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    Chandigarh, India


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    7700HQ, 1300x
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    Dell 5577 Laptop, B450M DS3H
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    GTX 1050 4GB, GTX 1060 6GB
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    Masterbox Q300L
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    2x 1TB 860EVO, 2TB WD Purple, 4TB HGST NAS HDD
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    Dell 21.5" 1080p
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    Stock air cooler
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    Logitech k375s
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    Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. AMD always try to keep backward compatibility since the AM2 sockets so I think 3rd Gen Ryzen should work on AM4.... where as Intel always launch a new mobo/chipset for each generation even when its possible to run Intel cpus on different gen mobos like in this video:
  2. you may need to update BIOS with Ryzen 2 or 1 cpu on X470 mobo before you start using with Ryzen 3... these BIOS updates for Ryzen 3 will only come after Ryzen 3 launch.
  3. try changing the interface metric to set priorities for your both Lan cards in windows.... https://www.google.com/search?q=interface+metric+priority
  4. for 2200G, the Gigabyte B450M-DS3H you are looking is more than good enough! get expensive board only if you have plans to get/upgrade to Ryzen 7 processors.
  5. make sure you made the cpu top flat with sand paper as the recent Intel CPUs comes with a dome IHS... this will help you cool down the cpu efficiently... https://youtu.be/EALCvMxvLyA?t=344
  6. Go with amazon.in only, other website do not provide good customer service and not helpful in replacement/refunds, Also the other websites do not include shipping/payment gateway charges which you may have to pay extra https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07B4FRMGV/
  7. You can mix any brands of RAM while they have same latency and speed, your both seems to have same latency, pls run them at 2400Mhz to avoid any stability issue
  8. I'm personally using this board for 1300x for my workload, this board is overkill for Ryzen 3 and while gaming I do overclock 1300x till 4.1Ghz with +0.12 volts offset on stock cooler but won't recommend it with 2700x without VRM cooling.. main purpose of the system is some programming/database for which I use 500 gb 960 nvme boot drive with 1tb 860 SSD to store the projects, also I have 2tb WD purple for games & 4tb HGST NAS drive for temporary backups and to sync data with NAS... AMD cpu run much cooler without overclocking at reasonable temperatures... the board is good enough to handle load (also with 1300x overclocked) so I think should work fine with 2700x on stock speeds.
  9. B450 DS3H is value for money with lots of usb ports but if you are ok with having 4 sata slots, some higher end B450 may have 6 sata slots for 2 additional drives Rest if you are not overclocking than VRMs are good enough to handle 2700x and with proper system ventilation there shouldn't be any issue. The m.2 slot is close to CPU so if you are planning to use downforce air cooler, it could provide cooling to VRMs as well as m.2/nvme drives too Its a micro atx board so you may not need a full ATX tower for this and 2 of 16x sized pcie slots could help you adding additional pcie cards along with GT 710
  10. ticking sounds means some hardware problem inside the drive... recovery software's won't help and you need to visit to a data recovery center like this in video:
  11. rumors aside, 7nm is still untested at consumer end... I would rather wait for Zen 2+ or Zen 3 launch with bug fixes and optimizations.
  12. What I meant is unless you are doing some under or overclocking the RAM, CPU or anything else should run on default factory voltage settings.!
  13. I've Gigabyte B450m-Ds3h motherboard and I did the same thing which I mentioned above to run my LPX Vengence to 3000Mhz on 1300x
  14. Disable XMP and change the Memory Speed to 2666Mhz (AMD specs)... if it works than try 3000Mhz with XMP disabled. All with default/auto voltage settings