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    i7-4790K @ Stock
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    ASRock Z97 Extreme4
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3
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    EVGA GTX 1060 6G
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    Corsair Vengeance C70
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    240GB Sandisk Ultra II, 1TB WD Blue HDD
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    EVGA 650 P2
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    LG 24MP58VQ, Dell E2414H, Dell E177FP
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    Cryorig H5, standard C70 case fans
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    Magicforce 68 (MX Browns)
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    Logitech G402
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    Audio-Technica ATH-M40X
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hi everyone. Over the past few months, my Nexus 5X has been asking to update to Android 8.1.0. The first time it popped up, I just restarted and it installed the update, and under system info, it now says that I'm on 8.1.0. However, a few days later, it started downloading a new update automatically. One problem: It was Android 8.1.0 again! It began showing the "downloading updates" notification regularly, asking me to restart the phone to update. I figured it was just a bug until today, when I was notified that I'm low on storage, which shouldn't be the case. I took a look and Android is using up almost 20 of my 32GB. I assume this means it's actually downloading the same update over and over again, or could something else be going on? Do you guys think I should just give up and factory reset, or maybe there's another fix? Thanks everyone!
  2. Believe me, I wish this were true...
  3. Oooh I haven't seen that HP before, thank you! The MSI is a good deal, but I just don't think I could get past the look. And yes, I'm seriously considering a Matebook, but worried that Microsoft might stop them from getting Windows updates given the situation. The Xiaomi Mi Notebook seems like a good alternative as well, but it looks like I'll have to buy it straight from China.
  4. I'd say $1200 max is a good estimate, but unfortunately I just don't know exactly how much I will have.
  5. Absolutely. $1200 is a rough estimate of the total, since I'm predicting I'll have somewhere around $500 extra on top of what I get for the desktop.
  6. Haha no, I would get a super cheap laptop, probably a Chromebook, as well in that case. But I'm definitely leaning towards a laptop as the better option now, just need to find the perfect one.
  7. Those both look pretty solid. I really don't like the "gamer" look that a lot of these have, but I might not mind the G3.
  8. Yes. That's an estimate, might be able to get a little higher. But especially with the possibility of theft, I kinda don't want to haha
  9. Thank you! I think you're probably right. I would love a thin and light ultrabook for the sake of portability, but I like you said I can't get great specs on that unless I want to take out a loan. Do you have any specific recommendations?
  10. I'm tending to agree, the problem is just budget. I won't be able to afford too much more than the amount I'd get from selling the desktop, meaning my cap will probably be around $1200. Finding something with a GPU and 16GB of RAM that's also thin and light at that price point doesn't seem to be so easy.
  11. Hi everyone, so I'm in a bit of a predicament at the moment. I ship off to college in about two months, and right now all I've got is my massive full-ATX tower (specs are in my signature). My laptop I used for all of high school is 7 years old and borderline non-functional. I need something I can lug around easily because I'm only an hour away from home, meaning I will be driving back and forth often. Soooo, before I go I need to figure out what I want to get. I will need strong CPU performance because I'll be running Reaper and other fairly intensive music/audio software, and I want to still have a dedicated GPU for at least light gaming. Option 1: Switch out my current case, motherboard and probably PSU and cooler, stuff everything into an ITX case that I can take home when I need to, then get a Chromebook or some other super-cheap laptop for just notes and stuff. Option 2: Sell the whole rig and buy a good all around laptop (looking at XPS, Gram, Thinkpad, Zenbook, Xiaomi Mi, etc, would love recommendations if you have any) that I will use for everything and bring back and forth. Probably (definitely) sacrificing performance so I don't have to deal with a desktop at all. What do you guys think is the best course of action here? I really can't decide what I should do. Thanks so much!
  12. Something else to note is that when I boot it back up, the Windows clock is always set to the time when I shut it down, which I can fix by unchecking then re-checking the "set time automatically" option in Windows. This would seem to indicate a problem with the CMOS battery, but upon further testing, BIOS settings and such do seem to stay saved.
  13. To be clear, it's not ancient. The machine it came in was used so I don't know exactly when it was new, but it came with a Haswell chip in it, so can't be older than 2013.
  14. It would take more than the work it's worth to pop the board out and check for cold solder joints, but maybe. Though I don't know why giving it time would be a consistent solution in that case.
  15. My home server/NAS/mining machine is running an old ASUS H81 OEM board. I have this issue wherein whenever I power it off, it won't start back up. Power button does nothing at all. The only fix is to shut off the power supply and wait around at least 5 hours from when I've had the chance to test it, usually I just give it overnight. In the morning I flip the PSU back on and it starts without fail. This isn't much of an issue because I run it 24/7, so this only comes up occasionally when I shut it down to clean it out or change out a part. But it's still kind of annoying, and I want to know why it's happening; I really have no clue. What do you guys think?