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  1. i found my probleme, the sata cable have a loose conection, thanks anyway
  2. i need help, my D driver disappearred when i connected a m.2 drive. i read my manual and it use 1 sata connector, it say sata3 1, so i changed that drive to another port, well the thing is still not appeared(i try disk management and nothing) i tested all port and nothing. I tested with others drivers that i have(ssd and harddrivers) and all work fine. thene i disconnect the ssd m.2 and the D drive appeared, it like the name have the port probleme i try to change the asigned letter the D and it dont let me. why is always that hard haha, meaby i need to format that driver but for now i cant, i dont know what more to do if someone can guide me please
  3. I currently using a Logitech g933 artemis spectrum headset, a Logitech g900 chaos spectrum mouse, a SteelSeries Qck Diablo III Mousepad and Alienware Tacto Gaming Keyboard.
  4. The Excalibur v2 keyboard!!! i really love it to have one and change my old keyboard!