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Everything posted by Murasaki

  1. omg i remember these when i was a little shit, they were much more fun than lego
  2. Murasaki


    I feel the same sometimes, theres only few games that capture my attention for more than an hour or two. Also yeah The Crew is snoozefest.
  3. Murasaki

    Nvidia Sent A Busted RTX 2070

    Hey 3rd time's the charm right? I think I'll stick with amd cards for the time being.
  4. wordplay will be this planet's demise
  5. Murasaki

    Game room

    Yikes, I know that feeling. When I used my hairdryer one of my monitors went poof for a few seconds. I question the monitor's psu quality tbh in these cases.
  6. Murasaki

    Game room

    Nah I think its nice I'd want something like that (not even american)
  7. Murasaki

    How can this phone last 16 days??

    Before watching the video I went "lol inb4 300$" Video: heck no wtf this is as functional as some 30$ phone
  8. Murasaki

    Game room

    that mini fridge tho
  9. Murasaki

    Apple accused of selling user data

    Nah, people will keep buying as usual.
  10. I have never seen this happen.
  11. Murasaki

    Western Digital to release 20TB HDD

    woo fuckin hoo
  12. Murasaki


    that doesnt fix nothin
  13. Murasaki

    Are the Chinese watching us

    if they're spying on us for sure they dont understand what the hell are we saying
  14. Murasaki

    Old HDD vs new SSD

    does it even SATA III? Eh still faster in any case..
  15. Great, another EMUI update, another less functional theme. Everything fucking looks the same, why change the goddamn theming elements you fucks. Can't override navigation bar images at all.

  16. Murasaki

    Restore old PC

    Theres cheap graphics cards with HDMI lol
  17. Murasaki

    Form Test

  18. Murasaki

    Hi, I am certified HP technician

    Coincidentally https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1053506-hp-has-the-worst-customer-service-and-printers-ever
  19. Murasaki

    HP Has the Worst Customer Service and Printers Ever

    It was enjoyable no doubt, reminds me of a scene from a 1999 movie called "Office Space"
  20. Murasaki

    HP Has the Worst Customer Service and Printers Ever

    oh god whyyyy didnt you take it outsideeeeee
  21. Murasaki

    Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming

    At 7:36, which desktop environment flavor is this?
  22. It's in their blood to flex so its unsurprising. Social status is what defines their choice of smartphone, all their friends have iphones, they MUST do the same.
  23. whats with moderators here needing to put symbols between "locked"

  24. Murasaki

    M2 Drive For OS Only?

    I use an M.2 drive for the system, rest is 2.5' SATA. Won't make much of a difference for games if its M.2 or not.