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  1. 2K = 1440p @Brony go 8600k. 6 cores for pure gaming aint worth it. Take your extra savings and put it in an SSD, a better GPU, custom PSU cables, something else.
  2. WOW, I just got ABSOLUTELY horrible news.


    One of my riding buddies is now severely injured and has a very small chance of living. From what others who were riding with him said, he decided to run from the cops instead of taking a verbal warning(like the others got). He sped off, the cops here don't chase, they just let you go rather than cause an accident. Well once the others took off, a few miles down the road, he was laying there. 


    A car slowed down for someone getting on the highway, and him speeding was probably looking to get over, well the car slowed down and he went 130mph into it's back bumper.  He's been put into acoma to ease his pain. His neck, back, collar bones, and right arm are all broken.  The doctors are saying if he survives he's paralyzed at the very least, if he doesn't have any brain damage. His skull was cracked, his nose bone between his eyes is shattered.(He didn't like full face helmets, IF he wore a helmet it was a half helmet, this time he was wearing a 3/4 helmet)


    Im on my way to the hospital to see whats going on. From what others are saying, this might be the last chance to see him alive, if you can call acoma alive.  The worst part about it all is his daughters. He has 3 daughters, all are between 5 and 10.  


    He's been lucky with accidents in the past, but this one might take him. If he does go, I hope it's painless and while he's in acoma. I don't want anyone to suffer especially someone that gave me riding tips way back when I was just a motorcycle noob. He's always been there for helping someone fix their bike, make it faster or to teach someone pointers so they can learn to ride better.


    Just sad that him being stupid might kill him. I'll be there all night, I've known him for 10 years now. He's seen me on my first bike, and his seen them all from then to now. I know what colors im doing my GSXR project in now, the twin to his GSXR, Red and White. 

    Definitely keeping my GSXR project now, im going to make it look just like his and ride it all the time

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Damn , that's extremely sad to hear . nothing else to say but hope for the best.

    2. YedZed


      Damn... I really hope everything gets better, but if not, I hope it isn't as bad as it could be...

  3. why not go on PCPartpicker, find your case and cooler in someone elses build and see what motherboard they used. It would help your clearance issues
  4. @nicklmg was this supposed to go into FP? There's no FP video up yet.
  5. Well the office is moved. I just got back home from visiting both shops, new and old. 

    My vasectomy hasnt caused me any pain. The only pain ive felt was during the surgery. 


    I went out and got some riding time in this weekend. Looking at the weather it seems this was the last decent weather we'll have for a while. 


    I packed my bikes away for the winter. All are sitting on a battery tender, fuel stabilizer added, and my Ducati is on its stands. All of them have a brake lock and a handlebar lock on them. 


    Mainly to prevent someone stealing them out of my garage so easily.

    Other than that, Ive relaxed all weekend and sat on my ass. 


  6. Well, here in 30 mins ill be in pain.

    The worst part is this weekend will be ABSOLUTELY perfect for riding. And ill be unable. 


    Alot going on this next week and ill be unable to do it. Lol, good thing I hired people to do it. I wont be able lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for 2 weeks. I doubt that, but we'll see.

    1. imreloadin


      Must be snip snip time...

    2. Katsunaka


      They made it seem alot worse than it was. 


      Probably still on numbing meds but im fine.

  7. Cant buy a gift card with a gift card at most places. Its stupid but it works that way.
  8. Ebay and most online sites often pay half or less on the actual value. If your looking to get full value, could try going to a gamestop and seeing if anyone buying would give you cash in exchange for the cards. For itunes, idk. Maybe a friend or someone you may know.
  9. Link says probably your email on it. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-iii-complete Correct link to free Civ 3.
  10. According to amazon uk, the mg279q is in your budget, but streching another 100 gets you GSync on the PG278QR. Your call there. Maybe you can find a deal on the PG278QR elsewhere. Just used amazon UK to get prices in your country.
  11. His build his money his choice. Technically a $500 laptop can play most games. I've got 32gb in mine but when I bought it RAM was cheap and there was like a 50 buck difference between 16gb 3400mhz kits and 32gb 2800mhz kits. So i went with more. @OP whats your budget for a monitor? I know your overseas so pricing and selections might vary. Also what size is your current panel, you replacing it or adding to your current for dual monitors? Helps us figure out how big to go, most 1440s are 27 inches. My suggestion is a MG278Q. Ive got its little 60hz brother and like it. Its 400ish US. Its not g sync but if your looking for gsync its probably outta budget. As far as your pcie cable, shouldn't be a big deal. Ive got a similar cable on my Strix 1080ti and dont notice any issues. Probably ok considering most PSUs have a cable in the box for running 1 wire up to the card with 2 ends on it.
  12. Well I now own a 2018 Ram 2500 Tungsten. Its got everything that a Ram truck can get. Every little check on options sheet. 


    Dealer offered me and even better deal than originally offered. Someone wanted my Hellcat REALLY bad. Like I drove to the dealer, car was still a little messy, and the guy left with it an hour later. Still with my Barney sticker on the back window lol. 


    Dealer gave me 5k plus my new truck for my Hellcat. Originally was told id give them 3k plus my Hellcat for this truck. 


    The guy who bought it saw it in service and wanted it. Told him all about what I did to it. That if he had any questions call me. 


    Was planning on cleaning my car up before getting rid of it but oh well. He bought it and was happy about it. He saw me in it and thought I beat it to death, dealer told him otherwise. I did get on it occasionally, but not all day everyday. 


    My mom is going to get my trucks gooseneck trailer hitch installed this weekend when im healing up. Told her the same thing she told me when I borrowed her car, " dont be hot rodding my car all over town, and it better come back with the same amount of gas in it when im done" 

    She laughed at that. 


    Got some stuff to do today then im leaving at 3 to clean my house up, get set up for the weekend of ice and sitting in bed all day.

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    2. Indus Monk

      Indus Monk

      Dodge Hellcat?


      Its a pretty desirable car though. Lots of power, great sound etc.


      Though I get the feeling that this guy might get of the Hellcat soon. A bit like you did.

    3. Katsunaka


      @Dan Castellaneta thanks. Liked it for the 2 hours i had it. Lol


      @AmbarChakrabarti yep, Charger Hellcat. I had it a year but got rid of it because i needed a truck. Was using my car as a work truck. Didnt want it getting tore up. So i got rid of it. 


      Currently pimping my stepdads escalade. Hes out of town and wont need it this weekend and next week. My truck will be at the shop getting the trailer hitch installed until next Thursday.


      This escalade makes my Hellcat seem like a tiny little honda. Its horrible on gas. 12mpg. My hellcat with 821hp gets 20 for what i did in itm

    4. Indus Monk

      Indus Monk

      I always found american cars a really sad waste. Such awesome designs, and yet, such weak engines.


      I wish someone put a Nismo engine in a Mustang or a camaro.  They may sound awful, but they'll go like rockets.


      I still think that 2005 Ford GT should  be sold. It looked awesome. Went like a rocket, but did about 12...

  13. Well the sale of the other company i was buying was approved. 


    This weekend a moving company is moving my current office to my new office. The company I bought has a much bigger office and itll work way better than my current one that wouldn't be able to handle it. 


    I own my current office, it needed some work and was in the boonies so it was cheap.  I plan on selling it once im moved out and its ready.


    It needs a repaint and a little drywall work. Shouldnt be a big problem. Had a drywall guy I know come out and he said he'd do it for 500 if I bought what he needed. 


    Plan on painting, then cleaning it. Its not that its that messy, just wanna make a sale a little easier by saying its move in ready.

    Got some interest in it from a repo company looking to set up an office in it. Since it does have 12ft chain link fences with barbwire and a helluva security system. 


    I did that to protect my trucks and dealers cars. Sometimes I have dealer cars sitting on my lot or loaded on trucks. 


    Current plan is to get 150k -175k for my office.  Considering I only paid 65k for it, its a nice little profit.  


    Take the money from it and pay my bank loan off that I got to buy the other company.  And be debt free with a new office, more employees and more equipment. 


    I went over yesterday and got peoples sizes and preferred shirt colors. Some wanted red and black others just wanted one color or the other.  Told the office people to buy a Carhartt jacket they like, and give them to me so I can get them all embroidered. 


    The drivers also get the bibs(or coveralls) since theyll need it. They get boots too. I prefer them to wear safety or steel toe. Less risk for foot injuries. 


    They are all happy about the new shirts, jackets, bibs and boots. My current employees all know that I take care of their work needs. The new ones will learn. 


    Plus it gives them a better opinion of me. Knowing their getting all that on me. 

    Told them to collect receipts and give me them and ill add it on their check. 

    Its going to cost me probably $3500 ish bucks. It's worth it. 


    My drivers get dirty, greasy and down right nasty sometimes. Dont want them be worried about replacing cold weather gear over something they did at work. 


    Got a vinyl guy going to the new office and putting my stickers on.  Theyll all be running my company name by next monday.  


    Friday is the last day a truck of mine leaves the gate only to go to the new office. 

    Already got my for sale ads up, signs, and realtors know its for sale. Once the movers move everything, next monday drywall guy does his thing. 

    Thursday the cleanining company does theirs, and next friday itll be ready to be shown.


    Plus my vasectomy this Friday. Vicodin, ice pack and my new 8700k system are my weekend. 


    Going to get my bedroom set up for this weekend. Towels, my mini fridge, big TV,  and some comfy pillows. 

    Just not looking forward to wearing "supportive" underwear.  I cant stand boxer briefs or whitey titeys due to personal conflicts. 


    Got alot to do and its all happening within the next week. Busy busy busy.

  14. @LinusTech Got any LinusVasectomy tips for someone getting theirs done Oct 20th.


    Just wanna make this as easy as possible. 




    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Katsunaka


      @Max_Settings believe he mentioned it in a video. 



      @ARikozuM just figured id ask someone whos been thru it if they had any tips to make it easier.


    3. Max_Settings


      Oh that's why his voice is so high. Makes sense now.

    4. YedZed


      Plz no. Thats cuz he's clearly gay (has a wife and several children)