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  1. The s20 and s20 plus can be found around the 600 mark on eBay new. Hell I saw an ultra for 850.
  2. Also charge cycle if you can check in 3utools or coconut battery. Any 11 users welcome to post just specify please. Just curious any extra info would be nice like How you charge 20 - 100% or are you one of those people that pull off after you got 35% and repeat? My 11 pro max has 205 cycles and 97% health. Constant fast charging and even though I know better with charge habits. Bro had a bad medical diagnosis and you know the pandemic and everything else my phone lives between 10-50% After my first full charge of my day.
  3. I had that happen with my max when I had it just restore it from a computer and start over.
  4. You know I should try that I threw out the sim I’ll try mine tonight.
  5. First of all in the past when you unlock the phone the splash screen of the original carrier would stay there. So I unlocked a AT&T galaxy S9 then put a Verizon Sim card in. It now has the Verizon splash screen and preloaded apps, like it was a Verizon phone all along. Never seen this before and I switch a lot granted not many Samsung’s.
  6. I I feel you it’s just I read a lot and the only big thing I notice is the screen while scrolling. I like how crisp it is but realistically the new 7th gen basic iPad is a a10 cpu.... sooo they should not have a reason right? A a10 is brand new in the line up atm and the a10x is a better cpu with more ram. That’s why I am kinda expecting good Os support either way. My theory is the 2nd gen pros end up like the iPad Air 2 and be supported for a good while. The air has 3 gb of ram and the pro has 4gb so I’m confused over the a12 has an extra gig statement.
  7. I’m looking at these two for around 400. I can pick up an open box air for 400 at Best Buy or for 425 on eBay a sealed 10.5in pro. The pro has the 120hz screen 4 speakers and 4gb of ram going for it. But an older a10x. The air 3 Has the a12 going for it but no 120hz and 3gb of ram and 2 speakers. Which one would you pick?
  8. On the way south to put up my grandparents shutters from now. So many trucks with industrial generators and gas. Everyone is on a mission average speed on the highway is 85 and people are passing us. Stay safe in your preparations does not make sense to prepare for a storm if your not around for it.
  9. Just safari open on reddit and youtube at the time tbh. The fans were not spinning down after a high load either just staying around 3000-5000 rpm. I did a full format with the smc and pram reset this time on Wednesday. I made sure to do the smc and pram reset after wiping the hard drive but before installing macOS again everything seems ok now. Fans spin down after playing city skylines and park to 0 when the temperature is low enough. I can now also browse the internet with the fans parked at 0 again idk what it was but I am good now.
  10. I hope intel keeps the fight above the waist man that 56 core part and the asking price just ouch. I really hope the don't pull the same stunts they did so long ago. Hopefully AMD can stockpile enough cash to keep the R&D going so they stay competitive because we all know intel is lighting money on fire to get back #1 and what ever comes out of their fabs WILL be good. Bet money after talking all that smack they go to a chiplet design, monolithic dies are not feasible anymore.
  11. mann thats a set up if what I truly want the sub is just gravy I could only imagine. If I had the funds one monitor is a rtx2080 lol, shoot maybe if I deal hunt I can find them used for 400 each and pick them up one at a time lol. Mix of both my cousin makes beats, I think 13x13 feet. It is a focusright DACalso the set is more for pleasure/ video work.His computer is the one beats are made on. Really?? I love the sound of the studio monitors I have we listen to a lot of lofi.
  12. Your not wrong Thats why I picked the Adams audio tfv5 that ribbon tweeter makes the highs very crisp for the price. Really was more curious about the dac issue and was curious to see what you all are rocking. https://www.fluance.com/powered-2-0-bluetooth-active-6-inch-bookshelf-speakers-white-walnut Looking at these really considering them for the connectivity and size. I really could just do the safe bet and get another pair of TFV5s but that is boring lol plus these are good looking and 100 less for the pair.
  13. We have a pair of Adams audio tfv5 on my cousins set up and I love it. Been looking at these bookshelf speakers and other solutions to my set up just looking for ideas don't want to spend more than the pair of tfv5 @ $400. Also is it crazy to go sans DAC just use a 3.5 mm to RCA to the monitors? I mean its not the biggest deal just curious if anyone here has tried it.
  14. Yes safari tabs and sometimes then this thing named kernel something will take up 115% of the cpu. Thanks for the tip sir will try it when I get back home.