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  1. My screen already has a control board. I'm using it as a touchscreen for my PC rn. How did I get a control board? Thanks for telling me though! My brother bought it a while back to build a raspberry pi screen.
  2. Hi, my brother bought this display a while back and I need help identifying it from these pictures. It's 1366 x 728 resolution. I scanned the qr code and got this, CN0402HT562522CV50ACA00 Scanned again and got CN0402HT562522CV50ACA00 Edit: better pictures. Ltt post images. https://imgur.com/gallery/J7woO Edit: My brother denies it being a dell xps 10 display.... Edit:Its Identical to a dell xps 10 display.
  3. Broken headphones? Send a pic ill reply tomorrow morning i gtg to sleep.
  4. Go and rightclick the sound icon on your taskbar and click playback devices then rightclick everything but the speakers you want to use and click disable.
  5. Im sorry im just exploding with laughter.
  6. So, why I would like this is, my mouse I got when building my computer isnt all that great. Sure its a mouse however it barely works. Im also broke so I cant buy the keyboard or mouse. That is why I would like the Sagitta optical mouse.