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  1. Hey peeps So i got myself a new gaming computer. Sadly though that my RTX 2060 doesn't support dvi. And my gaming monitor from ben-q doesn't support 144hz though HDMI for some reason. (yeah its probably 4 years old now) So the only output on my monitor that does support 144hz is dvi, and my graphics card only has display port and hdmi outputs. I tried buying a dvi to hdmi adapter, but it only does 1080p 60hz. Any ideas? id rather not buy a new monitor this one works fine :/
  2. Remember its 800$CA for two speakers that work independently if I choose to split them. Idk I just never heard a speaker that I like as much as HomePod. I just don't know if im being silly spending that cash or not
  3. Hey guys. Hope you're all having blessed holidays with family n friends So im looking into getting two HomePods for my small 40m2 apartment. My buddy has one and I absolutely love it. I already am completely invested in the apple eco system too. But I still wonder if I could get something as good or better for 800$ canadian. What I really enjoy about the HomePod is the base response. It really fills out the room. Anyway let me know if you think my money is better spent somewhere else. And have a Wonderfull holiday
  4. Hey guys Yesterday my pc crashed for the very first time. Its four years old after all. It happened while in lobby of Rainbow Six Siege. Suddenly, black screen and weird glitch noises. I didn't mind the hiccup and hard restarted the pc. It happened a second time in Rainbow Six Siege again. This time, the pc wouldn't start up at all. It loads, and the right before the login screen is supposed to show, nothing but black screen shows forever. After three retries, windows automatically tries to repair whatever is wrong. But it fails as well. It tells me that C:\WINDOWS\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt. This certain log file is broken. I have since then tried a lot of fixes, but without any help. A fresh reinstall of windows did not help either. It happens over and over. Whenever I reinstall windows, it boots up. But as soon as I install more than two programs at the same time, it crashes. After the crash I won't boot. Any ideas? It seems like its a hardware problem, since the problem continues after a fresh install of windows... Please help
  5. Awesome! Thanks allot. You just saved me 150 bucks
  6. So i am looking into upgrading my pc with a new motherboard, CPU, and ram. I'm close to buying an Intel Core i7-8700K Processor, together with ASUS Prime Z370-A motherboard Currently, I'm rocking an Intel Core i5-4960K Processor with ASUS Z97-A motherboard. On top of that is a Corsair H110i GTX water cooler. The socket for the ASUS Z97-A motherboard is LGA-1155, and the new motherboard is LGA-1151. I know that this is just the number of pins on the CPU and socket, but does it have any relevance to size? The water cooler lists LGA-1155 and LGA-1150, but not LGA 1151 as a compatible socket. But I mean, 1 pin... Is 1 stupid pin1 forcing me into wasting 150 bucks on a new water cooler when the old one works fine? Glad to hear from you all Happy Easter!
  7. Hey guys So i have a really slow internet connection, but my friend doesn't. Do i usually download games onto an external harddisk and later at home install them on steam. That way i avoid downloading them! Battlefield 1, star wars battlefront and other large origin games are downloaded, and i used to be able to "discover allready installed games". Now it wont recognize them anymore, and starts downloading the game from scratch... I did change the install directory to where the game was moved from my harddisk, still same. Usually, i just move the game into origins install folder and press "download". Origin discovers installed files, and voila! Now it just starts downloading from scratch and ignores my game files. Yes, the folder names are the same as the folders origin creates Yes, same install directiry Yes, all files are completely downloaded Yes, this method used to work Any ideas on what to do? Without this method, i would be downloading till 2020 presidential election...
  8. Hey guys Just cracked total war Warhammer, and I am enjoying it allot! I just cant get the game to host a local network game, just says "failed to host game" i dont know why. I have tried to get it to work with my buddy using tunngle, evolve, hamatchi etc. But no luck. Still same error. Do you know why? the game is on summer sale atm, and i really want to buy it, but it's still very expensive. Any ideas? Cheers!
  9. I am also thinking to buy a nice setup, also around 1000$ +/-. I thought about the Audio engine HD6. Thoughts?
  10. Hey guys, my old Bose MEI2 just broke after tree years of usage, and i wonder which to get next? I listen to all kinds of music, and i really really like the style and comfort of the bose MEI2´s. Wireless is also fine, just any earbuds you may find good in sound quality and comfort Cheers!
  11. what can you recommend for about 500 bucks? Besides a5+
  12. Hey Guys! I'm on the look for some good desktop speakers. I really don't care about the price. I'm kinda new to this area, so please just throw out something useful. Cheers!
  13. Try the Bose Soundlink Mini. Thats a powerfull speaker with lots of bass and clear high tones. They have a long battery life as well.