mods, such as heavy textures or LOD mods/tweaks. Lighting mods can also cause problems, especially with indoor locations. I've personally had the unofficial patch cause this problem for me in Whiterun once. If you're stuck you can also try using the COC command to warp somewhere else. Warping around can clear some buffer issues with areas, so that the area that didn't work is fine the next time you get there. Can go to the developers room for example, "coc qasmoke". Then coc back to somewhere else later. Another method that can solve this issue if it's caused by some corrupted cache, bugged NPC or whatever is to wait in game for 31 days so that everything gets reset (spawns, loot, general game scripts etc). Combo method is coc to the developers room, wait there until all of skyrim has reset, then coc back.
  9. Always take everything down to stock speeds when troubleshooting. Your overclocks can pass every stress test there is but still cause bluescreens for whatever reason. So just take things down to stock speeds until you've resolved the issue and can say for certain that it has nothing to do with your overclock. I had that boot error myself (same motherboard and cpu as you), out of the blue after a reboot. Had a broken boot sector and locked windows drive. It happened day 2 with my new build, not happened again since and I still don't know why it happened.
  10. Working in gloves is a pain the in the ass. Just use a wrist band.... placed around your ankle. When placed on your wrist it just gets in the way.
  11. Well then you just won't benefit from the vram and wider memory bus of the 7970 as much, it makes a lot more difference when gaming in higher resolutions. With a heavily texture modded Skyrim you'll probably still get more from the 7970 at 1200p though.
  12. If you're not playing above 1080p then it doesn't really matter. If you're playing in 1440p/1600p then get the 7970 Edit: on default overclock the Matrix is pretty much dead silent, might be worth keeping in mind.
  13. Had an Antec 1200. Current PC sits inside of a Lian Li PC-V2120X. I like the black monolith look, it's noise dampened and it has got wheels for moving it around.
  14. They pulled similar marketing rambling prior to the release of the PS3 and Xbox 360. Sure it can render something in 4k, but it won't be anything that looks good.
  15. The memory size is the mass of water trying to get through the tunnel. The bus is the width of the tunnel. The memory clock is the speed of the flow... or could call it water pressure I guess.
  16. Who plays Saints Row for its visuals? You play for the crazyness and the humor.
  17. Really liking it too, would probably get if I hadn't just built a new system already.
  18. You'll only see fps gain in games by overclocking the CPU if the CPU is a bottleneck in the system. In BF3 with a GTX670 at 1920x1080 I doubt you'll gain much of anything by overclocking your CPU, maybe 1-2 fps, unless you take down the graphical settings by a lot. I dug up two example graphs showing how little difference you get as long as the graphical settings are set so high that the system's bottleneck is your GPU. Image link 1 The difference comes when you turn down the resolution and the graphics, so that the CPU becomes the bottleneck Image link 2
  19. Other than for running benchmarks there is no need for SLI on a single 1920x1200 monitor.
  20. Might be difficult to live on it, especially early on, but there are people looking for modded side panels. I've been looking myself for such a service in Europe.
  21. You just got a very good chip. I and many I know got chips that barely overclock at all, and they overclock even worse if you attempt to run the memory above 1600. A friend of mine has a chip where the memory must be taken down to 1333 just to get 4.1 on the CPU.
  22. One important thing to remember about Haswell is that due to how the new memory controller works your ability to overclock your RAM goes down the more you overclock the CPU. If you're able to get a high overclock on both CPU and RAM you've been lucky and got a good chip. Official RAM support is 1600, how high you can overclock depends on your motherboard, and of course what the RAM sticks you've bought are certified for. With an overclocked CPU however there is no guarantee that you can continue running your ram at its certified 2400. I think in Linus' own tutorial video for Haswell he got the CPU to 4.7 GHz (or around there) with ram at 1866....
  23. With the last few few shows I really think you have found the correct format for live callers. Well informed special guest as one part of the show and random live callers for the after party. News topic discussion and a few twitter blitzes mixed in. It works well and keeps things interesting. How long the special guest segment is should just depend on how much there is to talk about. JJ for example could fill several shows by himself while other guests might be good for 30 or so minutes.
  24. Double data rate memory, that's why cpu-z reports 800