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  1. Apple has long-term supply contracts with Intel. I've seen no public information on when it's up for renewal again.
  2. Rocketlake might be getting eDRAM and/or some sort of EMIB-attached iGPU. There's some funky stuff going on with that architecture that we won't be seeing until 2021. In theory, desktop will go to 10nm on Alder Lake in 2022 with 7nm (Intel) on Meteor Lake in 2023. As a note. AMD will be the similar node to Intel's 7nm (TSMC 5nm) in 2021. Just to clarify where everything is right now.
  3. It actually looks more like Unbox Therapy is simply rebranding an already knock-off version available off the Chinese distributors. It might be a spec order with slight changes, but it's really quite a lot like the Souja-console from a bit ago.
  4. Pikachu as YT's CEO would be a vast improvement. Understandable mistake.
  5. Or the billionaire insiders are getting the "hell out of Dodge" before things start turning. Pichai has struct me as the least incompetent of Alphabet's public facing management, so he's got that going for him.
  6. Mass scale surveillance doesn't stop crime. It never has and it never will. It also doesn't stop terrorists. It never has and never will. "Career" criminals don't care and terrorists will actively avoid it, by nature. It doesn't hold the powerful accountable, as the tapes always go missing. Mass scale surveillance has always been about two things: 1) keeping Joe & Jane Average in line via both Fear & False Security and 2) allowing quick monitoring of Network Interactions. The second is the actual point and it comes from studies of revolutions, very specifically the American Revolution. The American Revolution was pretty much the invention of a couple of guys in Boston that were able to exploit severe weakness in the British Crown of the period. They were able to set-off the Snowball Event. That's what those in Power actually care about. Everyone else is ignore-able collateral in maintaining their own power structure. The fact Western countries now act like this isn't surprising. They copied Fascist & Communist security service approaches in the post-WW2 period. Or, in the very specific case of the US Security Services, it wasn't just scientists in Operation Paperclip.
  7. South Korea implemented a system that effectively locked everyone into "real accounts" for any major platforms a very long time ago. For as much as China is just going murder dissidents with this, this actually isn't out of the norm within the Region.
  8. VPNs are good for unknown connection and In-Flight obfuscation, along with the ability to region unblock content. That's really all most people need, as it adds a trust layer where few have the technical knowledge to add themselves. Considering the world is now covered in Public Wifis, it's a solid, basic security measure. (Edit: VPNs also force you off your ISPs DNS services, which tends to be where the most data about you is actually collected. So that's another benefit. Hint: change your DNS settings, if you haven't.) If you want to avoid you local security services, that's going to cost some money. If you want to avoid Intelligence Agencies, that's going to cost a lot of money. VPNs are still useful because far too many things are sent in PlainText.
  9. Without showing the internal routes through Nord, which he could do in his VM, all he's shown is Nord has some IPs that are harder to block. Also, the whole "Nord was forced to announce the hack" line is complete BS. 2 days after the "rumors" start they have a long document, professionally done and their action plans. It's called someone leaked early before they were set to announce it. Hit a company for screwing up, not when someone is setting a negative narrative about them before they announce bad news.
  10. I honestly hope someone does a Bulletproof Banana wrap job.
  11. I would need to check in with the Plastidip segment, but I believe that won't stick well either. I have a feeling what people will probably end up doing is using some sort of extra top coat that will stick, then layering over that.
  12. Given how hard it can be to stick things to Stainless Steel, there's likely to be a lot of bad wraps to happen to the Cybertruck. Which should just make for more hilarious YT videos.
  13. Linus is going to have to try really hard to drop this. I have faith in @LinusTech and his abilities!
  14. Follower counts are about to get hilarious.