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    Computers, Technology, Gadgets, Photography
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    C.E.O. Anythinkworks


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    Core i7 4790K
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    Asus H81m-D
  • RAM
    2 x 8gb Kingston HyperX Memory
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 960
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    Generic Case
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    1Terabyte WD Blue
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    Xigmatek 400 watts PSU
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    Cooler Master 212 Evo
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    A4Tech LED Keyboard
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    Logitech B100
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    Speaker: Pioneer ; Soundcard : Integrated
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    Windows 8.1.1 64bit (Genuine and Licensed)

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  1. darkwizard06

    explorer.exe restarts on Windows 10

    Hi. Is it normal for windows 10 to restart the explorer.exe when installing a software? Or is it a bug? I have looked in event viewer and can't find any error regarding with it. Do you experience this also? Thank you.
  2. darkwizard06

    New pc with booting issues

    Did you reinstall windows?
  3. darkwizard06

    PC Not being able to boot

    Yes. Because it shows the error / BSOD which means it posts and read the storage attached to it
  4. darkwizard06

    PC Not being able to boot

    It can't boot probably because your friend's hdd has windows 10 installed with incompatible system and driver configuration with your system. You must have a storage, either hdd or ssd and reinstall windows with your current system. And you are good to go.
  5. What is your preferred dram diagnostic tool? Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool or memtest86+?
  6. darkwizard06

    Is G.Skill Memory good?

    Because I am a very heavy multitasker and I edit videos.
  7. Hi guys. I just wondering if the G.Skill memory brand is good and reliable? I am now using Kingston memory and planning to upgrade to 32gb. And I want to know if who is the OEM of G.Skill dram chips? Thank you.
  8. darkwizard06

    Recommended way of Driver Installation

    Hi guys. A computer with fresh install of windows operating system needs driver in order to function properly. What is the 'recommended' way of installing each of the drivers? Should I install a driver and restart the computer each time a driver asks for it, or I'll go ahead and install all the drivers and clicking 'restart computer later' and then restart the computer after all the drivers have been installed? Thank you.
  9. I have this experience with my Asus motherboard that has problem. It is still in the asus' warranty which is 3 years. The day that I've purchased the said component from the store, they just told me that the warranty of this component is 1 year. I used the motherboard for 13 months and then it failed. So I went to one of the Asus service center, and checked the warranty by verifying it using the serial number. Then after, they advice me to go to the store where I have bought the product. When I was on the store, they do not honor the warranty because they said to me that this component has only 1 year warranty - which is opposing to the asus' warranty period. Is it right that the store didn't honor the warranty even it is still indeed under the warranty period of asus? Or they are giving F on me? Is it the warranty a contract? What action I am going to do with this situation? PS: You can share also your point of views and experience here. Thank you.
  10. darkwizard06

    Do you care about PC components longevity?

    How about Underclocking? Does it really helps in extending the lifespan of your components?
  11. Almost everyone who uses custom built rigs are always overclocking their components - cpu, gpu, ram, Printer? maybe? haha. But do you undervolt/underclock? I know it will reduce some performance, but do you?
  12. darkwizard06

    Do you care about PC components longevity?

    haha. Unfortunately I have one asus motherboard died thus makes me thinking to try gigabyte. How about you? Have you experienced a board suddenly died in front of you?
  13. darkwizard06

    Do you care about PC components longevity?

    Thanks. By the way, on your own experience, is there a difference in durability on Asus and Gigabyte motherboard? My 3 systems are using Asus motherboards, and I don't have experience on Gigabyte boards yet.
  14. darkwizard06

    Do you care about PC components longevity?

    Thanks for the response. So the higher the price hence the quality, will be more durable and longer lifespan compared to cheaper components? What can you say about Z vs H series motherboards?