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Posts posted by ArkTheYO

  1. Hey can anyone please explain me the testing methodology used in this recent LTT video : 

     and can please make me understand the ping and the cmd commands used here: 

    and what is the meaning of the graphs , i get the speed parts but what about the client thing. Please help me out! 

    P.S.: the second video starts at a different timeline so do check it to know what i am confused about!

  2. 5 minutes ago, ElPedro said:

    I am about to move into a Tiny flat with a PS4, iPhone 6s, Macbook and a gaming PC. I want the router to be very fast and work on 5g with strong signal. Is it worth me sticking with the standard router (5g new generation BT homehub) or going with a 3rd party hub from someone like asus?
    Or googles new OnHub.
    Thanks :)

    *My PC is connected via ethernet*

    The most general advice: As you wrote that you are moving into a small flat, it will be better to stay with the standard router assuming it provides you with the expected download/upload speeds.

  3. 19 minutes ago, Lurick said:

    Yah, the CPU provides 16 lanes for the GPU and then the chipset adds more lanes for other stuff, so you're good to go :)

    Looks like a good board/CPU combo but if you're looking to shave a little off the budget a H110 could work as well since it should be about the same in terms of lanes provided.

    Oh so the 8 lanes will be availabe totally for the devices i insert in the pci-e slots?

  4. Hey all, i am planning to get a B150 chipset motherboard, look up on ark i found that it has a max 8 pci-e lanes and with skylake providing 16 lanes, so my my question was will it be okay to install a graphic card in x16 slot and a wifi card in x4 slot, will they functionn at their optimum speeds?

  5. 2 minutes ago, K4mloop5 said:

    Do you have the option to order from out of country because the price of the card you linked is obscene. I used the Google currency converter which prices that card at $290 Canadian which is about $25 more than a 480 and $70 more than a 470 here


    Also just based on my personal experience I wouldnt be afraid of going Gigabyte. I got my Gigabyte 6850 7 years ago and it was just recently I had to oil one of the fans. Maybe their quality dropped over the years?

    Are you aware of any website that ships to Oman at lower shipping rates?