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  1. Are you able to see which program is using the drive in task manager?
  2. I don't see why it wouldn't. You will probably need to install drivers at the very least (possibly a full on program) in order for it to run over USB. Does your school allow for this or would the security protocol block a new installation?
  3. That's a shame, I felt the controller worked well. It was not as groundbreaking as intended but still a solid alternative to mouse and keyboard for AAA games.
  4. No, that will only duplicate the screens. If you want to extend the display you will have to plug into two separate display outputs on the computer. You could try a USB display adapter, although that may be dependent on the school's computer being able to support it.
  5. "trying everything" has a lot of different meanings to people. I would start with: Have you completely uninstalling and reinstalling Origin?
  6. Any reason you need to download Python from the appstore? I never have had good luck with things downloaded from there.
  7. I need more storage and I'm torn between upgrading to a larger SSD or HDD. Both are more than 50% full. It's tough that a lot of write to the C drive by default so my SSD is full of a lot of junk.
  8. You're at the limit of what your CPU is capable of handling. The fix will be to turn down your settings or invest in a more powerful CPU.
  9. I can appreciate that you want to waste some of their time hehe. I'm certainly guilty of taking my time on the phone with "windows anti-virus support desk."
  10. Here's what I did when I had this issue: Windows key -> power options -> enter. Click change plan settings -> change advanced power settings. Click on USB settings and open up USB selective suspend. If it is Enabled, change it do disabled. Click apply and OK and see if the issue goes away.
  11. I'd highly recommend NOT compromising any personally identifiable information for sport.
  12. Not an expert, but I feel like this is purposefully done in order to keep away from the warmth of the CPU as much as possible.
  13. You can view videos without a youtube account
  14. Enjoy your free game, as while this may not be intentional, a ~$60 mistake is not worth yours or their time to correct.
  15. As far as I know, Our phones can't share information across the google home. Google Home isn't able to read texts if that's what you're worried about.