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  1. ddrkreature

    Monitor for PS4

    How much are you looking to spend? What's the max that you can spend?
  2. ddrkreature

    capture card

    Supported resolutions: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i https://www.razerzone.com/gaming-broadcaster/razer-ripsaw 1080p 60 FPS is the best you're going to get
  3. I can't wait to see what the noise level is like
  4. Anything with solid stitching and good padding should suffice. Personally, I would go for a bag rather than a sleeve so I can carry external perifferals and power with the computer and not have unnecessary pressure put on the case or computer. I also find that they tend to last longer.
  5. ddrkreature

    Why did you join the PC Master Race poll

    Because there were games on the pc I wanted to play. At the time I didn't know jack about hardware, much less specs or building, so I had to learn as i went. Retrofitted my pc with a mid range GPU at the time and got it to last a few years. Now I got a (now was) super beefy system I spend most of my game time on. I still go back to my consoles often, though
  6. ddrkreature

    Corsair Gaming Headset

    If you want wired, the Plantronics gamecom 780 (788 is the newer model) is probably the best all around I've ever owned and recommend in a heart beat. About $60-80
  7. Try EVGA PrecisionX 16
  8. ddrkreature

    Should i upgrade to a 1080p monitor?

    Not necessarily, but the quality difference between DVI/HDMI and VGA is almost immeasurable. Any modern monitor should come with at least a DVI cable. As for performance on a higher resolution, there will be a performance hit but your system seems plenty capable in handling 1080p. Not max across the board, mind you, but well enough.
  9. ddrkreature

    Should i upgrade to a 1080p monitor?

    The difference would be night and day. Save up for one and you shant be disappointed. Just be sure to use a DVI or HDMI connection.
  10. ddrkreature

    Can't use controller anymore on Steam games.

    Try x360ce. I had the same issue you're having and that is what was recommended to me. Works like a charm for me.
  11. ddrkreature

    Wifi on a tower

    You can get motherboards with wifi built in, you can get pci-e cards that are for wifi (IMO preferred method), or a USB wifi dongle (temporary bandaid solution)
  12. Sony's PlayStation 3D monitor. 1080p, 240hz. List price is $500. Refurbed is 110 usd
  13. ddrkreature

    very bad ping lag caused by neflix on known good isp

    1: that is the longest sentence I've ever seen in my life. Please invest in periods. 2: you can see what kind of net you're being by testing it. speedtest.net is a good one and you can cross-reference the results with fast.com to see if you're being throttled. I'm most willing to believe it's you're networking hardware, though fixing it involves replacing it
  14. You may or may not have to reinstall windows; it's a case by case basis. But you WILL have to have the key reset and revalidated by microsoft because the OS registration is tied to the hardware.