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  • Birthday 1999-01-20

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    Cardiff, Wales, UK
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    Unemployed due to age.


  • CPU
    AMD FX6100
  • Motherboard
    MSI 760GM-P23
  • RAM
    16GB Team Group (1333Mhz, 666Mhz Effective)
  • GPU
    GTX 650Ti 2GB Palit
  • Case
    CiT Vantage (Blue LED)
  • Storage
    500GB HDD.
  • PSU
    G7 Extreme Power.
  • Display(s)
    SAMSUNG S22C300 21.5" | Novatech 18.5"
  • Cooling
    Akasa x4 Performace Cooler
  • Keyboard
    Víglen Black Acer Switch.
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    Realtek On-Board. (HP Premium Headset)
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Untimate
  1. AboveTheSource

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    I got money, an XXL Mousmat (unbranded) & lots and lots of Lynx deoderant for Christmas. a NUC would make it 1,000,000 times better!
  2. AboveTheSource

    How to have two fan on Seidon 120v?

    I think i'd need longer ones because if the rad is 27mm thick the Sickleflow fan i alreadly have is 25mm and then the included fan is again 25mm thick that adds up to 77mm which is longer than the 50mm screws in that set. I'm also going to guess no one make 77mm long screws for watercooling blocks.
  3. AboveTheSource

    How to have two fan on Seidon 120v?

    I have a fan already in the back of my PC but then I get the included one also, even if there is only 5 degrees difference it's 5 degrees. Thanks for the link, will these be long enough for dual fans though?
  4. I've seen people do it but is it possible with the mounting screws in the box?
  5. I'm wondering if a case made for the P6 will fir the G6. Thanks all!
  6. Didn't know there was already a post, I will link the 1st topic in an edit to avoid both or my topic being deleted. Thank you for the heads up!
  7. Source: http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/meegopad-windows-hdmi-tv-stick-powered-by-intel-bay-trail-processor-16-10-2014/ The website reads; "A new Windows compatible HDMI TV stick has been unveiled this week in the form of the new Meegopad which is powered by a quad core processor." "The Meegopad is available either powered by an Intel Atom Z3735F processor supported by 1GB of RAM and capable of running 32-bit software. Or with an Atom Z3735G processor supported by 2GB of RAM with the ability to run 64-bit software." What this is a USB stick on steroids. This could be used as a media system, very very basic gaming and probably only doable on the 2GB RAM version. There is also an Alibaba link with images of the innards of the unit; There was already a post by fnixha here; http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/234664-pc-that-weighs-less-than-2-ounces-and-works-in-any-hdmi-port-with-intel-atom-x86-inside-smaller-than-zotacs I was told about this topic by; Marvzl1357
  8. AboveTheSource

    MircoATX Cube Cases? AMD Build, No ITX!

    I have been looking at that case, it's ATX I want mATX, I want a case that can only hold mATX Motherboards and that can be seated on my desk, seems like I'll have to go Intel and waste money. The Node 804 Is the closest I've seen to what I want so far it's not on sale yet though I think.
  9. AboveTheSource

    MircoATX Cube Cases? AMD Build, No ITX!

    Wow, I'm sorry! Urhm I have the MSI 760-P23 Yes, It's nice but I am looking for an on-desk PC Case like the CM 120
  10. I have the CiT Vantage right now; Now this case is nice but also not, there is almost no space for cable management and it's just nasty to live with. I want to port my PC now over to a smaller mATX case, I remember the Coolermaster Elite 120 & 130, they do now have the 110 but they are mITX cases, which I don't have the money to spend on that type of Motherboard because it'd mean I'd need a new CPU too (more Intel mITX than AMD). My question is; Are there any more Coolermaster 120 or 130 style cases anymore, that are mATX? Have I missed the bandwagon and do I have to go with an Areocool DS Cube? If you are going to suggest a case it needs to fit my motherboard now (Signature), a R9 270 & a watercooling block of some kind (120mm) plus red LED's only I have blue now in a red bedroom and it looks stupid. Thanks all! (All UK Links Please)
  11. AboveTheSource

    Is my phone deleting my music?

    On my system under 'properties' it lists as 30.4 GB total, I'll do a full reset now. EDIT; Now 31.2GB Odd?
  12. AboveTheSource

    Is my phone deleting my music?

    I have a unbranded 32GB Micro SD Card in my phone, which I would like to put some music on it. When I do however and plug the MicroSD back in the Phone (Doogee Voyager DG300 - £65 on eBay) it says it supports the 32GB TF Card and can have .mp3 music files, I have no clue why it's playing up on me, I am copying around 11GB's of Music at a time (all the stuff it keeps removing).
  13. AboveTheSource

    How exactly do "Wi-Fi" Range extenders" work? (eBay link in desc)

    I'm wondering if it needs to be permanently plugged into a computer. Does it?
  14. I have wonderful connection to my (desktop) PC upstairs in my house but all my mobile devices; Mobile Phone, Mum's Laptop & My Mum's phone all have a terrible wireless signal up there. I'm just wondering how a WiFi booster (one linked below) works, I see it has a RJ45 port on the side does that need to be plugged into a PC for it to pick up and boost signal? I'm just confused and am wondering if it's any good for me to get one. Thank You! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121229663416?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT