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  1. @aSPIRIn4 hey can u supply us with all the information(all of it) you have on your cpu. Would help!
  2. Yeah i had read that before replying but thus i guess you must have noticed the word "probably" but thats what i think!
  3. Hey there, if your motherboard doesnt support Core 2 Duo e6700, then probably you will not be able to utilize it
  4. @ShadowCaptain Thanks a lot mahn! So i have come to a conclusion after some reading and information that i gained through you that the motherboards these days dont have onboard graphocs and i require to BUY a CPU with iGPU or a CPU(Without an iGPU) and a discrete graphic card in order to get the display running! Hope this conclusion is correct? Thanks in advance!
  5. @ShadowCaptain Thanks a lot first! This question into my mind whn i saw this video of Jayz2cents where he said that AMD's FX-8350 doesnt have integreated graphics so we require a discrete graphic card in order to run the display!
  6. @ShadowCaptain So basically if get a motherboard which has onboard gpu(some sort of a HDMI connection) and a cpu without integrated GPU , that should work right? , soory i am just a real newbie, so please help! Thanks a lot in advance
  7. @ShadowCaptain But what about having a motherboard with Onboard Graphics? Wpuld that help?
  8. Hey people, I have a question actually! Is it necessary to have a discrete graphic card or is it to okay to have a CPU but without an iGPU(or a gpu in it) in order to get display.
  9. Hey, anyone here from Oman who is a PC Enthusiast and builds PC's. Well if yes do comment down below! Lets get connected!
  10. @TheRandomnessHoly Gawd! while cpoying the thing onto google and searching on newegg i missed out on the "X" so this happened ! Thanks a lot of mahn, gained a lot of knowledge today. But dude actaully i saw the 380 one on newegg, the XVX one was costlier than Sapphire Nitro and on top of it, it has a higher core clock speed! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202166 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150730
  11. @TheRandomness Hey the link i was provided was that XVX one had 380 only not 380X!
  12. @Caeradwyn ohk, i used to think that Sapphire Nitro's were quiter, saw it on a reddit post!
  13. @TheRandomness I guess both the Sapphire Nitro and XFX have the same gpu! And yeah ill sure look out for R9380X ! Thanks
  14. @Morgan MLGman Hey sorry mahn, but i wanted to know why is XFX's better than SAPPHIRE NITRO's like i had seen a post on Nitro that they are more silent, and in here i saw the core clock speed of SAPPHIRE NITRO's is better than that of XFX'S! REALLY SORRY MAHN! Just a doubt! Thanks in Advance!
  15. Thanks a lot ! Really learnt something ! @Morgan MLGman Thanks a lot Again!
  16. @Morgan MLGman 200 US dollars! but can u please tell me the general things which i should be looking out for while buying a graphic card! Thanks in Advance!
  17. @Morgan MLGman Thanks! so what points should i keepin mind while i am buying an amd or Nvidia card or for any graphic card! please help!
  18. @Morgan MLGman Actually i was checking out the core clock speeds of both of them , so i found that coree clock speed of r7 360 is 1100 Mhz and that of 950 is 1025 Mhz. So doesnt that give an edge to r7 360?
  19. @Morgan MLGman why so? can u please give up the reasons, woud help me a lot! (p.s.: I am real newbie! so thats wanted to know ,be kind!)
  20. Hey, i wanted to know which among the Raedon R7 360 and GeForce GTX 950 is better! Please give your suggestions along with reasons ! Would help a lot! Thanks in advance communiy ppl!