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  1. I doni't think its necessary. Do any of you have a link to where I could download this Pro Studio shown in the video? Other than thatg the audio is stellar at times.
  2. On topic please? This issue is really stressin me out lol
  3. I bought the Zxr soundcard from Creative and it's been giving me strange audio issues. I was wondering if any of you would be able to help me out, seeing as creative have the WORST customer support I have ever encountered. First, with the Audio Control Module (Hence ACM), I can't seem to get the onboard microphone working. Not sure if I need a driver or tweak some settings, but it doesn't work. The headphone volume slider does work and is functional. Second, I cannot seem to download the Sound Blaster Axx software that controls the features that the soundcard brings? I'm getting with some really weird audio glitches that seem to basically take a shit on my audio quality. I'm a song producer so I really need my audio quality good. Not sure if it's an equalizer thing from the soundcard, but in any case, I don't have the fucking software to change it, as it has never been hinted to. As a result, when listening to particularly electronic music, a really muffled and mid range dominated audio is produced. Strange, considering the sound from my phone is much clearer. If anyone of you can send me to a download site for this software it would be amazing. Not sure if I'm allowed to post youtube links here, but the software looks something like what this guy uses - Anywho, some help would really be appreciated.
  4. Oh yes - error 99 is an IO Initialisation problem but does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. Just tried it now, I now get an AE-A2 error with an orange led lit up next to my power supply with the words boot next to it? Fast responses would be great guys, seeing as I'm shitting myself.
  6. PC Build - Asus Maximus Hero VIII, 32gb HyperX Fury 2400mHz ram, i7-6700k, gtx 970 evga edition, evga 1000w power suppy, ZxR sound card from creative, WD Blue 3tb drive. My PC doesn't seem to boot and when turning on all fans of the components turn on but the error reader on my mob goes through a sequence of different numbers. the numbers halt at error code 99, then go to AE, and then I'm always too scared to let the PC keep running so I just turn it off. I receive no output on my monitor ( I have only connected an HDMI cable from the mobo to the monitor) and says it doesn't detect any HDMI signal? Help????
  7. Title^. How the fuck do I do it? The mounting holes don't seem to match up when I want to do a top mount. Could someone explain to me?
  8. Dackzy, though unrelated, how was your experience with the HiFiman's 560s? A buddy of mine is wondering whether to purchase them or go for the HD600s.
  9. On a sound note, how is the sound card and do you notice any tangible audio quality improvements compared to your onboard audio? The reason I want the sound card (apart from gaming) is to A) run my headphones (I hate external amps) and B) have somewhat better audio than my integrated motherboard audio. My motherboard is an ASUS HERO VIII.