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    AsusZ 170-A
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    2X8GB G.skill ddr4 3000
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    Asus GTX 1070 dual
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  1. at least you got the grey label cx650, the green label ones were bad, and semi modular tends to be ok too since you need a few cables anyway it should be, you probably wouldn't need to delid and replace it unless intel really screwed it up...they have with some but use it and see how warm it gets stock. Personally I dropped 4ºC delidding and applying liquid metal, if I knew it would be such a small change I wouldn't have done it, but I got sucked in with the charts like... anyway, that cooler should work for stock and maybe low OCs, just remember it's not going to reach operating temp until 30min to an hour have passed under load so monitor it with stress tests for that time
  2. seen common recommendations of no more than 1.45, 1.4 if you want to play it extra safe
  3. you could get msi afterburner and actually see what's the limiting factor in your pc, that 1060 3gb isn't going to run any major title @1080p maxed settings at 60fps, the 6gb version (which has more than just more vram) can't even do it in some AAA titles
  4. nah, the 1070s have dropped down low end at ~430, 1080s are at ~515 low end, still more sense to get a 1080 if you got the budget but also not the same price... first things first run the system at normal settings for a week or two to make sure everything is working properly, after that start trying to overclock it. yes, it's garbage for the price and easily beat by most air coolers
  5. single threaded performance will probably be slightly less, but you'll have a much larger upgrade path. With ryzen ram speed is pretty important, if you can get 3000 mhz it's a pretty good spot for price/performance. Also once you choose the mobo you're gonna get check their website for their qvl for ram compatibility, corsair vengeance tends to be on most.
  6. the g4560 launched q1 this year. it's a fine chip for a starter pc, it's a 2 core 4 thread cpu and it will perform the same now and in 4 years, but it will be slower in comparison to a higher core/thread count cpu in multi-threaded tasks. You could upgrade to a 6th or 7th gen i5 or i7 down the road if you end up wanting more cpu power
  7. it's not crippled, it functions exactly like a paid version except you can't change the background from the settings area and a few other essentially meaningless things (that you can totally get around if you're savvy) and you get a watermark encouraging to upgrade. I'm not even suggesting it as a permanent solution, just a cost saving option for right now
  8. with a $600 budget for components and peripherals you're going to end up with a basic system. you can get mouse and keyboard on the cheap, Linus did a couple videos on them total of like $50, you can even get the os cheap, or run win10 for free, the monitor will take around $100 out of your budget. then it depends on what deals you can find and if you want to look for used parts. Used parts tend to come with a cost savings but also some degree of risk, I don't recommend used mobos, psu, or ssd/hdds because mobos are one of the more common components to fail (relative to the rest of the system) psu, it's just a much better idea to get a decent new psu for $40-50 and used storage, just don't do it. Cpu, graphics card and ram you can find good deals on, it's a good idea to see proof that they work before you pay though, haven't seen used cases for sale all that often myself, but if you aren't worried about newer things like usb3 then it could be another way to shave costs...granted you might have to buy a fan or two which may negate the savings... Long story short you can build a system with that budget but you're really looking at building a $450 computer windows 10 doesn't ever lock you out it can be used free indefinitely, just locks a few customization features and puts a watermark on the bottom right of the screen.
  9. Should be enough for a 1080ti and 2 tb hard that your 6700k will still suck at streaming but at least your graphics will be amazing
  10. From my understanding the rog poseidon is garbage both ways, performs sub par as air cooled and same story in a custom loop. evga is pretty cool about watercooling, but if you have to send the card in I believe you still have to disassemble and reassemble with the cooler the card came with.
  11. I used everything, tools, safe mode, black magic, I even sacrificed my first born to satan. the only thing that seemed capable of killing it was a clean install
  12. @Shiv78 first build is great, the S12II is a great psu, more than capable of running that system on
  13. didn't work, nothing worked, performed exorcisms and the whole nine. Finally resorted to force deleting the whole C drive and wouldn't you know it, one thing was left, mcafee. also...Edge no Cortana no microsoft account no windows no no, mcafee should never be spared total annihilation
  14. Once had to do a clean install to get mcafee off a friends system, no amount of hackery could clear it out, that stupid garbage is almost as bad as norton
  15. not the ssd manufacturers fault if Lenovo implemented a non-standard m.2 slot. Lenovo customer support might have a plain answer for you, or you can dig through the bios and look for m.2 mode and see if sata is an option...