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  1. You know with all the gaming support that has been happening for Linux lately I was really hoping that manufactures would start to catch on and make it so we can have led control and other supporting software in Linux too. Especially considering on graphics cards is clearly firmware implemented since you can change it and it will stay that way across the board. Peripherals are a completely different rant that I can go on about this too.
  2. Huge thanks to @jakkuh_t and corsair for the kit they sent over for folding month. Loving my new keyboard and mouse, also definitely nice to have a good wireless headset for the laptop!
  3. "No, the furniture can wait I have to get the rig back online and folding first!" lol
  4. Agreed. Jake made it really easy for me as well even when I was having issues with outlook for a bit.
  5. 3 days of fans at 100% ac on and blowing directly into the tower and clocks at that last bit before instability. I like this.
  6. Please go ahead and check out the new BOINC community board as well to get information about other distributed computing projects out there. Thanks to @Ithanul for making this and being our BOINC team leader! Will add this information to the OP soon but I have a major edit to do on it changing formatting and a lot of things to add to the term "soon" is being used kinda loosely. Also information about the recent folding month prizes:
  7. If the rma doesn't work out ill trade you both my 970s for it. I'll even slap back on the modded bios I did for them a while back if you really want to heat your house. lol /s
  8. No problem. Will definitely be following it. Goal is to win the pentathlon this year!
  9. There isn't at the moment. But I do include BOINC events here as well. @Ithanul If you wanted we could change this to just the distributed computing board and combine forces?
  10. Ok everyone were quitting folding for a month so we can run a distributed computing calculation of what we could do to add 2 hours to the day. lol
  11. Ive got it. Next project is to slow earths rotation to make it a 27 hour days so you can get a couple hours of sleep.
  12. No worries. Maybe you should add to your next projects sleeping. lol
  13. OP is edited now that folding month is over. Now has the announcement of our new F@H team leader @GOTSpectrum Huge congratulations and thanks to him for being able to organize us! Also links to the badge request thread if you need to get or upgrade your bling note: EVENT BADGES ARE GIVEN OUT AUTOMATICALLY DO NOT REQUEST IN THREAD And added links to the Folding Month 2019 thread if you want to search through all 218 pages of it for some goodies as well as a link to the Award Ceremony blog post with the final results of the event. Happy Folding everyone. -Pale
  14. Instructions in the blog post but pm @GOTSpectrum