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  1. Hello, Recently after moving cross country (the US that is) I went and tried to boot my trust gaming rig discovered it wouldn't boot into windows! So I did some tinkering around and determined that one of my two NVMe SSD's was dead, the one with windows on it! While I keep a offsite copy of important documents I would like to recover my Witcher 3 save files. So insert more tinkering around and voila! The BIOS recognizes the Windows Installation Manager installed on the supposedly dead drive, so I boot from it and get to a windows error screen stating that it couldn't connect to some device and giving me the error code "0xc000000e". After doing some research on the interwebs I tried a few things, I plugged in a windows installation media I had laying around (it is a Windows 10 Home edition media, whereas I have Windows 10 Pro installed on my PC, does that matter?) Then when launching into the recovery media I did a few things, first used the built in windows repair tool... no luck. Secondly, I went into the command prompt and launched DISKPART to see if the drive is recognized and healthy according to DISKPART and it is! So I follow the advice of some random websites and run the following commands in this order (after exiting diskpart) bootrec/scanos bootrec/fixmbr bootrec/fixboot bootrec/rebuildbcd Well a few issues arouse while doing that. First, 'bootrec/scanos' did not find an install of Windows 10. Secondly, when I ran 'fixboot' it replied 'access is denied' Finally, 'rebuildbcd' as you might have guessed, did not find an install of Windows 10. On the upside, 'fixmbr' theoretically did something. If someone could explain what is going on I would happily buy them one copy of whatever regularly priced game on steam that they want! My poor Witcher 3 saves...
  2. Thanks for the help people. It was something I was always curious about. Guess I will have to do my best to save for a desktop. Cheers!
  3. After a quick search I found that there is not an active thread on this topic (if there is one please let me know with a link). I know many people would argue that the performance gains from modding your laptop are not inherently worth it, and fundamentally I agree. However being a poor college student I never have enough cash in the back account at one time to purchase the hardware needed for a desktop (yes I am aware you can get in for very cheap, no I don't even have 300 bucks). So what are the basic concepts and ideas on this subject? What kind of changes are practical? Where can you get used hardware for laptops? What kind of performance gains can one expect? Am I just wasting my time thinking about this? Thanks for your help! P.S. I have a Toshiba Satellite E45-B4100 Link to Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Toshiba-Satellite-E45-B4100-i5-5200U-Processor/dp/B00U9W5EE6