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Everything posted by Murasaki

  1. In reality it was made for comedic value, no thought was given into the possibility of someone being offended by it. Atleast thats what I think is the case.
  2. If you don't want to care, dont think about it or beat yourself over it. Do something else that will actually contribute positively to your wellbeing. Going down a spiral of self-deprecation never did anyone good.
  3. The chip seems to be a SPI Flash mainly used for storing a BIOS. I highly doubt the white patch is corrosion since it cant occur ontop of the package surface and only there. As for the V/D/G, those are probably for RGB related stuff, dont got much knowledge there.
  4. pro is fine for the average joe
  5. For me future proof just means being good enough to suit one's needs for lets say 3-5 years.
  6. Ladies but mostly gentlemen, the PCI/PCI-E registry cleaner with 8 types of capacitors.
  7. Bottom line is if you are on your PC with headphones most of the time you will not care!
  8. Yes and this is exactly what i am NOT looking for
  9. Literally the first thought that came to my mind when seeing this thread.
  10. Despite all of what was pointed out at the end of the day after all the complaining, im fine with it. Though I wish more smaller phones existed in this sea of 6' flat bricks that barely fit in my pockets.
  11. In the future maybe try to think of a solution where you can wire it to an external holder or something (diy adventure yay)
  12. Beautiful UI, thank you Microsoft.