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  1. danomicar

    LTT Google Unlimited Backup Status

    Wow this was actually a really cool video, thanks for sharing.
  2. danomicar

    Ps4 Pro External SSD..problem

    can i just say... thank you for sharing a solution. I've always had this issue and had given up long ago.
  3. danomicar

    Uses For 32GB Of RAM?

    Google Chrome has entered the chat.
  4. danomicar

    How to get front case off.

    You shouldn't have to remove the dvd drive to get the front panel off. Unless you actually use it, you should just disconnect the drive from the motherboard and leave it in the old case.
  5. danomicar

    Problem uploading to reddit

    Have you tried using an app? There are multiple reddit apps out there.
  6. danomicar

    Linus Fixes Click Bait Titles

    Seems like a relatively minor to thing to automate or keep track of. I would be surprised if they did not use some sort of project tracking software. Even free options like Smartsheet would allow for reminders to be set for x days after a video is released.
  7. danomicar

    Linus Fixes Click Bait Titles

    Why not change the title of the video a week or so after it comes out? Makes more sense from a search-ability standpoint.
  8. danomicar

    More FPS with 4x4 ram over 2x8?

    More cards = more bandwidth? I'm no expert but perhaps it's similar to having more surface area to work with.
  9. danomicar

    Is it possible to due boot on an android phone.

    Dual boot? No, not really.
  10. danomicar

    Internal Storage Tier List

    Is this a tiered list of storage products in general? It's going to be 20 kilometres long once you add everything. Why not separate into types of storage? Also why is the Tier-ing S through D? That doesn't make any sense lol.
  11. danomicar

    No more games :(

    o7 HE FOUGHT VALIANTLY! I'll press F for you, man. That's a shame. 11 years out of a single PC is pretty great longevity, have you been planning an upgrade at all?
  12. danomicar

    I Hope We Don't Get a Noise Complaint...

    Renting out that space sounds like it could be a decently lucrative side-hustle!
  13. danomicar


    Have you given the router the ol' HARD RESET?
  14. I find it troubling that one of the largest tech companies to ever exist experience a 14 hour outage. My local plumber's website could be back up and running quicker than that.