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  1. You are the type of person to want EXACTLY EVERYTHING or its incorrect. Prove its botted please. Numbers against nothing. If it doesnt fit with what you think you cant accept it.
  2. I highly doubt it considering he has 455K subs and 45K voted on that one, but I can agree with people looking for help with problems, but the numbers have a huge difference.
  3. Ill RMA my card and I will post my results. "Prove those numbers" Why'd you need numbers specifically? The poll literally gives you direction on which drivers are better and what not. I said 25% giving benefit of the doubt that it isnt 50% like the study says. AMD has knowingly had problems with drivers SINCE AGES.
  4. A 45k person poll disagrees with you and so do alot of reviewers. If you are saying its the GPU's fault, why do like 25% of the card owners have a broken card? Makes no sense. AMD would never push that. A lot of people say they have problems with their RX cards and you call me about bullshit? Holy fuck. "Spouting BS" btw
  5. DDU'd drivers, used every driver from 19.12.1 to 20.2.1, all terrible, also tested the 19.11.x drivers, no luck. Tell me what I need to do to ""troubleshoot"", ill do everything I can but I have come to the conclusion that its literally unfixable. A normal consumer should never have to troubleshoot their own system. The older drivers are old aswell, so I would have to sacrifice performance if I used them. The ease of use with AMD cards isnt there, when with NVIDIA I have heard almost no complaints. Last time I owned an NVIDIA card was a GT 520 or something.
  6. Red Devil RX 5700 XT owner here, dont buy this GPU. Drivers are so bad that even me as an AMD "fan" wanted to return this pile of doo, unfortunately for me its too late.
  7. Rotta

    Quite low FPS

    yeah but clocked to 4.0Ghz? Its performance is quite close to the stock R5 3600, and yeah, im considering an upgrade.
  8. Rotta

    Quite low FPS

    It displayed my max/recommended resolution as 1050p 60hz. My resolution went up when i booted in safe mode.
  9. Rotta

    Quite low FPS

    Ok so GPU scaling is turned off on default, isnt it supposed to be on? When I used 19.12.1 - 20.1.3, my resolution got stuck to 1050p until I re-enabled GPU scaling. Every time I booted it turned off GPU scaling. My PC wouldn't display anything on first attempt, always had to hard reset. After every reset I had to re-enable GPU scaling.
  10. Rotta

    Quite low FPS

    Yeah Ill give it a shot, I read that 19.7.5 was the best for someone. Any recommendations for the RX 5700 XT?
  11. Rotta

    Quite low FPS

    Yeah, thats why I kinda wanted to go NVIDIA. AMDs 19.12.1 to 20.1.2 its been a huge roller coaster.
  12. Rotta

    Quite low FPS

    Well last time I did it no, I didnt DDU my drivers, because I did not see any difference. My last GPU was R9 380 EDIT: My GPU barely uses 40% in CSGO
  13. Specs: GPU: Powercolor Red Devil RX 5700 XT CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X OC'd to 4.0Ghz MOBO: Asus ROG Strix B350-F PSU: Corsair VS550 80 Plus White In CSGO, my FPS sometimes goes to below 140, sometimes 120. I know this is fine etc, but this FPS is lower than I had before with my older GPU. Yes I have recording on and I had recording on with my old GPU as well. When I had my old GPU I hadn't overclocked my CPU at all, but im getting lower frames now? I benchmarked with Unigine, GPU performance was fine at 100% load at all times.
  14. I was looking for something like this, MSI's overlay would not display GPU usage at all. Ill give this a shot and report back!
  15. I started using my RX 5700 XT yesterday, everything was fine, no problems with anything etc. Benchmarked it once or twice in Unigine and it worked just fine. Today I started my PC and I noticed that the screen resolution has changed and the refresh rate was lower. I went to check the display settings and it showed my recommended 100% resolution was 1680x1050, refresh rate being locked to 60. I downloaded the newest drivers after I noticed this but with no luck, and that probably caused more instability.