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  1. Been subscribed to Linus tech tips since the h100 unboxing video back at ncix, watched almost every video you guys have created since, truly awesome channel and I'm happy to have just been there to see this channel and community grow over time, I remember when Linus only had 14'000 subscribers, now it's 1 million, anyway even if I don't win I'm happy to have been here for the ride, great guys and great community you have built! Let's keep this going until we reach 10 million subscribers! :D
  2. I have been looking to replace my 2.1 setup with newer speakers, however i was looking at the bose companion 20's which are 2.0 or should i get the companion 3's which are 2.1, also would i be better buying a soundcard rather than new speakers? thanks, they'll mainly be used for Movies and Gaming.
  3. don't even bother getting a GPU under £100, save up and get a HD7870 from www.scan.co.uk for £150, its an awful lot better than 7770 or 7790 Link http://www.scan.co.uk/shop/computer-hardware/all/gpu-amd/radeon-hd-7870-pci-e-(1280-streams)
  4. Im looking to get a tablet device for college, i need office but i also want the ability to run visual studio for computer science, the thing that is swaying me is the price, the surface pro 2 is very expensive but it has windows 8.1 and while although the surface 2 only has windows RT it is cheaper, so which should i choose?
  5. which is best? IPS panels or the new AMVA+ panels, which of these monitors should i get? AMVA+ http://www.scan.co.uk/products/27-asus-vn279qlb-amvaplus-screen-super-narrow-bezel-display-port-mhl-hdmi-usb-5ms-tilt-swivel IPS http://www.scan.co.uk/products/27-asus-mx279h-ips-led-monitor-1920x1080-5ms-250cd-m-80m1-bang-and-olufsen-icepower-audio-black-silv
  6. You dont need an fx-8350, get an A10 Richland APU and get a mobo for that, both cost less and are just as good, and spend more money on your GPU get a 7950 or 7870 and you'll have a better experiance for your money, trust me your CPU doesnt really make a difference maybe 3fps at most, your GPU can make differences of over 80 fps at most, so please do not waste your money getting silly components!
  7. I dont understand why they dont release on PC surely they do testing on PC so why not release the game it cant be that hard and surely the aim of a company is to make money, so why cut out a large portion of a potential market?
  8. There is a ubisoft encouraged petition for PC gamers to sign to help bring Tom Clancy's The Division to PC, as of writing it only has 100,000 signatures, please sign this Epetition, no personal ID is required just your email address and your name, help make PC gaming better for everyone, even if you dont want to play it others do, so please sign and help out the great PC community. Thank you. https://www.change.org/petitions/ubisoft-release-tom-clancy-s-the-division-for-pc#share
  9. Microsoft sales attitude "so your a console gamer?" "Pftt ha! fuck you!! buy our crap and let us spy on you then we'll charge you an activation fee for every game you buy thats pre-owned and you have to pay each month or no games will work at all, the kinect will spy on you all day and if you use our cable service you have to pay again, and if you want cloud storage pay again, haaaa! suckers!" safe to say microsoft and Xbox One, have EA'd it.
  10. They have "8 cores" yes but they're not full cores like in the intel 4770K etc a fx-8350 has 8 cores yes, but an intel i7-3970K has 6 cores, is the fx-8350 better than a 3970K not in the same league, its not about number of cores anymore and its not about clock speeds these days.
  11. no difference in copy protection, anyways why pay so much for games?
  12. one, ps3 60gb launch model, i had a pc then though so i hadnt used it for 18 months
  13. I'd get one as a htpc if it was half its current price and if it didnt have a creepy always on camera and microphone staring at me
  14. Let you in on a secret, current internet speeds are no where near being able to support cloud rendering of games and input streaming between you the console and the server, in order for this "xbox cloud" to ever become a reality even in just the western world is if trillions of dollars are poured into internet infrastructure improvements, not meaning servers, i mean in fibre cables to the home, to central area hubs, to region hubs and under oceans and across continents, its a behemoth task and not even Microsoft has that kind of cash. (Haha last bit rhymes)