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  1. Thanks for being helpful. You didn't quite answer my queries though... Read again.
  2. I'm a noob... I need like a blow by blow explanation for all of that.
  3. Thanks for that. Now can you answer my other questions too? Or give me the link to the answers? Thanks
  4. 128GB for windows? Big enough?
  5. So in a few months I plan to build a machine. It'll have windows - for game dev, gaming, and visual studio It'll have linux - for everything else Now, this is the scenario: I'm taking multiple drives, two 64GB SSDs for the operating systems and an undecided number of HDDs (or SSHDs if it's better) for everything else. The drives holding the OSs should be invisible to each other (say I boot up windows and from there, I shouldn't be able to visit linux's drive). How do I do that? One drive is meant only for media (music, images, videos and documents). This is shared between the operating systems. How do I partition the drive for max performance for these different types of media (like one partition for documents, another for music...)? Also, the operating systems have their own folders for this media - how do I tell the operating system I want those folders to be associated with these specific partitions? Like when I store music into the music folder of windows, it stores it in this partition. Then I want space for other stuff, like my projects and video games. Should I get two separate drives for each operating system? If so, how do I make them visible only for their respective OS? Finally, how big should all these drives be? And the buffer caches?
  6. It's just for the CPU? What about the rest of the merchandise?
  7. So around the end of this year I'm probably getting myself a zen and the flagship pascal/polaris(or vega) card. A build from scratch. Should I get those liquid coolers like the seidon or that full system tube thingy... I don't even know what that setup is called... I don't even know how that works. Explanation. Please
  8. Dude I need somebody to explain water blocks to me. You got links?
  9. Thanks so much. You guys have been very helpful. I guess I'll take a single vega, if it comes out. Otherwise pascal it is... Get a second one later when I'm proficient enough with game dev on a single card.
  10. Yeah you're right. So this leaves me more puzzled than I was in the beginning. Dual vega or vega + pascal...
  11. Why on earth don't rich dudes just try it for us... The world's mean.