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  1. the bottom one with the football. what is that from
  2. honestly not really i OCed mine and got like 1-2 more FPS
  3. my mom kicked me out for smoking weed
  4. is that for all sites tho? i can't do that because i won't be able to log back into half of the websites. i used different email and passwords for every site. well email are different for like 4.
  5. hell nah. the 260X beats those 2 any day, even the 260 non X is better
  6. so if i keep doing shift f5 will it eventually clear it?
  7. eh its hitman absolution, i like it but i played it on PS3 when it came out and i was hoping for it to seem better on PC but meh, the controls were weird and just didn't want it anymore
  8. shift F5 just refreshed the page. but the incognito works. thanks
  9. i kinda feel like i should be the one to test it. but i do want the refund
  10. so I got banned on a forum because they thought i was not 18 (and you have to be 18) just because of a question i asked. and well i am 18 i am even willing to show them my ID, buy anyways. is there a way to clear the cache of 1 website so it doesnt log me out of every website on chrome. i have so many passwords ill never remember them all. i just need to so i can make a new account to talk to the mod who banned me. and you can't log out if you are banned.
  11. but it doesn't even seem like they read the refund or look it. seems more automated. my last refund i typed mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for my reason and it still went through because i was under the 2 weeks and the 2 hours.
  12. so once i make a refund request, if i play the game after i make and then i go over 2 hours will they only see the time of play at the time i made the refund request? or will it get denied for being over 2 hours
  13. you can go ahead and block anyone who is being a dick towards you. i have blocked alto of people on here so far because it's all biased opinions. few open minded people on this forum
  14. nice fact there you must of graduated from clown college if he wants to spend money on it LET HIM. is not your money. he can always re sell it and get the money back if he resells on like OP skins and not the steam market. yes prices go down but a lot of knives that price stay the same unless they get duped. oh cool you dont think he shouldn't spend the money. unless you're his parents you can keep your mouth closed.
  15. and that is true you can report anyones post who does not answer the qurstion becase that is aginst COC to not answer it. but i really like falchion knifes and since they're not popular their cheaper so you can get a good falchion for 260
  16. Yes you have to reinstall Windows. Best to do a full wipe
  17. Yes that's why I said he won't. So people would be like ayy Linus show this fool he's wrong. So I helped the OP. Kek
  18. to keep high quality then get a new CPU just mess with the CPU profile settings I'm xsplit and see what ones works for you
  19. Feet fetish pics to really get your feet wet