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    ASRock Z97 Extreme4
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  1. DomesticDan's cooking streams are often in the background of whatever I'm doing. He does a bit of gaming as well.
  2. If we're just talking movies, Marvel. They try too hard to be light and funny, while DC tries too hard to be dark, brooding and serious, so ideally I'd like to see both the styles sort of combine. But the MCU and characters in general always appealed to me more.
  3. He'll be able to run the game okay-ish at low settings based on those minimum requirements. However, any FX series CPU will pretty heavily bottleneck a GTX 1080. I would highly recommend a motherboard and CPU upgrade.
  4. Yeah, I'll probably just pick one of those cards for cheap and be done with it.
  5. When I do, I get the other error telling me that something's up with the controller and Windows can't be installed on the drive.
  6. That's what I did. I cleaned and then converted to MBR. I've already got Windows installed on the SSD, just with it running through one of the ASMedia ports.
  7. I can see the SSD in setup just like I can in BIOS. I tried it in all 6 Intel ports including 0 and got the same error message. It actually was formatted as GPT, but I converted it to MBR and still had this other problem.
  8. I tried. The Windows Install Media gives me an error saying "Windows cannot be installed on this drive". Don't remember exact wording of the rest but it talked about how my motherboard may not support booting from this drive, and that I should check to make sure the controller is enabled.
  9. However when I had a device plugged into the Intel port with no boot drive installed, it did show up in the BIOS.
  10. Don't know, It doesn't give me a chance to get into the BIOS. The startup screen before even getting into Windows is all screwed up.
  11. Yes. When I plug in a drive into one of the Intel ports when the system is off, it BSODs on startup.
  12. The reason that I tried the hotswap was because when I did that, I got the BSOD.
  13. Ah okay, I'll try starting the download