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  1. SuperPug


    Youtube comments made me feel bad for Ed. I thought he did a good job.
  2. Benchmade are really expensive though...
  3. It just launched for anyone who is interested. One of the best EDC knives ever imo. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/spyderco-para-military-2
  4. Did he put the res in upside-down?! Meanwhile that pump is toast.
  5. If you have multiple PCs then probably yes. I guess it depends on the situation.
  6. Gonna wait a few months... Cant hurt.
  7. Yeah i agree. Its definitely not a bad thing. But the fact that its on by default might be problematic for people with limited internet plans.
  8. W10 seems to be using some kind of P2P to distribute updates. So your PC might be seeding parts of updates for other W10 users over the internet. If you have a very strict bandwidth cap on your upload you might wanna disable this function. Here's how (from Reddit): http://fat.gfycat.com/AcclaimedWellinformedAlligatorsnappingturtle.webm
  9. Not me. But im not sure if i really want it anyway. Id rather wait a few months.
  10. The drawbacks outweigh the benefits by far. Your RAM will run hotter and maybe unstable and you wont notice a thing especially with such a small increase in frequency.
  11. You know we can read it just fine if you write it normally...
  12. I havent got it Im clicking on that stupid upgrade symbol in my taskbar and it just insta-minimizes again...
  13. Dropped my Athlon X2 4000+ and it lost a pin - still worked though
  14. Thing is 2500K and 2600K are pretty pricey even used and Z68 boards are hard to find.
  15. Wrap in tinfoil - bake in oven. Baked potatoes are quiet tasty. /sorry Jokes aside you can probably sell it for quiet a bit on ebay.
  16. Theres some chinese phones with 5000mah batterys i cant remember the exact name tho... One is Elephone P8000
  17. SuperPug

    The heat

    I love the heat! Anything above 30C is perfect. If you get too hot try a cold shower or just run cold water over your arms for a few minutes...
  18. To think that they considered buying Nvidia at the time of the ATI deal...
  19. Just watched a clip on youtube and its the same voiceactor alright I could listen to that guy yell for days...