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  1. Yeah that's what I was afraid of, it is a fairly old unit. This has been happening for almost a year now, but it just sharply increased in frequency to the point where it's really a problem. I'll probably try a factory reset.
  2. Hi all! My router has been acting up and I cannot figure it out. Basically, it's randomly booting wifi devices off. It's not that the wifi signal is dropping; the device will have maximum connection strength but say "connected, no internet". Usually disconnecting and reconnecting and/or switching bands will fix it, but not always. Seems to happen at random intervals. This doesn't happen on Ethernet. The router is a Netgear R6300. Firmware is up to date. Any ideas?
  3. Hi all! I am trying to use a second display plugged into my laptop via HDMI over USB-C. However I've noticed that the monitor is stuck on limited color range and appears washed out. I found this page about quantization range, which I think should be what I need, however, the fix here is not changing anything for me. The range goes back to full as soon as I plug the monitor directly into the laptop, but I'd really like it to work properly through the dock. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!
  4. Thanks for the info, I may just try out the passive mixer, because it will be useful for me to have anyways. I've tried some software mixing options, the most promising of which was Voicemeeter, but AFAIK it doesn't seem possible to route one physical output into another within Windows.
  5. Yep, I've tried quite a few troubleshooting steps including unchecking that box, which doesn't have any effect. As far as the internet seems to know, there's no way to get Reaper not to act this way. I've also noticed the opposite effect, where Reaper won't be able to use the output device if certain other programs are open, particularly Spotify.
  6. Hi all! I've been looking for a cheap and small solution for mixing multiple outputs from my PC into a single output so I can hear everything through my headphones at once. The reason for this is I'm a musician using Reaper, which takes complete control over all sound playing in Windows. Meaning that if Reaper and Windows are set to use the same output, Windows cannot play any sound outside of Reaper while it's running. I think the easiest solution is to set Windows to a different output and mix them, so that Reaper is outputting through my motherboard audio, while Windows is coming through, say, the port on my monitor over HDMI. The only thing I've been able to find that's cheap and is stereo rather than mono is this thing. Will this be able to drive headphones, or will I need an amp in between? If so, do you guys have any recommendations for bang-for-buck headphone amps? Or is there a small, cheap powered stereo mixer I couldn't find? Or some other solution entirely? Thanks so much everyone!
  7. I daily drive the M40x's and I really love them. Flat sound signature, and very comfortable especially with these aftermarket pads as @Kaloob mentioned. However I used mine for a while with the stock pads and they were still very good. I also love AT's cable locking/hotswapping system, and the fact that they give you two cables in the box.
  8. Still nothing! I gave up on Nvidia ever patching this, because I think it's affecting a relatively small number of people. My friend I built the PC for wanted a GPU upgrade anyways, so I just had him buy an AMD card and the problem is gone. Good luck!
  9. So I tried voicemeeter, but as far as I could tell, it can only mix hardware inputs. Is it capable of mixing one hardware output into another?
  10. Don't think so, unless there's a way to route one output through it to another, but I think it would be tied to Windows.
  11. Hi everyone! I'm a musician using Reaper for some amateur recording and mixing, as well as guitar amp/cabinet simulation so I can practice silently. I've discovered that when using ASIO within Reaper, to connect my interface, it takes full control of the sound within Windows. This means no other sound can play through Windows while Reaper is open. I would love to solve this so that I can play to backing tracks, talk to friends while I mix, etc. I was thinking that a solution would be a virtual mixer for outputs within Windows. Reaper can be set to any of my physical outputs, not just what Windows itself is set to. This means I can set Windows to my headphones, and Reaper to my laptop's speakers, and they can both work simultaneously. Is there a way within software (rather than buying a physical mixer) that I could route one output into another, so it could all come through one physical source? I've found some software mixers, but they all appear to only be for inputs. If this isn't possible, I'd love to hear any other suggestions for fixing my issue. Thanks!
  12. I think I've figured it out. Most people are saying to go into Nvidia control panel and make sure the global preferred GPU is set to the MX150, but I went into the program settings tab and set Overwatch specifically to use the MX150 instead of the global setting, even though that was also set to the dGPU already. Now it appears to be working on the second monitor. Going to try some other games to verify though.
  13. It's an HDMI port. As far as I can tell it's wired to the iGPU, but people seem to say that the MX150 can still be used as a co-processor. The GPU usage in Afterburner is showing the iGPU ramping up when it's on the external display even though task manager isn't, so I think the dGPU just isn't running with the game on the second monitor for some reason.
  14. The only graphics options I get in the BIOS are 'switchable', which is what it's set to, or 'UMA graphics', which appears to just be the iGPU.
  15. Thanks so much for the info! I cracked open the laptop and discovered that the SSD in there was actually already 'M' keyed, and Lenovo says the laptop supports NVME, so I went ahead and got myself an Intel 660p 1TB, swapped them out, booted up a fresh windows install and everything is working.