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  1. Donozo

    DD-WRT question

    I had previously tried another browser but I reset it one more time cleared all browser cookies what not and then used internet explorer from the start of settings and it's working!
  2. Donozo

    DD-WRT question

    ^nope just says can't be reached, this has happend just trying to update the wifi names, also even trying to access this site survey feature thats supposed to tell what the best channel to select.
  3. Greetings, I was recently advised to give my router new life try and put DD-WRT on it. I followed the instructions it boots into the gui but I keep running into this frustrating issue of whenever I go to update or change anything inside of the settings it crashes. Itll just go to a white screen, internet will still be working just fine but the only way for me to get back to the settings page is to unplug and replug or reset the router. Anyone have an idea what I could do to remedy this?
  4. The wiring part of this is in reference to pictures I've seen that the device has one free port only so to satisfy my devices I would need an extender essentially. I don't care about the parental features just looking for reliability mixed with strong coverage recommendation or if others thing the Nest Wifi will fit the bill
  5. Greetings, I am currently running a Netgear Nighthawk R6700. Don't live in a huge house maybe 2,000 sq ft townhouse. For the last 6 months or so, I have read it may be related to a firmware update, the R6700 has performed like garbage. In and out connections full router restarts. Stuck until I unplug/replug. Just crap I don't wanna deal with. I like Google, I like Nest, just pre-ordered the new wifi this morning knowing they were about to refresh the wifi. I got just the main unit and am open to getting a beacon for range later if needed. Right now I have a gaming PC that's hardwired near the router with printer, NAS, and Phillips hue, all hardwired to the router. Is the solution to do that to get a lan switch? Any recommendations. Also is there another router solution anyone might recommend that will be reliable and not worry about the coverage? Thanks for the assistance!
  6. I got mine going as well, dashboard shows its blocking but, haven't really noticed the blocking. I have it connected to the router via dns changes it showing on dashboard fine any good test website that it should be blocking?
  7. News Article Quoted below which was cited in today's show contains misinformation about At&t FirstNet. Longtime viewer and work at at&t and I am close with the FirstNet program. Have also reached out to the writer to inform of the correction. What was said specifically is that at&t First responders will be throttled. It's in her article and possibly another site. If anyone who knows first responders listen up because it's a great offer in reality. 1. FirstNet, is for all first responders only, at&t won a governmental bid over Verizon for a 20 yr contract to build out a network band that only first responders are allowed to be on. This has government oversight, quality control, and zero throttling. Prices are also cheaper at $40 or $45 if hotspot is needed. 2. This is where the confusion has come. For the FAMILIES of first responders at&t has also come out with a first responders appreciation offer. This is a discount on normal accounts that is 25% off of the plan plus each line charge, very unusual vs normal work discounts. They also get $15 of TV and internet plans at the house. This is for families and does follow consumer standards of 22gb congrested area throttling. So how this works, family of 4, one person is a first responder. That person goes on a stand alone FirstNet account, no throttling, then other 3 members go on a normal account with our best discount ever. Question: why is the whole family not on FirstNet. Answer: The real way to make sure it will work is to not bog it down with all the additional family members, ensure those that need it in times of crisis get the best. https://www.theverge.com/2018/9/7/17831170/att-unlimited-plan-deal-first-responders-throttle Origional Article referenced in Luke's Wan show today.
  8. Main Monitor Samsung 1440p 144 refresh curved, nice newer monitor. Secondary monitor is samsung 4k cheaper model, I have both connected to a powerful rig, 1080, current gen i5 z370 etc, ISSUE: I almost always am having stutter in audio on youtube and other streaming sites Specifically, on the 4k secondary monitor, if i move the window to my 1440 other monitor, nothing, they stream fine. What does this indicate? What sort of troubleshooting or ideas does anyone have, I typcially game on the newer nicer 1440p one and would like to have videos playing on the 4k if i can get them to not be stuttering. Any help appreciated thanks!!
  9. Mise we'll go through how I've trouble shooted thus far *Replugged case SW power and reset power motherboard plugs *Unscrewed power supply so the cords could be no squished *Unplugged replugged power cord made sure it was firm and in *Checked power switched have tried with it both ways *Tried different outlets *Replugged motherboard power plugs *Replugged power plugs into power supply
  10. I'm a float club member and caught the new case video,,,and then got the tristellar case. Check out the picture below of the power supply. I had it all on working for. Few hours, restarted it and it abruptly turned off and has yet to show sign of life. I've run through just about every trouble shoot I could think of. If the power supply is dead, do we think that the case caused it due to the low space for cords, maybe the bend? Deciding if I need to screw the case and return my new stuff. Power supply about 2 years old.
  11. The question is are M.2 hard drives worth it haha... i bought the new samsung pro for performance hopes and no noticable difference but yes ..ssd is exstremly have 2 and a 1 terrobyte and the m.2