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  1. So... When i saw that RX480 dropping graphics card prices i knew that i had to get one. Mostly because I need one. For now I am running A8-6600K with Radeon HD8570D integrated graphics on a ASRock FM2 A88M Extreme4+ motherboard, a CD/DVD RW unit and 1TB HDD. My crurrent PSU has no 6 pin connector an it is noname 400W one. So I have been searching the net today for some help with PSU choice, found very little about that and then I remembered the great LTT Comunity that is gonna help me. So anyone can help me with PSU choice (maker, poweeeer and that 80+ thingies) tHANKS
  2. HI everyone. My parents old laptop (HP pavilion g7) wet to crap. It is slow, fans dont work anymore and I dont think it woud be abel to handle their needs much longer. They are running mostly Google Chrome (you know RAM usage), AutoCAD 2014 and couple of Microsoft offices programs at the time. So I coud tell it's hard multitasking (for them). This laptop now needs too long to start up and waaaay to much time is needed to open any program. I was thinking about buying them something cheap(er). Around 8000HRK whic is around 1100USD. I dont know what to buy, dont know if autoCAD if GPU or CPU intensive program so any suggestion is going to be helpfull. Oh and screen needs to be atleast 17'' in diagonal. Thank you in advance.