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  1. well it's not like im gonna win anyway but still wanted to comment to feel involved
  2. That's Awesome ! thanks AMD! i would really like one because now i can't do almost nothing with the outputs of my gpu and my monitor, also planning to buy one in the future when i'l get the $.
  3. So I recently stumbled upon those adapters that let you connect a regular 2.5 inch ssd to a PCIE port(or msata, or m.2 to the others) on your motherboard , any idea if they are any good? if it is an pcie 3'rd gen will it increase read and write speed? is this a cheap alternative to pcie ssd, I can't find any benchmarks to come to a conclusion.
  4. Heya , So I'm going to build a new pc, I finally got all the components , and what I had in mind was to invite a couple of friends to my place and have a good time together , teach and learn stuff , that's my ideea of fun in a creative way(not boring pc build , jokes sarcasm and funny stuff going on), the only problem is that apparently , even the ones who are in the area of interest rejected... How should I proceed? persuade , convince , beg? Feels like christmas morning but i'm all alone , derp .
  5. Omfg, I need one so much! I would take it out and project movies all night long the the walls of the citadel in my hometown! so fing awsome!!! Thanks LG and LMG for this awesome opportunity!!!
  6. If this is your motherboard http://www.foxconnchannel.com/ProductDetail.aspx?T=motherboard&U=en-us0000472 , then even if you buy a very good gpu you will be a little bottlenecked since it only has pcie 2.0, otherwise it should accept just about anything. I suggest you try https://pcpartpicker.com/ to look for compatible parts if planning to change things , and don't forget to check the second hand market , you might find some awesome deals(olx.ro, okazii.ro). good luck.
  7. I was just about to create a topic with the same matter :D, but I thought to myself "hmmm.... shorly none have asked this question , but lets just check to be shore" and surprise , this gentleman had already done the research, Thanks a lot :D!
  8. I've been rocking one of this bad boys for far too long,,, it's still my main keyboard and although it's 10 years old, has no feet, and only works very close, at least it registers 8 out of 10 keys pressed. I've never had a mechanical keyboard before and would really like to give them a try, to see if they are as life changing as others would say, and it would go great with my new rig which I'm finishing this november.
  9. So I was looking at a XFX XRT 750w 80G+, after i used the coolermaster calculator(and on the johnny guru forums), and it told me that it will be around 700w , so do you think the 750 is to low? i saw that the gtx1080 peaks at 200w OCed now i will also look at the i7-5820k overclocked I would have the alternatives to go for a XFX XRT 850w 80G+ or a EVGA GQ 850W, 80+ Gold(both for around 125USD). What would you chose?
  10. ok something funny is happening when i try to quote....
  11. So I am at a crossroads, After consulting this (http://i.imgur.com/tgrbCnr.jpg), witch i hope is good, for the following config, http://pcpartpicker.com/list/yHWjXH (I do plan on adding another GPU in the future), I can go for a 1. Cooler Master V-Series V850, 80+ Gold 850W for about 190USD , or 2. Sirtec - High Power Astro GD 1200W - 3 months used for 118USD How overkill do you think it is just to save some money? will the 1200W psu reach it's 40% to work at an ok rate?
  12. Every card has been professionally dropped by one of our top engineers to ashore quality and durability.
  13. Jesus thank you, that is the best answer i read all day! Now I need to find witch is more important for Adobe suite programs , any tips here?
  14. Thank you for your response. I mean if u put 2 x 8 GB 3200hz cs14 in one channel, will you get 2 x speed (increased perceived frequency or latency response)if you were to put only 1 x 16 GB 3200hz cs 14 in one channel. I found this http://frankdenneman.nl/2015/02/20/memory-deep-dive/ witch , from what I understand , it says you will get diminished results if you populate both slots of the channel because then some " control management ".