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  1. Hey first of all thanks a lot for replying, well yeah i have setup the port with the ip of the machine to that of the host machine, coming onto the the routers firewall i have disabled everything like mac, ip and url filtering, but still it doesnt seem to work when i enter ftp://"the wanip" .
  2. Hey All, i have created a FTP server which seems to work all fine on all the devices on my network but doesnt seem to work on devices outside the network, please help! P.S.: I have done all the other necessary steps like port forwarding(creatinng port 21 and 20 on my router) and shutting down my antivirus as well as windows firewall! Even created port 21 on firewall ! please please help!
  3. Hey all, I own a D-Link wireless n300 adsl2+ modem router or basically a dsl 2750U. I need to know how can i activate or configure remote access on the above mentioned router. The firmware version is ME_1.10 Please help!
  4. Hey sorry but i guess the problem is with ur motherboard!
  5. @-rascal- and @rockon5622 So should i go for EEE or EE?
  6. @-rascal- Hey thanks a lot! Actually here in Asia we write it as Engg.!
  7. Sure do! And i hope that it resolves the issue!
  8. If asked specifically i want to cpu designing but i want to learn about software stuff too. In a easier way a blend of both!
  9. But all the people i know who have done Comp sci are all into software fields and noone is in harware arena.
  10. Well i like more of harware since thats something i have been into since i was an 11 year old but as time is moving fast hardware seems to kinda way(though i still enjoy it) and software is the king now so thats why i am kinda confused wherein if there is any major which blends in a both of them
  11. Check this out : http://pcpartpicker.com/list/829tVn Hope you like it!
  12. Ok but the place where i live or i should say i come from doesnt have Computer Engg. degrees, we only have option for Computer Science Engg.
  13. Yo is it working?(your system)
  14. Check if ur windows update is on and ur graphic card drivers are updated and to the latest versions. Hope this helps
  15. Just read some stuff from the forum link u sent? U r getting a error 55 message? ?
  16. Hey again NOT a memory expert but yeah IT SHOULD WORK but at a speed of 2133 Mhz.
  17. THAT SHOULD NOT BE THE PROBLEM ! sorry for the mistake!
  18. Hey i guess that should be the prroblem cause now i remember Linus saying in one of his videos about how the memery will run on lower speeds if the mobo supports that memory speed only after overclocking
  19. Hey I am not at all a memory expert but from what i know is that u will have to adjust the memory settings from the BIOS and set it 2400Mhz , for it to work, so maybe(not surethat could be the problem).
  20. ok first see if all the connections are proper(the ancient trick), and remove out anyones not needed,ie,if the specific part isnt connected to your mobo or not in use, Then try the ram removal trick, remove each dimm one by one and check ,i.e., if the computers boots normally after removing a stick. Thirdly u should run a real good check on your motherboard and cpu, if u find any faults get it replaced(i suspect the problem to be the motherboard or the cpu from the post u posted originally)
  21. YEAH there are many online calculators to help u know if it is roughly enough, like the one below http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/
  22. Did it start happening on the first time he booted it or he had put the OS and then the problem u stated occured?
  23. @Hackentosher Thanks! @AluminiumTech & @as96Thanks!