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  1. yeah, im using a 960 right now on a 1080p/60Hz monitor so yup, haven't experienced maxed-out AA titles yet and with the way AMD's cards are performing lately specially now that there are new display schemes that would sweeten up gaming experience, i think this is the right time for an upgrade... what better way to have it than to have it for free specially from here, LMG! if i win, i hope Linus and Luke signs the card
  2. i see, thanks for that tip... intel i7 3770 proc is quite hard to just throw away knowing that it hasn't lasted more than a year yet... oh well, might as well try my luck and exhaust all efforts to find one, haha... thanks bro!
  3. hmm... so i guess i'm really stuck with a crappy old motherboard, eh?..... oh well :'(
  4. i don't mean that having 3rd gen processors is embarassing, it's just that i'm surrounded with friends who are already on the 5th and 6th... the least i can do is to work on my aesthetics and at least feel proud with what i have
  5. yeah, but aesthetically, the Sabertooth Z77 would add to that "wow" factor, to hide or at least lessen the embarassment that i'm still stuck at 3rd gen processors, lol!
  6. Ok, i know the Asus Sabertooth Z77 has been released wayback and most likely, i wouldn't find a brand new unit. Here's the thing, i have an Intel Core i7 3770 that's only 3 months old after we bought it and used it (actually using it right now) and was wondering what good motherboards are good for LGA 1155 processors until i came across the Sabertooth Z77. It is quite perfect since it has USB 3.0 ports, supports RAID 0, has 2 PCI-E 16x slots, supports SLI and some other good stuff. It piqued my interest, yet have been frustrated lately that i can't find one, even used units. I have seen some rigs that has that specific motherboard that they still use up to now and wouldn't give it up, haha... Now here's my question..........DOES ANY ONE OF YOU STILL HAVE IT IN GOOD CONDITION, COMPLETE ACCESSORIES AND JUST LYING AROUND SOMEWHERE IN YOUR HOUSE? haha, you can feel my desperation on that all caps sentence... yes, I AM desperate to find one because im thinking of having the thermal armor painted white to fit my black and white theme build. I don't know how to go about this if you have one, i think i can do Paypal then have it shipped here... or if you're really generous, i can handle the shipping and handling fee. .....................................either that or i'm stuck with the crappy Asus H61M-K, lmao!
  7. i don't think that would go dirt cheap soon, it's aesthetically cool and from what i have watched it's seems to have a solid clock speed right off the box... but hey, with GDDR5X just around the corner, who knows? (which means, when i'm done with my build, i'm might already be far behind, lmao!)
  8. my chassis only supports mATX and ITX form factors, most Z97 motherboards that piqued my interest are 90% ATX form factors, although there is a chassis that i saw at a store that is fairly cheap yet gets the job done that supports up to standard ATX... for the usage, im mostly into gaming, photoshop and starting to try out video editing... which is why i'm also contemplating on upgrading my graphics card in the process, im only sporting a measly GTX 750 2GB OC Ed., but not in the near future just yet... but i have my sights on that sexy Galax GTX 970 HOF, lol!
  9. Thank you for all the replies, it was really enlightening. I checked all that were mentioned and I think the Asus Maximus VIII Gene would fit my problem just right. Although, there's this problem that I can't find one here in our country, so I guess it's either I have to wait for one to pass by or choose from the other options mentioned. I don't mind spending that extra buck if it will ease me from upgrading more parts just because I can't find one replacement that I need. Again, thanks for the replies, it was really a good choice that I headed here for some answers. Thanks!!
  10. **Alright, please have this thread deleted if it's necessary, i'm a noob at building and here's where i thought of asking the questions I need answers to. So, without further ado, here's my trouble... I am stuck with an Intel Core i7-3770 processor paired with an Asus H61M-K motherboard. I was hoping to upgrade my motherboard for SLI, USB 3.0 and other cool stuff but, unfortunately, here in this side of earth (Philippines, to be exact) stores don't sell LGA 1155 motherboards anymore. I was told to jump into the LGA 1151 wagon for widespread choices when it comes to awesome motherboards. Here's the thing, I have a mid tower case that only supports mATX and ITX form factors and I have no idea which mATX motherboard to get for an LGA 1151 processor. I can try shifting to ATX but not in the near future, budget is quite tight so I was hoping to stick to mATX to keep my case and cooling setup intact. I searched the internet and found this, the Asus Maximus VIII Gene that supports LGA 1151 and form factor is mATX which seem to suit what I was hoping for. Unfortunately (yet again), I can't find one being sold here (i'm really getting frustrated as I type this, haha). Can you guys suggest a good mobo for the said socket type that can handle SLI that runs both PCI-E 3.0 at 16x? This Maximus VII Gene can do SLI but runs both on 8x mode. I'm trying to fish for other good options other than Maximus VIII Gene while I can't find one here. I'm really sorry for being a newbie, i just started my thing for building pc's just last year when I watched one of Linus' build log videos. Thanks in advance, peeps!