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  1. You can't compete with YT, you have to do something different. YT is a failed business model that can't be made to work. That's why YT is actually illegal in the USA, from an Anti-Trust Perspective. If Floatplane or a similar type of platform gets big enough, there's an outside chance it could be what takes down YT. Google is generally smart enough to never let their fingers show up on their dirty work, so it's unlikely, but there even Google's lawyers aren't going to manage to save them from Anti-Trust litigation.
  2. Taf the Ghost

    GTX 1160Ti release date 22/02/2019

    The 1660 Ti appears to be the 1060 6Gb 9GB/s version replacement. It'll be roughly 20% better performance over the current best 1060s. It's pretty much just going to be a tier-based replacement. Normal 1060 will be replaced by the normal 1660. Expect a 1650 and below set of models over the next few months as well.
  3. Taf the Ghost

    Nvidia DLSS only works on some resolutions

    They don't want DLVaseline memes.
  4. Taf the Ghost

    Computer Upgrade/almost rebuilding

    @Updater someone else can fill you in on Z390 boards, as I don't remember the good options.
  5. Taf the Ghost

    Computer Upgrade/almost rebuilding

    You want a 9700k at least for the 8 cores. You'll also want a new PSU and SSD if both are 5 years old. If you're on 1080p, get a 2060, the upgrade to 2070 isn't worth the cost.
  6. Taf the Ghost

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    Well, the first major game with HDR support was Mass Effect Andromeda, to my knowledge. That probably didn't help matters.
  7. Taf the Ghost

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    DXR is 7nm tech, with some really big die 16nm GPUs that can do a bit, but it's also pretty clear there's a pipeline bottleneck involved still. That isn't too surprising, as this is Nvidia's first gen Async, but GN mentioned that with nothing visible on the screen, there's still the performance penalty. RTX will work a lot better after Nvidia goes to 7nm with pipeline fixes. Though the main thing is that with Async now on Nvidia hardware, all of the new games are going to prioritize actually using it. (Partially because Nvidia is going to pay for it to happen, as it'll make Pascal look significantly slower; we've already seen that with some of the variable shader culling in Wolfenstein making the 2060 beat the 1080.) This means a lot of tasks are going to be moved off to Compute functions where it's more efficient to do. This is actually good in general, as Nvidia was again holding back tech. (Which they'll end up doing with DXR, more than likely, as well.)
  8. Taf the Ghost

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    "Support" and "doesn't look like crap" are, unfortunately for anyone that's been around graphics tech for a while, not the same thing.
  9. Taf the Ghost

    Trying to find that perfect case

    eBay gave me this. Currently available for bid.
  10. Taf the Ghost

    In the markte for 1TB SSD and a 2+TB archive drive

    For Boot SSDs: Team Group L5 Lite 3D, Adata SU800 (or the XPG models) are your "budget" options. For higher end: WD Blue (BLUE!) 3D Crucial MX500 Samsung 860 Evo The right Intel parts (which can be really hard to find for a reasonable price most of the time) See here: https://ssd.borecraft.com/documents/SSD_Buying_Guide.pdf If you have a M.2 slot, going that way comes with a little more cost but there are good options. On HDDs, WD or Seagate at the RPM count you want. Just depends on which brand you've had the best experience with.
  11. Taf the Ghost

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    There's a lot of amazing tech at the bleeding edge, but stuff doesn't stick around without a profitable niche or mass-market utility. I never said it was defective; don't put words in my posts that I didn't make. I said it was "an issue" because it is. The monitor market clearly views ~350USD at the upper end for Mainstream. It's going to be a while before the tech is cheap enough, probably 2 years at 1440p and 3 years at 4K, that you see it useful for anything but 2k+ USD systems. That puts it probably into 2 generations of Nvidia parts after what we're at currently before there is heavy market. That two generations should move 2080 performance to roughly the xx60 price category along with two generations improved DXR performance, which will make DXR lighting effects viable and usable at the price category that makes sense for all games to start carrying implementations. For now, they're ultra-high-end experiences and tech demos, though Tim at HUB said that Metro's HDR implementation is really good. It's probably worth a purchase for someone with your setup.
  12. Taf the Ghost

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    Considering there's almost no true HDR monitors on the market yet, HDR has issues for a while. Main thing is monitors are the last thing that people tend to upgrade. By the time RTX won't have issues, DXR should be pretty standard. I guess that works. But it's "interesting" tech for another 2 generations.
  13. Taf the Ghost

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    One of the high quality TN panels that came out in 2018 should be fine, but it's an issue with RTX for now. Or several years, actually.
  14. Taf the Ghost

    Metro Exodus Benchmarks

    Metro has a gamma mode setting to handle some of it, but it's going to take work if you don't have a VA or corrected IPS panel.
  15. That's the point of it, realistically.