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    just a student working b4 going for college who also does 3d printing :p
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    IT STORE salesperson/pc builder


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    i5 6400
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    Asus h110m-d
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    8gb ddr4 hyper x
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    Zotac 1050ti OC edition
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    Tecware F3
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    1tb Seagate Baracudda hdd
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    Cooler Master 430watt
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    Acer r221q
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212x
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    Cooler Master Masterkeys lite l
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    Cooler Master Masterkeys lite l
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    Logitech z90
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. oh crap. are you able to tell what kind of tubing this is from the pics?
  2. i have no idea. When planning this build, tubing was the only thing i didnt buy online coz i thought it would be easy to get at any local hardware store. Turns out of the half a dozen stores i visited, none of them had the right tubing so in the end i caved and got this ugly one( whose purpose i am not sure of) coz it was the only one that fit. Maybe in the future i will get the proper tubing required. And even if its not the right tubing is there something wrong with it?
  3. So I recently built this custom loop(yes I know it looks bad atm but it’s because some parts haven’t arrived. Just testing stuff right now) and now I need to drain it to replace it with red coolant along with swapping out some fittings. Where should I let it drain? The extra port of the reservoir or the outlet of the pump? Can’t seem to visualise it in my head. Thanks
  4. So, I've been planning a project to build a wall mount pc using my current PC hardware and at the same time install a budget water cooling loop. Performance isn't the goal here. I'm well aware these cheapo parts probably wont outperform the hyper 212 evo I'm using and for the current CPU I'm using, even the stock cpu cooler is enough. I just want to get the experience of building my own custom loop, and get into some basic woodworking, hence the wall mounting part. (This could've easily fit into my current case).Also i know you're not supposed to mix metals in a loop.(Don't plan on using this long term, again just for the experience). So with that out of the way, I have plenty of questions to ask the experience enthusiasts here. The parts I currently have and or is waiting for delivery for are shown in the pictures below. Questions: 1. What size of tubing do i need for this loop? Like all the parts say G1/4inch and the cpu block says inner diameter 10 mm. Is that the same thing? 2. Do i need fittings for this loop? Probably need one for the reservoir so I can connect pipes out of it right? If yes, what size? 3. How would i mount the parts onto the piece of wood? And no i wont be using a layer of plexi below the parts like so many other builds( especially the mobo and the Gpu) 4. If fittings are needed or certain screws, are there like names for them that hardware shop people would understand if I showed up looking for it? Additional Info I have limited tools for the wood working part. Like super limited. Basically a drill and a small saw. After some measurement and rough placement of parts, I've determined a 50cmx50cm piece of wood would do. I do work at an it store where we do custom build so radiator screws, mobo standoffs and such are easy to get. But i would have no idea where to source certain other things that might be needed like the ones Linus used in the under desk PC build( The inserts to hold the standoffs). I also have a 3d printer so if i need to design certain brackets or clips, thats fine. All the parts have already been bought so there is no point telling me this is not meant for that, I'll just have to make do. The only things that i haven't bought( because i don't know what to buy) are again the fittings and the tubing. Also, if additional bits are needed, I'm OK with buying them. I really need the help because I have no wood working skills, and the limited build guides for these kinds of systems haven't been particularly well documented. Especially the mounting parts directly to wood part. One last thing, I ordered two of the PCIE extensions.
  5. Thats what i ended up doing. It works if anyone is having the same issue.
  6. So somehow I managed to get searchfinder stuck on my computer and now every time I start chrome, it starts the search finder page. I can’t follow the tutorials online because I can’t find a physical app for it like the video suggests, and I can’t see it in chrome settings for browsers. And my startup is set to open new page anyways. It’s basically invisible except to spy hunter 5 which was able to detect it but it costs freaking 30dollars. I’m a student, no credit card. The other solution I’ve been seeing is to reset chrome settings but I don’t wanna lose my history so any other options? I’m currently using a page blocker extensions but that only kicks in when the page starts up.
  7. Keep in mind that they're both connected to the motherboard graphics output
  8. In that menu, it only detects one monitor , and doesn't allow me to extend them.
  9. I'm running a core i5 6402p with intel hd 510 and on the specs sheet it says that it can support up to three monitors but when i connect two to it, it just clones the display instead of extending it.
  10. could you explain in more detail? after that how would you run it without internet connection. just lan. like would steam launch cs go without a connection?
  11. ya prob but your solution to make a server requires an internet connection right?
  12. but doesn't that require an internet connection to do?
  13. im organizing a csgo competition for my school's charity event and have 11 pcs with 11 copies of csgo(one for spectating and admin). I want to know how to set up a custom competitive match and what kind of match i should use to have a match be a max of 30mins(only 8 hours in total for the whole competition). Also , there will be sixteen teams and the competition will be single elimination style. Also a lot of people are recommending best of 30/15 but i have no idea what that means. Pls help guys. It's in a few weeks. Also, where we're holding it has no internet connection so we can only play on lan. im so screwed if i dont get this done so i'd really appreciate any and all help
  14. So i recently purchased a 1050ti and then overclocked it to 1911mhz. However, i feel like it could go higher if i could increase the power limit to maybe 125% however, it is locked and maximum is only 100% if i got above 1911mhz, i always seem to hit the power limit any suggestions? i would really like to get the most out of my gpu. Its a zotac gtx 1050ti oc edition