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    i7-4790K @ Stock
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    ASRock Z97 Extreme4
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3
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    EVGA 650 P2
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    Cryorig H5, standard C70 case fans
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    Magicforce 68 (MX Browns)
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    Logitech G402
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  1. Recommend me a phone!

    Haha that's the phone I have right now! Though I do like it, it has enough problems, particularly a battery that you can't really replace, that I think I'll steer clear
  2. Recommend me a phone!

    Thanks everyone! I will definitely look into both the V20 and 5T.
  3. Recommend me a phone!

    My Nexus 6P is on its last legs and I'm looking for something new. Requirements: Not flagship price (Like $600 max) Replaceable battery Headphone jack As close to stock Android as possible Not requirements but I'd also really like: Fingerprint sensor USB Type C Available through AT&T Have at it, thanks guys!
  4. Artifacting based on resolution

    Okay we figured it out, turns out a Windows update changed the display's color depth in the Nvidia Control Panel to 12 bit for some reason, just had to put it back on 8.
  5. Artifacting based on resolution

    No luck there, other ideas?
  6. So my friend is having an odd issue. He turned on his PC this morning to massive artifacting, but only on one of his 2 monitors. The one artifacting is 1366x768, while the other is 1080p. I told him that his GPU might just be dying, but he discovered that when he changed the resolution on the monitor to anything other than native, up or down, it stopped artifacting. What could be causing this?
  7. Opinions on this guitar/amp bundle?

    That guitar is totally fine. I've been playing a Squier Strat for years and it works fine for me, good to learn on. That amp really won't be good though. I'd encourage you to try and find the same or a similar guitar without the bundle, and get a nicer amp second hand.
  8. Rather late to the thread but *cough* Vivaldiisuperiortoallotherbrowsers *cough*
  9. Is there any sane argument against Net Neutrality?

    Besides companies who want to use its absence to screw you over, it's mostly people who are just anti-government regulation in all cases. I'm actually pretty conservative in that area, most of the time I think government restrictions on businesses are a bad thing. However the problem here is that many places have few or no choices for ISPs, which means no competition, and therein lies the problem. There are also those who argue that the restrictions don't do anything in the first place, but considering that Comcast, with a complete monopoly in my town, doesn't get to charge for individual services and create paid 'fast lanes' I don't see how that's accurate. Of course I haven't actually read through the legislation, same as most people.
  10. How to pronounce SATA?

    I used to say sah-ta, but I changed to say-ta because I say data like day-ta. And if you pronounce them differently you sound pretty dumb saying "molex to SATA lose all your data"
  11. New modem

    Yeah, which I worry about. Also we don't have cable TV from Comcast so it would be just the two.
  12. New modem

    Yeah I sure wish my parents would ditch their homes phones as well. But yeah I think the contractor probably saw that we have a cordless system and just did the lazy method.
  13. New modem

    My phone is directly connected to the modem. Should I be looking for another connection somewhere else as well?
  14. New modem

    Yeah the base on the one plugged into the modem is bigger than the others so that's probably the case. Will I have to worry about a customer line? Not sure what you mean there
  15. New modem

    I think the alarm does have a battery/cell backup. My main source of confusion right now is how everything is wired up in terms of the phones/alarm. There's a phone cable plugged into the phone port on the Comcast modem currently that seems to run the phones and alarm, because both go down when I unplug/restart the modem. But the house has several different home phones with their own charging station things. Should I assume that they're all wired together, and that it's as simple as unplugging that wire from the Comcast box and into the Ooma?