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  1. Thank you dear intel, Why must you have so many differnet chipsets???
  2. The nic was pulled from another one of the slots on the board. and it was posting just fine when it was plugged in there. just didnt want to post when the nic was plugged into the 16x. im thinking that the 16x slot is borked. which leads me to ask, which lga 775 chipsets support gen 2?
  3. Then how come when i moved the pcie ethernet card from the 1x slot to the 16x slot it wouldnt post. but would post when it was plugged into the 1x slot it would post just fine. It didnt have to be the graphics card that was plugged into that slot
  4. doing so is very much easier said than done but i will give it a shot. Do you think it could possibly have something to do with perhaps the bios is out of date
  5. So I've got a computer thats running has an intel core 2 duo 4gb of ddr2 ram on a Radisys PL35Q mobo running bios version 1.04.02 and a 350 watt PSU. The operating system on it is Windows 7. I have been currently running it with the core duos whimpy on board graphics so i decided to go out and get the cheapest gpu that i could find on my local craigslist that would fit in my small power constraint. The card a picked up is an Nvidia Quadro FX 580. I plugged it into the computers lone PCI-e 16x slot and powered it on only for it to give me a post code beep of 4-2-3-3. Thinking that I may have acquired a dead graphics card i plugged it into my other rig with has an i7-2600k and the same model 350 watt power supply. I turned it on and it worked just fine so i know that the card itself works. Figuring that maybe it maxed out the wattage on the the computer i decided to unplug everything that wasnt needed from it. Unfortunately i did not work and gave me the same 4-2-3-3 post code error. When i take out the card and try to power up the system it boots up just fine. I tried plugging in a Pci-e 1x ethernet card into that slot and yet again gave me the same 4-2-3-3 code. I am getting rather frustrated with this and would really appreciate some help with solving this problem and would really like to not have to replace the motherboard