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    CPU:8350@4.4Ghz HSF: 212 EVO MOBO:990FXA-UD3 GPU:2x6870's STORAGE:120 Sandisk Extreme SSD/1TB Seagate Barracuda PSU:KINGWIN Lazer 850W
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    I.T. temp
  1. I got those eneloops about 3 months ago. I've only charged them twice haha. There pretty fantastic. Also yeah, Linus.
  2. I guess speakers and a WD black 2 TB since mine is failing as I type this..
  3. I have the same Mobo and same chip. I've only pushed mine to 4.4 for now since I have a 212 evo but hope to hit around 5Ghz as well. I'm only held back by temps though. By the way what do you mean by auto clock?
  4. I'll trade you for some of those sleeved cables haha. Thanks man. Digging the white and black. That's my thing too. ;)
  5. Updated it a little. Also throwing in computer this time.
  6. Yeah I just got some bookshelf speakers since I got a nice big 1440p monitor. This way I can lay on my bed and watch movies. Thanks for the opinions guys and gals. I think I'll do K701's when I start to get tired of my AD700's. By that time I may want something else! ^_^
  7. Thanks man. As for the mouse It's pretty palm grip which is why I like it. It feels like it's molded for my hands( fairly big hands) and all day gaming or browsing the internet means no cramped up hands for me! If had the bug that mad it jump to the top of the screen like it did for me just put it to computer memory as opposed to onboard.
  8. Okay sorry guys I was kinda asleep all day haha. Thanks for the replies and what i wanted was more bass yes and was hoping for clarity or just more enjoyment from music somehow. I love my AD700's soundstage but It most defiantly lacks in that area. Was considering the k701's also.
  9. So I know this is't too big of a question but would there be a substantial difference in sound quality coming from AD700's? I know the bass will be slightly improved but will clarity or anything else be better? I already have a Fiio E10 to help cleanup.
  10. This I just got one about a week ago and it's been nothing but great. My only fault with this A- panel is some minor light bleeding in the top corners that can only be seen when it first boots up. Cannot be seen in dark scenes in movies or games.
  11. 7/10 I still love the Phenom II x6 and still rocking a 5830. Very nice. Specs: White 600T 8350 @4.4Ghz 2x Sapphire 6870's GA-990FXA-UD3 KINGWIN LAZER 850W Sandisk Extreme SSD 120Gb Seagate Barracuda 1TB G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB (2x4)
  12. I guess i'll just throw this up. Sorry for crap quality.