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  1. kingston ssd reliability?

    hi, yes, i think this disk was released this year, why would it be discontinued? thank you!
  2. kingston ssd reliability?

    i see, if you were looking for a somewhat fast ssd for about 100 ish dollars, would you consider this one over a samsung sata one? of the 480-512 capacity, of course. thank you!
  3. kingston ssd reliability?

    hi! so, i was looking for an ssd for my pc as my hard drive is dying, and i found this one "Kingston Digital SA1000M8" on amazon for about 122 us dollars. at first i was considering getting the samsung 970 evo, but seeing how this one offers pretty much twice the capacity for about the same price and isn't terribly slower than the 970 evo, i'm thinking about this one instead. the thing is, i'm not sure how reliable kingston ssd are, all i've found are forum posts in other sites from about 3 years ago saying they did something with the controller and made them slow? anyways, i was wondering if anyone has experience with kingston nvme ssds and how reliable they are. thank you!
  4. rx 460 power

    anybody has another idea? thank you!
  5. rx 460 power

    hi! thank you, i really don't know, i used to have and HD5670 by sapphire, which was a 65w card i believe? and well, it did manage to achieve the same performance reported by others, not in blender since blender only supports 7xxx cards by amd, but in the few games i played. i play league of legends every now and then, and when i had the 5670 it reached 100~frames/s, medium settings at 900p. with the rx460 it is weird because when the game starts it goes up to 220~ fps then starts to go down slowly to 120~, and the cpu sits at 20~30% usage, and the gpu shows peaks from 20 to 100% that look almost like this |,|,|,|,| on afterburner . might be a bad gpu? that's what i've been thinking lately.
  6. rx 460 power

    Hi! i honestly don't see how it might be bottlenecking the gpu in a blender workload, ( blender loads the tile data in gpu memory, then gpu processes it) and the gpu core utilisation shows as 100% while cpu utilisation is basically the same as idle unless i start another blender instance and start rendering on cpu parallel to the opencl rendering in the other instance, also, when i do render on both cpu and gpu, the gpu times stay the same, about 10 minutes per frame on my last animation, 10 minutes per frame both when rendering another frame with cpu and when only using gpu to render the animation. i have been updating drivers as they arrive for the past few months hoping one would fix it, but it hasn't happened and i'm not expecting it will. it is not overclocked, 1212 MHz is stock settings on that powercolor card. i only overclock the cpu to 3.7GHz. and well, i'm not sure i got a well binned one since a friend who also has one ( he uses it for gaming) by request rendered the same frame on his and it took it 7 minutes while on mine it took 10min 13 seconds (same settings) , also his card showed a power consumption of 60w. unfortunately he lives too far away for me to take my card to his pc or viceversa. thank you!
  7. rx 460 power

    Hi! so it's been more than half a year since i got my rx 460 and i've noticed it being quite slower than what it was supposed to be, i started checking everything, and saw it was peaking at 35W of power draw, which was strange since it is rated for 75W. i see it shows the load to be 100% in HWinfo64, and the power sometimes peak to 45W but not for more than a second, even when on full load rendering something in blender. both hwinfo and afterburner show the card consuming the 30~35W max, and i wonder what that might be, i've been looking for months about that and i can find nothing. these are my pc specs if anyone wonders. and my psu is a 500w thermaltake tr2. anyone knows what might be the issue? thank you!
  8. crackling sound while using blender+youtube/any music

    hi, i installed different driver versions and that didn't work, i installed various other gpu rvers and that didn't work either blender without music isn't as fun thank you!
  9. crackling sound while using blender+youtube/any music

    hi, yes, this is the uadio codec ALC 892 and my motherboard is listed in the specs image, it is the m4a88td-v evo/usb3 i'm still not sure it has to do with drivers since everything is up to date and was working fine minutes before the issue started? thank you!
  10. crackling sound while using blender+youtube/any music

    everything is updated
  11. Hi! so i've been working for a few hours in various blender models while listening to music on youtube and wmp, and everything was going well until i had a BSOD telling me the cause was atikmdag.sys and a memory block being invalid, so ok, i restarted my pc, nothing new, i finish the work with the model i was working on before the BSOD just fine, but when i started modelling a new thing, i started noticing a very annoying crackling noise when i moved the model in blender or used a brush on it while also playing music in the background. When there is no music playing, there is no crackling sound, but as soon as i open a youtube video or an mp3 with wmp, the crackling starts again, i recorded like 30 seconds of that, but the crackling is only present near the end of the recording(second 18~), but i heard it while recording, if that makes any sense. these are my specs, and the video: any help is welcome, thank you! 2017.02.18-23.28_01.mp4
  12. rx 460 running slow

    hi yes, that disk with a warning is from my even older potato pc, i have backed up the important information from that disk to an external disk, i use it to store non essentials like adobe reader, office, winrar, programs i know if anything happens to that drive i can easily replace, the main one is the 2 tb one and that is working ok, no warnings or errors or bad sectors acording to the smart data. thank you!
  13. rx 460 running slow

    ooooh, silly me didn't consider the hdd, tomorrow i'll borrow my sister's ssd and clean instal then try again, if it is still slowing things down in games, the overclock still helped me save a couple of seconds of render time with cpu in blender which s my main use of this old potato thank you! ARikozuM!
  14. rx 460 running slow

    hi, don't worry, i apreciate you're trying to help! i have the 8 series chipset driver installed and i went and overclocked the cpu an extra 300 mhz for a core clock of 3.7 ghz, and still getting the same results, seems like i need more threads
  15. rx 460 running slow

    hi! yes, i even put in a spare hdd and performed a clean windows install+ drivers + the games to test if it could have been software. also, i do't have an intel chipset, if you see my original post, you'll see my pc specs. thank you!