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  1. i used played comp for fun. like trying to get good with the random team and have a good time. ultimately i just stopped playing because "life got in the way"
  2. "back in my days" we would play counter strike source in lan
  3. Wait a minute!! Was Ivan the "bad hire" linus mentioned?
  4. wow, this topic turned out to be very informative! I will end up buying a I7-4800MQ (~120$) if I dont find an I7 4900MQ (~150$) on the same price. Also planing on buying MX-4 and some pads to replace the old stuff and I might do a post or maybe a video with some benchmarks on before, after re-paste and after CPU swap (It's gonna take a few months to publish it though lol) Thank you all for your responses and feedback!
  5. not a problem to me, I intend to build a new desktop
  6. WOW! Love the detailed info i have done a clean-up on it (the fan was disgusting) and, because it was never repasted, I have in mind buying some IC diamond. haven't thought in thermal pads. considering what I've read here, either i7-4710MQ or i7-4810MQ will be on my radar but where do you guys find those for <100$? i only see them for >120$. I have considered a new laptop, but I would prefer to build a new machine by spending about 200€ per month in parts so I'll be a slow build. So I plan on upgrading this laptop with 400 to 500€ (I'm in switzerland btw)
  7. wait, what a fool I forgot that the 9900k is just a buffed up version of the 8000 series :V
  8. but those are different architectures... I understand your point of view but I don't think that is a good "apples to apples" comparison
  9. I have seen the vid (I see all of them :P) but tbh I am kind of scared to use liquid metal
  10. well, this cooler currently throttles the current cpu under heavy load. maybe a new thermal paste will fix it, but if it doesn't?
  11. asus aspire e1-772g with a I5-4200M. It's in the title and tags
  12. this one isn't soldered so I am willing to give a try