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  1. AppleWhizzer

    Im just about to light my Nexus 5 on fire....

    Alright guys thanks. Is this hard to do?
  2. Hello all, so my nexus 5 was good until Android 6. Since then my phone has been riddled with issues, and not ones i can just avoid. Issues include: "Cant connect to camera" over and over, can only get 1 or 2 pics before it stops working and i get the error again Photos app won't open, and it says "unfortunately photos has crashed" and all i do is send reports (i send one every time it happens, AKA when i try view my photos) so i can't view photos when on my phone i have to use an app like facebook to look at them. Snapchat crashes, and its not on their end its the Nexus. It restarts on its own all the time, it just freezes then restarts. I've had it with this phone, i'm really angry about it. I really should've bought an iphone 5c, a few months ago instead of using the money on other things. All i can think to do next, besides destroying this phone with a hammer in a fit of anger is to factory reset it. I know im not the only one with these issues, i've spent hours resetting things, uninstalling apps reinstalling clearing cache etc, and the reset is the only thing i can think to do next. Any help will be awesome, it's really really bloody annoying.
  3. Hi all, so im on an extreme budget. So i opened ebay and the first card is a Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2, by Sapphire. All i am wondering is how much should i bid up to before stopping (AUD, and it's already at $30aud as a starter bid) and will i be able to run CS:GO on ultra with stable FPS, and possibly other games like BF4 on lower settings? ~Elias
  4. Probably buy 4 way SLi because i just can.
  5. wait so you want to change the cpu in your laptop?
  6. AppleWhizzer

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    This is a very very nice projector. It's awesome to see LG innovating in this department considering they do with everything else. I'm surprised it got as big as 200" i was really really impressed.
  7. AppleWhizzer

    flying on a airplane next week

    Yes but if you have a fear of flying all different stuff will be going through your head......
  8. AppleWhizzer

    Painting PC fan?

    Ok thanks.
  9. AppleWhizzer


    Budget location?
  10. AppleWhizzer

    Painting PC fan?

    Hey all, so i have a corsair fan in the back of my Carbide air 540 (stock fan). I was wondering, how would i go about paiting a perfect yellow circle around all the blades so it looks like a yellow ring when its spinning? All help appreciated. ~Elias
  11. AppleWhizzer

    Thoughts on the RX 480

    rip to PCI slots on lower end mobos
  12. AppleWhizzer

    To cheap?

    Depends im not from England so i don't know anything about that store. If the store is a good store, it's probably right and if it does turn out to be a bad cable, they should let you return it.
  13. AppleWhizzer

    Painting case

    Thanks for the help matte! Looked in shed today and found only 2 cans...Unbelievably the colours i needed (white for base coat and yellow!) and i did the rest. Hopefully dry by tomorrow!
  14. AppleWhizzer

    Would you go SLI/CFX if you had the money?

    Yeah i read that as well haha enthusiast key or some sh*t
  15. AppleWhizzer

    Best 2016 Laptop ($2500)

    As suggested above by Wizardy i would be looking at a razerblade